Uncle Fate and a few of us who gathered

I recieved these from my niece Alisa Payne Neave. She said "John Archer sent these to my Mom. I believe they were taken after Uncle Fate's memorial service. I hope that someday soon we can have another Payne reunion. It would be great to see allof our extended family again." Alisa I sure hope so too.


Uncle Fate on his 93rd Birthday in May 2005


Buddy Robinson, Betsy Payne Blackstock, Joe Payne and Jeremy Robinson


Brian Payne and granddaughter, Charlie and Mary Alice McLaughlin


Scott and Todd Payne and their wives


Alice and John Payne


Elizabeth Payne Floyd, son Kirkland Payne Floyd and husband Ben Floyd

John, Alice and Elizabeth Payne

Joe and Betsy Payne and Buddy Robinson

Bardy Archer, Joe Payne, Betsy Payne, John Payne, Buddy Robinson, Mary Alice McLauglin, Grandaughter Payne and Brian Payne

Jeremy Payne Robinson, Todd Payne and Scott Payne

Long Ago and Far Away it Seems

We finally did get the Picture right.

My cousin Hank Robinson (right) and myself (black tee) in 1977 standing beside my grandmother Payne's house in Lone Mountain before it burned. This was the last "gathering of the clan" from North Carolina at the Payne house. Two cars of the time were my cousin's Pacer and my Mustang. This site now is occupied by the Tazewell Fire Department as a substation for the Volunteer Fire Department.

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