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Hi Joe,


I donít have anyone that i am aware of in my family named AdamÖ.but there are a lot of Johnsonís and they are almost impossible to trace!


I found my grandmotherís lineage online. Her name was Sarah Cole and married Aaron Johnson. On my momís side, there are Monroeís of Union County and McCarters from Sevierville. Iíve found some information in the summers when Iím not teaching. I teach high school choral music, so itís a busy time until summer! I have an account on Iím trying to get as much information from my family as possible. Iíll check around and see if anyone knows the Roses in Claiborne County - I would love to find your dadís videos!


We have never met. I just found your website and you really inspired me to dig a little deeper with all the information you have. Itís a fantastic website - thank you!



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I have been meaning to respond but summer has beeen busy.  Meant to ask if any of you cousins are married to a fellow whose first name is Adam and works in Oak Ridge for SAIC.  I worked with a couple years but now work from home.


If you don't mind will add your story to my website.  How much of your family lineage do you have?  Just curious but have we met?  


Any suggestions on how I could improve or add to the Barren Creek Flood page would be appreciated.


Take care,


Joe P.


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Hi Joe,


So there was a parent a few years ago that her family lives in Claiborne County (Jill Shoffner Brown), and I told her that my grandparents ran the old mill on Tazewell Pike. Before I told her about the flood, she told me she had a friend that used to jog down that valley, and he saw an old man and women trying to cross the road. He started yelling at them but they walked into traffic - and disappeared. Not sure I believe in ghosts, but what a crazy coincidence - then I told her my great grandparents died there in the flood and she was really freaked out. Her friend doesnít jog there anymore - it really freaked him out. The Johnson family still lives across the street (descendants of Arthur L Johnson - my dad was named after), and they still run the mill and store.


Hope you are doing well, and I am hoping to get my table by the weekend! Iíll send a picture.


My cousin has the trunk they found my great grandmother clinging to - Iíll see if he will send me a picture. I really want to get all these things put together.


Thank you for responding. Take care and God bless you!


LeAnne Johnson

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That video does exist but I am not sure if the person who took it from my father's house years ago still has it.  Growing up I always wondered what the two old tin boxes with video film was.  In 1990, after my father died I was able to have the one tin that I had developed and it was of my mother and her sisters and mother coming from the Tazewell Methodist Church in either 1916 or 1917.  I have that film on my website.  The other film, from explanation of my mother before she died was of the Barren Creek flood, filmed by her father Joseph Phillips.  My father's dad was the County Sheriff and my mother's dad was Road Commissioner.  My grandfather Phillips had a movie theater in Tazewell and had hired a movie company to film things around Tazewell. 


I know who took the other tin that may have had more footage than just the flood by I have since asked him if he remembers taking it and he denied it.  So doubtful it will ever be seen.  If you find out that it does, it would probably be in the Rose family, descendants of the Byrd Payne family of Lone Mountain.  And, I would love to know if it were ever developed.


I would love to include your picture and the story behind the table on my website.  I will include links to the pages, one with the film from 1916 and the other to information I have gathered on the flood if you would give me permission.


Thanks for contacting me.


Joe Payne


Tazewell United Methodist Church


Tazewell United Methodist Church



Big Barren Creek Flood


Big Barren Creek Flood




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Hi Joe,


I am hoping to find a video that someone told me years ago they thought their father had video of the day after the flood. I have the table my great grandfather was clutching when they found him. Iím having it refinished. Iíll see if I can attach a picture. If you have any additional info on the flood or where I can investigate, please let me know. My great grandparents were Robert ďBob and Mary Johnson. They are buried at Cox cemetery behind the Johnson Mill on Tazewell Pike.


Thank you1

LeAnne Johnson (great granddaughter)