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1. Levi DUNN was born about 1735 in .

From RootsWeb Dunn-l Mailing list:
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 15:11:47 -0400
From: "Rev. Mark McKnight"

Subject: Re: [DUNN-L] Re: Levi, Daniel Dunn, VA>TN My wife is from Daniel & Rhoda. I have seen his father's name as both William & Levi but have no proof of either. I this a roadblock I would love to get past.


Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 20:33:43 -0500
From: "Rev. Mark McKnight" Subject: Re: [DUNN-L] Daniel Dunn Sr. Albemarle VA, Greene TN

Yes I agree except that Daniel Father may have been a William-will check futher. Will be middle or end of week due to other commitments-In regard to Campground cemetery, will need to check, did not have this information some 26 years ago when pastor at campground-had just married Judy- Church currently serving on other side of Blount Co., but will try to get over to campground and check out Dunns. Let me know when coming to Blount Co. My wife works at Library. She comes from Amelia & Jacob Bird my info deals with their line.

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 14:49:04 -0400
From: "James A. Dunn"
"More importantly, in 1794 a Levi Dunn bought 150 acres in Augusta Co, now
Rockbridge CO, VA (just west of Albemarle CO) from James Daugherty.
Recollect that Daniel purportedly served under Col Lewis of Augusta Co.
The land was part of the old Borden grant. Levi later sold it, on 7 Feb
1806, to Gabriel Pendal (see Chalkley, also Lockwood). Levi was also in
the 1810 Rockbridge County, VA census, page 412, entry #302. The 1810
census lists Levi as older than 45 years, thus he must have been born at
least by 1775, or earlier. This Levi also was listed with 2 boys 16-26, 3
boys 10-16 and 1 boy under 10 years of age. It would appear, then, that
this Augusta County VA Levi was roughly contemporary with Daniel.

Edwards and Frizzell (1969) speculate Daniel's father (Daniel, born 1761,
married in Albemarle in 1781) might have been named Levi. If Rockbridge CO
Levi were the father, he would have had to be at least 53 years of age, or
possibly more, in 1794, given that Daniel was born in 1761. From an age
perspective, he could have been Daniel's father. Was this Levi related to
the Albemarle John and William? Old Testament names typically are not
interspersed with secular names in family name patterns. Further, such Old
Testament names often tended to run in sets. Also, during this time, with
a very high degree of regularity, first sons were named after paternal
grandfathers, second sons after maternal grandfathers, third sons after
fathers, and then subsequent sons after uncles. A similar pattern was
followed along the female line for girls. Daniel named his first son Levi

Notably there was a Reuben Dunn who married a Nancy Lane, in Albemarle Co,
on Feb 11, 1787 (or 1788) and a Zacharias Dunn who married a Mary Davies
(or Davis), in Albemarle Co, on March 3, 1794. Reuben later married a
Marie Musin on 7 Dec 1812 (see Norford, 1956). They would have been of the
same generation as Daniel, but perhaps a little younger. Zacharias signed
with his mark. Recollect that Daniel also signed with his mark. Recollect
also that there was a Nehemiah Dunn in Dunmore's War. Were Daniel,
Nehemiah, Reuben and Zacharias all sons of Levi? Were some brothers of

In brief, then, there was a Levi, Daniel, Reuben, Zacharias, William, James
and John in and around Albemarle Co in the late 1700's. It is likely that
Albemarle John and William were related, possibly brothers, or father and
son. They were likely older than Daniel, as John and William were on the
tax roles in 1782, the year after Daniel and Rhoda were married. And John
died in 1792. Circumstantial evidence - Biblical names - would suggest
that Levi, Daniel, Reuben and Zacharias were related. Further, Daniel and
Zacharias were illiterate. Levi may have been roughly contemporary with
Daniel, as Levi bought land in 1794, or Daniel may have been an early son
of a young Levi."

This is all speculation, of course.
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 01:11:59 EDT
Subject: Re: [DUNN-L] Re: Levi, Daniel Dunn, VA>TN

It's William who had a son named Levi. Levi had at least four children:
Daniel (b 07, june 1761 died 25 March 1822) James, Joseph and William. Daniel
Married Rhoda Patterson. Give me your wife's line and I'll see if it matches
Tim Barry

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i Daniel DUNN Sr. was born on 7 Jun 1761 and died on 25 Mar 1822.

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