Bill Dudley was, from my mothers recollections, a very kindly man that helped people all over Tazewell.  I took care of the property that occupied Thomas W. Stone's garden area
most of my life in Tazewell.  My grandfather Joe Phillips purchased the property where the Thomas W. Stone house stood and built a brick structure.
A picture of Lee Dan Stone, Jr. and Betty Lenora Phillips
There is a picture of Bill Dudley sitting on the front porch of the old Thomas W. Stone house with Thomas W., second wife Harriet Hurt Stone,  my grandmother Birdie and grandfather
Joseph Phillips located HERE.  The brick house picture that was built for my grandfather is located HERE.   Leander Daniel Stone and Augusta Brown Stone picture, father of Leander Daniel Stone Jr. who wrote the following story, is located HERE.   Cultural and Ethnic Diversity on the Western Frontier: Cumberland Gap Tennessee, 1750-1915 by Rebecca Vial,Lincoln Memorial University
Hope you enjoy this brief story of Bill Dudley.  Joe Payne