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Descendants of John CARTER Col.

New DNA information, if correct, places Col. John Carter, Watauga Pioneer outside the lineage of the Corotoman Carter Line. But as an esteemed researcher who connects Col. John to the Corotoman line by the name of   Daniel Zieman says on his website

On the technical side of things, we have this from the website of the Carter Cousins: (their whole methodolgy is in serious question - questioned by others, as well as ourselves).  Just from a sample of one each, these "proven" lineages are very dubious, and is the reason why several researchers have ignored this data:

17720 John / Robert (Corotoman)    -- 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 14 12 12 11 29 .....These two really suspect, have to
14489 Capt Thomas 1630 (Rye Cove)---13 23 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 14 29 ...... be closer if they are 1st cousins.
19789 John  (Watauga)     E3b       -- 13 24 13 11 16 18 11 12 12 13 11 30 ...... Not even the same Haplo Group!

Having said that, the cluster of the several donors for Capt. Thomas appears credible and reasonably consistent; there are two rather well documented entries for members of the separate Carter Society. 

Lineage of Robert E. Lee - Contains the Carter of Corotoman lineage too.

And before we leave the DNA Study we find one line of the Claiborne County Carter family and that is the line of Thornton Carter that married twice and died in Claiborne County. The family lived on the Clinch River on property that my family once owned. The DNA points to this family being descendants of THOMAS CARTER, SR. who was born 1680 in England, and died 1738 in Goochland County, VA. He married PENELE CARRELL, daughter of ROGER CARRELL. It may be that Thornton Carter below named his son, Josiah Panal Carter after PENELE not knowing that the spelling of that name had changed.

68902  Thornton 1778 VA Q 13 23 13 10 13 20 12 12 12 12 14 29 19 9 10 11 12 27 15 19 30 15 15 16 16 10 11 19 22 17 15 18 20 34 34 12 12

(1) John1 CARTER, Col. was born about 1728 ?, and married (1) Mary (2) Elizabeth (TAYLOR). John died in 1781 at Washington Co., NC.

The Carter Mansion

The Carter Mansion was built between 1775 and 1780, by John Carter and his son Landon, on lands bought from the Cherokee Indians. It is the oldest frame house in Tennessee and the structure reveals a finely detailed interior. John Carter was elected as Chairman of the Court under the terms of the Articles of the Watauga Association. I was not the only one to mistake the lineage even in this State of Tennessee publication regarding the Carter Mansion they refer to his possible lineage to the Robert “King” Carter line.

Notes for John CARTER Col.:
John Carter was one of the pioneers of Tennessee, and a principal and prominent member of the Watauga Settlement. He emigrated from Virginia, in 1771. Intelligent and patriotic, he was soon a leader in the Watauga Association, and became the Chairman of the Committee and of the Court - which for several years combined the Legislative, Judicial and executive functions of the infant Government West of the Alleghany, Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, page 107.

Aug. 27, 1781. Landon Carter, Esq. to have leave of administration on the Estate of Col. John Carter, deceased, and for that purpose have entered Valentine Sevier, Thomas Houghton and Charles Robertson, Esq. his sureties in the sim of Five Hundred thousand Pounds for his faithful administration, etc. Page 85 American Historical Magazine, Vol. 6.

The wife of Col. John Carter was Susan. Feb. 25, 1782. An inventory of the estate of John Carter, deceased is returned by Susan Carter, Admx., and same is ordered to be filed.

There was a William Parker who ran a mercantile business and was a partner probably to one of the Carter's. Could this William Parker be the same William Parker, father of Rachel Parker who married John Payne?

This comes from pg. 59 of Tennessee Cousins by Ray.
Landon CARTER was apparently the child of Col.John CARTER and his first wife Mary.
3 + Landon2 CARTER, Capt. b. Jan 29 1760 d. Jun 5 1800
Second wife Elizabeth:
John CARTER b: ABT. 1762 in Rockbridge Co, VA, Am. Col
Emanuel CARTER b: ABT. 1764 in Rockbridge Co, VA, Am. Col
Susan CARTER b: ABT. 1765 in Rockbridge Co, VA, Am. Col

(3) Landon2 CARTER, Capt., (John1 CARTER) was born Jan 29, 1760 at Va, and on Feb 26, 1784 at NC, married (5) Elizabeth MCLIN who was born Jul 9, 1765 at Va. Landon died on Jun 5, 1800 at Carter Co., TN. Elizabeth died in 1842 at Washington Co., TN.

