Several WMV's of my 1996 Dive Trip to Grand Cayman Island with Knoxville based Ski/Scuba Store, 2543 Sutherland Ave. Knoxville

The owner's daughter, Darlene's first trip as head and several very interesting event's took place. Her mother, Dion Keith, made me promise to "babysit", which I did and eventually the trip went well. We stayed at beautiful Silver Sands Condominium on 7 Mile Beach. I suffered a terrible ear infection about half way through the trip and was unable to dive the "Sting Ray City" dive out of Rum Point but still had a wonderful time.
Will add much more during my creation of this page. We did enjoy the trip which included a large Turtle release. Turtle Farms are prevalent on the Islands of Grand Cayman and the Turtle is the national animal and a symbol of the Cayman Island. Their efforts to keep the endangered turtles are known throughout the world. The release involves swimming young turtles out to sea.

Remember 1996 Vols vs. Tide when Tennessee Won 20-17. I watched the game in a small pub in George Town, Grand Cayman Island with friends from Knoxville. I think Phillip has seen better days.

A group from Atlanta were on the trip also. I joined with them at the The Lone Star Bar and Grill to watch the U.T vs Alabama game. We went on to the Pirates Day Festivities, that included the parade and tall ship's in George Town harbour.

Watch the Highlights of the 1996 game on YOUTUBE

Watch the Highlights of the 1996 game on YOUTUBE



In the city of George Town, Grand Cayman during the last week of October they hold a festival known as Pirates Week. The parade along with the Tall Ship Parade are features of this event. Party's are held on all four corners of the Island Nation during that week. Since we stayed on Seven Mile Beach we went to the one party, on the West end of the Island.

This is regarding the above parade and pagent:

"Pirates were not known to have ever invaded Grand Cayman, but we recreate a mock invasion on the first Saturday afternoon (the "governor" is taken hostage) complete with sailing ships, costumes, high energy, and copious bangs and explosions. It's a great spectacle, right in the harbour downtown, and it draws thousands."

Our guide, Darlene Keith's first trip on her own. Just a few hitches. Half way through the trip a group from Atlanta left and with them went our Jeep. Some way or another Darlene's credit card wouldn't work and I ended up putting the Jeep on my card along with several long distance calls to her mother Dion Keith at Ski/Scuba back at 2543 Sutherland Ave., Knoxville. Well, I never did get that money back but I never really pressed the issue either.

Grand Cayman Island - Caribbean Island Home of Stingrays, Turtles, and Hell

The West Bay Miniwall is a Grand Cayman Island favorite scuba diving location, a colorful shallow dive,Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Location West Bay Mini Wall with an array of sea life and an excellent night dive. The entrance is simple but you can get in the water two different ways. One way is by the dive shop but one must rent tanks from there and go down a steep long ladder, we found on some night dives with rougher conditions the swells were a bit much and kept pushing us against the steps.

Our Turtle Farm was hit by Hurricane Michelle in 2004 and the official website of the Cayman Turtle Farm says the following:

However, it was not smooth sailing to this park. September 11th 2004 we were hit by the worst hurricane in the recorded history of the Island, Hurricane Ivan. What little of the facility near the sea that had survived Michelle was just about eliminated this time. However no turtles were lost this time as there was ample warning of the stormís approach and the turtles near the sea were all moved to safer areas. A mini tour was opened on 1st November as work commenced to rebuild the Island and continue the new development.
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