A few more pictures from Ed Buis of brother Eddie and wife Pat visiting him in 1984 also pictures of Ed and wife in 1982 and Jim Sweeney and wife Phyllis in 1992

Ed & Ginger Buis, Pat and Jim Sweeney - July 1982 - Clinton, New Jersey This is Ginger's house from the rear. It has about five acres and nice lake behind me. GEP

More photos of when Eddie and Pat visited Me and my wife Ginger in Clinton, New Jersey - 1984

1984 - Clinton, New Jersey - Brother Eddie traded his Midas Mini travel trailer that year and bought an Airstream to use while working Security at the XXIII Olympiad in Los Angeles

Jim and Phyllis Sweeney in their garden, Westport, MA - 5/31/92 - George Payne before traveling to Nairobi, Kenya in July 1992.