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I have been creating webpages for about 15 years. Soon after graduating from college in 1978, I saw a need for futher training in computer technology so returned for an ABS in Computer Programming.
After another several years creating databases for Lockheed Martin at their facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and another two years creating and maintaining a website for a firm in Knoxville, I decided to dedicate a lot of my time to what has been a pleasurable pastime. Genealogy.

Now, as I create my link pages I will keep anyone interested posted on my progress of critiques of FREE!! Sites. Sties that can help you create all the information you want to display. I am not in any way saying that some of the "Family Genealogy Sites" now hosting your information are not helpful and at times really fun but to be able to create my own site has given me a feeling of elation. Take a look at my Guestbook at all the wonderful comments if you don't believe me.

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