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1. Hill.

From the book, (at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, Nashville, TN), 'Jefferson County, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1792-1870' by Virginia Carlisle d'Armand:
Robert D. Hill and Amanda P. Bickucle marr. March 21, 1844 (sic) ( which means - Is to be read as it stands).
Apparently there is some question as to the spelling of her last name by the author.
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This is a list of known families in Jefferson County, TN in late 1790's and early 1800's based on deeds, cemetery records and other court records from Jefferson County, TN. This is only a list which specifically said, wife of, son of, daughter of, etc. and any early data, such as the first entry, Joseph Hill, b. 1735. The intent is to try and sort out the early HILL names in Jefferson County, TN. There are a lot of names left out of this list if no specific family member names, or specific birth, or death dates were found. This list is intended as a starting point for sorting out all the early families in Jefferson County, TN.

Joseph Hill b. 1735, died 1807 Lots more on Joseph Hill, died 1807

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tcouts wrote:  Hoping someone could help link my Joseph Hill,  b 1735
Hampshire Co (W) virginia d 1807 Jefferson County Tn with a DAR
application.   Joseph married ?  but son John married Peggy Dobkins and had
James Calhoun Hill, and Andrew Jackson Hill and several more.  Any help would
be appreciated.

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Capt. John Hill died 23 Dec 1839 in the 70th year of his life. (b. abt 1769) (Source: cemetery records)

Samuel Hill, died abt 1812 or 1814, wife unknown
children: Susannah, James, Thomas, Joseph, Johnathan, John, Abraham, Daniel (Source: Samuel's Jefferson Co., TN will)

Abraham Hill, son of Samuel Hill, married unknown, children mentioned in Jefferson County, TN, Samuel and John. (Source, deed records, Jefferson Co., TN)

Joseph Hill, b. 1778, d. 1854, married Mar 10, 1807 to Susannah McMinn (1789-186_) (Source, cemetery and marriage records, Jefferson Co., TN)

Joseph Hill, died before 1823, wife unknown
children: Martha, James, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, William, Mary, Hannah, Sarah (Source: Deed settlement, Jefferson Co., TN)

Rev. James M. Hill, b. 17 Jan 1822, d. 27 Mar 1882, married 16 Dec. 1841 to Sarah b. 1 Oct. 1821, d. 14 Apr 1868. Both buried in Jefferson Co., TN (cemetery records).
children: Joseph (middle initial B.or R.), b. 24 Oct 1848, d. 6 DEC 1854 (buried in Jefferson Co., TN ( Source: cemetery records).

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I am trying to find ancestors or JP Hill, of Jefferson Co, TN. I descended from JP's son Claude Eugene Hill. JP's obit may be helpful to some of you out there. This is the best I can transcribe from a newspaper clipping my Grandmother cherished:

Mr. J.P. Hill died at the General Hospital in Knoxville on Saturday, May 29, 1920, following an operation and was interred in the private burying lot belonging to the family in the cemetery at Dandridge on Sunday afternoon May 30. The Active pall bearers, nephews of teh deceased were: J.C. Hill, Roscoe Hill,(piece missing) Hill, ALger Hill, O.D.
Hill and C.S. Rainwater. The honorary pall bearers, intimate friends of the deceased, were Col. A. (initial not legible) Swann, F.W. Galbraith, H.B. Jarnaigin, W.A. Swann, George W. Hill, A. (initial not legible) Huggins, Jr, (illegible name) and H.M. Rankin. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. M. Bull, pastor of the church of which the deceased was a member, and Rev. John M. Anderson, of Morristown. The services were held at the late home of the deceased, and were simple and impressive, in keeping with the life and character of him in whose memory they were held. The wearlth of flowers, and the immense throng of people present, attested the high regard in which the deceased was held by the people of Jefferson and surrounding couuties.
James Preston Hill was born in what is now the eighth district of jefferson county, Tennessee, on 1st day of January, 1844. He was the son of Rev. James Maston Hill and Sarah Moore Hill. He was a veteran of the civil war, being a member of Co. "F", 9th Tennessee Calvary, and mad a splendid record for gallantry and devotion to duty there. On Dec. 30, 1868, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary L. Thurman, who survives him. To this marriage were born (a piece of the page is missing; looks like 2 spaces)ne cgukdrebm tge fikkiwubg if wgin syrvuve tge deceased: W.C., Claude, and paul hill, and Mesdames Elizabeth Best, Victoria Swann, and Lucile hunter.

