Joe Chumley Orlando and Family

First group are from Joe and Cheryl's daughter Erin and her husband Jeremy McCutchins marriage. June 2008. The second are from Joe's retirement October 2008.
Well, I (Joe Chumley) retired from GMAC after 35 years. The kids (Cara & Matthew, Erin & Jeremy, and Giff & Mari) put together a surprise retirement party for me 10/18 at Giff and Mari's house. I was completely caught unaware. We had a great time. My parents were in TN with my grandmother for her 103rd birthday so they are not shown. These are Cara's pictures and there will be more forthcoming. The kids provided my Pimp costume along with Cheryl's "Ho" effects. Watch for different people under those wigs. The wigs got around! Love, to everyone involved and those who were unable or unaware of the occasion.

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