Notes for Landon CARTER Capt.:
Some Tennessee Heros of the Revolution, Compiled from Pension Statements, by Zella Armstrong.
Landon Carter's widow, Elizabeth Carter, applied for revolutionary pension while residing in Carter County, Dec. 8, 1838. She was born July 9, 1765 Landon Carter was a Captain in the Rev. He served under Col. John Sevier and Col. Arthur Campbell in 1780 and 1781. He married Feb. 26, 1784 and died June 5, 1800. Jeremiah Campbell testifies that Landon Carter served as stated and that he, Jeremiah Campbell was in Capt. Carter's company and was in the South Carolina campaign. Isaac Taylor also testifies that he was in Capt. Carter's Company. They were in the battle of Boyd's Creek and in an expedition against the Cherokee Indians. He was educated at Liberty Hall, now Davidson College, N.C. He signed the Watauga Petition to have the settlement annexed to North Carolina and he was an active leader in all affairs of the upper East Tennessee country. Carter Co., Tn was named for him and its County seat, Elizabethton, was named for his wife. He was a strong supporter of the State of Franklin and was Secretary of the first Franklin convention.

Landon Carter is mentioned in the first Grant book of Hawkins Co. on Mar. 7, 1789. On the north side of Holston River Beginning at a box elm Landon Carter's line thence north........

Notes for Elizabeth MCLIN:
Hugh Lawson McClung married Anna Gillespie, the daughter of George Gillispie and his wife Eliza Carter, who was a daughter of Landon Carter and his wife Elizabeth McLin. Elizabeth Maclin was the lady for whom Elizabethton, Tennessee, was named. Her sister, it is thought was the wife of one Robertsons of Nashville, and this connected the McClungs with the first settlers of Nashville, Tennessee.
6 + Alfred Moore3 CARTER b. 1784 d. 1850
7 + John McLin CARTER b. 1786
8 + Sarah Stuart CARTER b. 1789 d. 1879
9 + William Blount CARTER b. 1792
10 + George Washington CARTER b. 1794
11 + Elizabeth Macklin CARTER b. 1797
12 + Mary Polly CARTER b. 1799

(6) Alfred Moore3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1784 at Washington Co., NC, and in 1810 at Washington Co., TN, married (14) Matilda W. WENDELL who was born about 1790 at TN. Alfred Moore died in 1850. Matilda W. died in 1816 at TN.

No children of this marriage in these records.

He also married in 1818 at Washington Co., TN, (15) Evalina Bellmont PERRY who was born in 1797 at NC. Evalina Bellmont died in 1827 at TN.

James Patton Taylor Carter, son of Alfred and Evalina Carter and Colonel of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry, was born July 30, 1822 in or near Elizabethton in Carter County.

Two more sons of Alfred Moore CARTER were also instrumental in the formation and operations of the 2nd Tennessee Infrantry, Samuel P. Carter and William Blount Carter

William Blount4 CARTER, (Alfred Moore3 CARTER, Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born Sep 11,1820 at Washington Co., TN, and in 1843 in New York married Mary H. FOWLER, Mary H. died 1846 in Rogersville, Washington Co., TN He also married (19) married Elizabeth J. BROWN who was born in 1830 at TN. William Blount died on Jul 21, 1902 at Washington Co., TN. Elizabeth J. died in 1882 at Washington Co., TN.

No children of this marriage in these records.

Notes for William Blount CARTER:

CARTER, William Blount, 1792-1848 Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

CARTER, William Blount, a Representative from Tennessee; born in Elizabethton, Carter County, Tenn., October 22, 1792; attended the public schools; during the War of 1812 served as a colonel; member of the State house of representatives; served in the State senate; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1834 and served as its presiding officer; elected as a White supporter to the Twenty-fourth Congress and as a Whig to the Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Congresses (March 4, 1835-March 3, 1841); died in Elizabethton, Tenn., April 17, 1848; interment in Carter Cemetery.

(7) John McLin3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1786 at Washington Co., NC.

(8) Sarah Stuart3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1789 at Washington Co., NC. Sarah Stuart died in 1879.

(9) William Blount3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1792 at Washington Co., NC.

(10) George Washington3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1794 at Washington Co., TN.

(11) Elizabeth Macklin3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1797 at Washington Co., TN, and married (16) George GILLESPIE who was born about 1785 at NC.
17 + Anna4 GILLESPIE b.c 1811

(12) Mary Polly3 CARTER, (Landon2 CARTER, John1) was born in 1799 at Washington Co., TN.

(17) Anna4 GILLESPIE, (Elizabeth3 CARTER, Landon2, John1) was born about 1811 at TN, and on Jul 31, 1845 at Clover Field, married (20) Hugh Lawson MCCLUNG, son of Charles MCCLUNG and Margaret WHITE, who was born May 26, 1811 at Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee. Hugh Lawson was married to Rachel Kibby Trig MORGAN.

Notes for Hugh Lawson MCCLUNG: Batch #: 8714907, Sheet #: 60, Source Call #: 1396355

No children of this marriage in these records.

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