Mr. Hill is also survived by the following brothers and sisters:

G.W. Hill, of Knoxville, A.R.Hill, of San Saba, Texas, D.C. Hill, of Dallas, Texas, I H Hill and S. S. Hill of Dandridge, and Mrs R. R.
Burchfield, of Jefferson City, and Mrs. Samuel Henry, of Texas, ans the following Half-brothers: J.L Hill of Kansas, Callie HIll and O.G.
Hill Dandridge, and Mrs. W.R. Nichols, of Knoxville, a half-sister.

Mr. Hill was for weveral years a member of the County court of jefferson county, and he was known in the court as a safe and sane member, supporting every measure looking (missing piece)t of the people, (missing piece)ctive opponent (missins piece) which to him (missing piece) of jobbery or (missing piece)e was a friend of good roads, and the prresent pike system of the county is in great part the fruit ofhis efforts. There may be seen in Dandridge today, by all who care to look, a monument to the influence and effort of Mr. hill. When he became a member of the county court the lot surrounding the court house was gully-(illegible) andfilled with unsightly weeds and tin cans and other flotsum and jetsum of a careless public. That lot is now carptetd by blue grass and shaded with growing trees, and is transformation from a blot on the landscape to a thing of bearty is due to the efforts of J.P.
Hill. he began the movement to improve the lot, and he superintended the work, and small thing as it may seem, this work of a man who loved bearty and despised ugliness will bring plrasure to citizens of the community who are yet unborn.

Mr. Hill was a progressive and successful farmer, and he and his good wife, by their industry, intelligence, and thrift, overcame the difficulties that face all young couples who begin life with little of wealth, but with an ambition to succeed, and at the time of his death Mr. Hill was the owner of three good Jefferson County farms. He was interested in banking, being a stockholder and former president of the Jefferson County Bank, and he was interested in othe business enterprises.

Mr. Hill was an honest man and had the confidence of all who knew him.
he was loyal to his friends, and had the happy faculry of making friends and keeping them. He sometimes became interested in politics, and when he entered a campaign in behalf of a friend, or of measures he believed for the public good, his influence was felt, and he was untiring in efforts to win, but he was never vindictive, and he "fought fair, as he was wont to say, and he never left an aftermath of bitterness.

Mr. Hill was not a scholar, in the sense of being highly versed in the (not legible) of books but he was a keen observer of the transactions of the day, and was an intellignet reader of newspapers and other vehicles of modern news, and kep abreast of the happenings of the day, and brought to his reading a gread fund of what for a better name is called "common sense", and was able to form correct opinions of men and measures, and his advice was often sought by those who appreciated the wisdom of his ripened years.

He held family ties in high regard, nd to the end of his life held in tender remembrance his parents, and he was ever willing to aid his brothers and sisters when such aid was needed or asked. He was greatly interested in his children and grandchildren and was eager to see them succeed, and his chief concern during the last days of his life, when he knew the grim reaper was rapidly approaching, was of his wife and children. The little Sunday School ner his home was upon his heart, and during his last illness was the subject of much of his conversations.

He was a generous man, and no worthy object of his generosity ever failed to receive is attention, and many enterprises for the betterment of society are the richer for his benefactions.

He had his faults, of course, and who has not? but he was a brave, true, manly man, and he faced the Unknown confident and unafraid, and his passing has saddened many hearts, and has left vacant a place in the community life that will be long unfilled. Long may his memory live.
Peace to his ashes.

H.M. Rankin

and on the other side of the newspaper clipping:
We take this method of thanking all our friends who assisted us during the last illness and death of our husband and father. KWe thank all who contributed flowers, or assisted in any manner. We shall always hold in grateful recollection the many and tender acts of kindness and sympathy shown us. --- Mrs. J.P. Hill and Family.

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Robert Hill, died about 1834, and Elizabeth (Betsy) McFarland [daughter of Robert McFarland Sr.] married July 2, 1806, Jefferson Co., TN. Elizabeth's will dated Sept. 16, 1837. July Court 1838, will presented in court for probate. Children: John White Hill, Priscilla Hill, Jane Hill, William Hill, and Penelope West (decd. prior to Robert Hill's 1834 will). (John W. was appointed guardians of Priscilla and Jane in Elizabeth's will.). Grandson Robert West mentioned in Robert Hill's will. (Sources, Roberts, Elizabeth's and Robert McFarland Sr. wills).

