In October 1989 my brother, Robert Thomas (Phil) Payne was sent to California along with other employees of Martin Marietta, the company operating the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge at that time His division was to locate scanning equipment for what was at times called the "Doomsday Tapes". These tapes would be used in event of a national emergency to communicate between the K-25 plant in Oak Ridge, the Rocky Flats nuclear facility in Colorado and Los Alamos National Labratory in New Mexico. The scanning would set in motion the procedures needed to assure that "Fail Safe" measures would be taken without the danger of human error.
He had no idea that this trip to California came close to being his last trip anywhere.

Further down my brother tells of saving a man's life early one morning before he went to work. This was in the early 1960's in Clinton, Tennessee.
1989 Los Angeles Quake