A nationwide Coal Strike in 1922 while my grandfather L.G. Payne was County Judge and O.I (Knute) Mink was Sheriff culminated in the death of Sheriff Minks brother Deputy Charles Mink

The news paper articles are a beginning of this site that primarily is to share inforamtion on the events surrounding the nationwide coal strike in 1922 and how it affectied the border area between Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky's Governor Morrow sent troops to the boarder while Tennessee's Governor Taylor refused.
In the book "Back Talk from Appalachia" (The University Press of Kentucky, 1999) that I bought after finding reference to the strike I found the following: "Claiborne County (Tennessee) judge, sheriff, and twenty-five other officers, after being festooned with cowbells, they were placed aboard a train bound for Knoxville. Upon return , the local judge (my grandfather L.G. Payne) denied the reports of how they were humiliated but added that the situation is absolutely beyond control and we must have {more} troops."

And if that wasn't enough to whet my interest in reading the entire book, in the Introduction written by Dwight B. Billings had the following regarding the stereotyping of the Appalachian Mountain People and "talk back" to these stereotypes. The mayor of a North Carolina foothills town describes to reporters the cultural differences between the "aristocratic" families who own the local furniture industry and the "rednecks" there who "won't do anything but work in the furniture plants. Instead of ballet at the high school, he says, "The majority of the people would rather have rasslin' and hillbilly singin. These mountains are different than anywhere you'll find in the world. They don't believe in law and order. They'll handle their own situation. You go up there and cause trouble and they'll kill you. It's just a different breed of people."

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