Daniel Hill, some of his children mentioned in Jefferson Co., TN, Massey, Jefferson, Nodding, Abraham, Samuel (and wife Elizabeth). (Source: Jefferson Co., TN deed records)

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For anyone interested, here is a will of Samuel Hill, dated Dec. 4, 1812 and three other will book entries for Samuel Hill. Children listed are dau. Susannah, sons, James, Thomas, Joseph, Johnathan, John (dec'd), Daniel and Abraham:

Jefferson Co., TN Will Book 2

p. 51 & 52

In the name of God Amen I SAMUEL HILL of Jefferson County and State of Tennessee being aged and informed but of a perfect and so sound mind and memory and disposing memory calling to mind the mortality of mankind and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in the following manner and form (Imp) first and principally I recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buryed in a decent and christian like manner nothing doubting but that I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such wordly wherewith as it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath the same in the following manner Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter SUSANNAH one bay mare and saddle and bridle one bed and furniture and also she is to receive her manatinance in during her natural lifetime from the profits arising of my plantation Item First - I give and bequeath to each of my sons JAMES HILL THOMAS HILL JOSEPH HILL and JOHNATHAN HILL and to the heirs and legal representations of my son JOHN HILL deceased the sum of three dollars and thirty three and one third cents each to them and their heirs forever (Item my Will and desire is that all debts that I owe of which there are but few, but will they be speedily and unctually paid before any other distribution of my Estate be takenplace (Lastly I anmoninate constitute and appoint my two sons DANIEL HILL and ABRAHAM HILL and Francis Garston Carter Esqrs of Cock County Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making null and void any and all forever other wills ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fourth day of December 1812 one Thousand eight hundred and twelve sealed signed and published and delivered the within Will and Testament in the presence of us this day and year within written. Samuel Hill (seal)
Jefferson Co., TN Will Book 2

P. 78, 79 & 80

An Inventory of the Estate of SAMUEL HILL, Senr. Decd.
Taken the day of 1814 4 cows 3 three year old heifers 1 two year old heifer and 1 yearling heifer 1 black horse about 7 or 8 years old. 1 sorrell and a mare about 7 or 8 years old 2 colts one a year old next spring the other 2 years old next Spring 1 bay mare about 14 or 15 years old 19 head of sheep head of hogs 6 still tubs 8 or 9 syder and whiskey barrels about 50 gallons of whiskey and brandy 1 old waggon and gear 1 large sarshear of plough 3 small broad axes 1 falling do 1 old falling ax 2 small broad axes 2 matlocks and 1 sprouting hoe 3 hoes 1 handsax 2 chissells 3 augers 1 drawing knife 1 frow 1 iron square 1 scyth 1 old crosscut saw 1 irontooth harrow 1 lock chain 2 pair of fire irons 1 pair of tongs 1 pair smoothing iron 1 gridiron 1 pair steelyards 1 tea pot copper 1 brass kettle 10 or 12 gal. 1 frying pan 1 skillet 3 pots and two dutch oven 1 griddle for baking bread a parcel of old iron 2 iron pot racks 1 nailing hammer 1 rifle gun 1 pair pinchers 1 small hammer and some awls 6 feather beds 5 bedsteads and furniture and 14 old chairs and 1 cupboard and furniture 2 chests 1 small trunk and 1 chest with drawers 3 flax wheels and 2 large wheels Inventory continued 2 pairs old cotton cards 1 pair wool cards 3 volumns of "Erskins Sermons" 1 large bible 1 small bible 1 Watts Hymnes and Psalms and 1 old mans saddle and 1 walnut table One chest eleven chairs one washing tub One churn two half bushesl one candle stick three Testiments two spelling books one razor one bone two flat tubs on pepper box Five beds and furniture four bed steads Supposed to be forthy pounds of Tobacco Supposed to be three hundred of seed cotton of corn supposed to be three hundred bushels of wool and eight pounds of feathers The wearing closes of the Desceased Notes and Book accounts Balance due on one note on William Griffin for $14.8 3/4 One note on Willian Griffin on $6.00 JAMES HILLs note for sixteen pound Ten Shillings dated the 18th, day of June 1791 ABRAHAM HILLs note for $315.00 dated 27th day of Sept. 1813 and payable the 1st day of Oct. Next ensuing the date with a credit endorsed thereon for one hundred dollars the 9th, day of Dec. 1813 DANIEL HILL and ABRAHAM Hills note for 80.00 dated the 26th, day of June 1812 and payable three months after date on hand One hundred and fifteen dollars and six and one fourth cents 115.6/4 cents One very old negro woman named Silvery two hundred acres of land received in open Court 14, Dec. 1814 Joseph Hamilton Clerk.

Daniel Hill, Admr.
Jefferson Co., TN Will Book 2

P. 155, 156 & 157

We Henry Bradford Jesse Moore and Baldwin Hale being appointed by the Court to settle with DANIEL HILL Administrator of the Estate of SAMUEL HILL Desceased do find the account to stand as follows The amount of sale made the 15th, April 1815 and the money is due in 12 months 155.94 Hire of Negro boy to 1st, Jan. 1816 Hire of Negro woman with two children at the same time 11.00 SAMUEL HILL wages for services received 15th of May 1816 61.00 Said Hill has paid for the Estate 249.94 Doctor Moores account for attending sick Children 14.50 Recd for direct tax for 1814 2.50 Publick and County tax 1815 1.00 Direct Tax 1815 6.30 Publich and County tax 1816 .80 Total 25.10 It also appears that a negro boy after Estate has been hire until 1 January 1817 for 39.50 and a wmoan with two children for same time 20.25 Given under our hands this 27th day of Nov. 1816.

Baldwin Harle
Henry Bradford
Jesse Moore

Filed Dec. 1816
Joseph Hamilton J.C. Clerk

Balance in the Administrations hands 224.84 Daniel Hill's Account as admitted by the Court 22.80 Balance in the Administrator hands at December Court 1816

Baldwin Harle
Henry Bradford
Jefferson Co., TN Will Book 2
p. 158

DANIEL HILLs Accounts as Administrator and guardian for the Estate of SAMUEL HILL Junior Deceased Carte Charge in December Terme 1814 for Administration Bonds and order of sale 1.60 Aturneys charge for counsel 1.00 One day of my expence at corte 1.00 for Entrim Administration and order of sale 1.60 for returning the Amounts of sale .80 for entering as gardian and Bonds 1.40 for two days laste on the business at Cotre 2.00 for hiring a man to cry the Vandue on 22nd day of April and one day expense in selling the property 2.00 My expense advertising the sale and taking bonds for the payment 2.00 for letors of Administration with the Seal of the County 1.40 for one day collecting debts 1.00 for one day September terms setling with the Corte 1.00 for one day hiring at publick sale two negroes 1.00 One day going for the Doctor and expence of wine 2.00 One day setling wit the men the corte appointed one day on the business December Term 1816 1.00 filed Dec. 1816 and recorded 23.00 Joseph Hamilton Jr. D.C. Clerk.
To the Worshipful Court of Jefferson County - October 1, 1816 We your Commitioners has met according to your order thare beling but a few bushels of old corn on hands We consider the prsent crop of corn oats and frute and every other part of this crop thats is known on hands a little enough to support fourteen in family also what old Bacon two small beefs steers and fifteen head of hogs. We the undernamed Commissioners met according to your order and being duly qualified.

William Legg
Patrick Nenny
James Roddye

Tidence Lane J. P.

Dec. Session 1816 Recd. in Open Court and ordered to be recorded Joseph Hamilton Jr. D.C. Clerk

Regarding the question of Daniel Hill's parentage, see the message below sent to HILL-L by Nancie Carrigan on 1/29/99. This will is "proof" that there was SOMEONE named Daniel Hill, son of Samuel Hill. Whether it is the same one that you are looking for, I cannot say. Another son of Samuel Hill, Abraham/Abram Hill, says in his Revolutionary War pension that he was born in New Jersey on July 24, 1759. I don't know what "the Jerseys" (mentioned in the "Hill Family Tree" that was quoted by Francy Thompson) are, but perhaps this New Jersey vs. the Jerseys as a birthplace is a source of confusion. Nancie Carrigan has also mentioned to me that there are Revolutionary War pension records for Daniel Hill. So maybe you all can check there. Good luck to everyone! Sarah Montross

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i Robert D. Hill was born in 1820.

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