Great Payne Family Reunion 2007 - Lone Mountain - Byrd Payne House

Did you Know that the Byrd Payne Family has several Authors - A previous Under Secretary of State and particulary - An Executive Director of the hit NBC Show "Friday Night Lights"- David Robert Hudgins, who married Meghan Ahern McGinn, is a writer and Co-Executive Producer. David is the son of Cynthia Anne Kite - daughter of Annie Byrd Kite - daughter of Byrd Maynard Payne. Peter Berg, the actor/writer/director who wrote and directed the FNL movie and the FNL TV pilot hopes that the show hangs on as it did last year by the skin of it's teeth. Peter Berg is also the Director of the new hit movie "The Kingdom". Evidently Mr. Berg though not the inventor of the "herky-jerky" camera work, certainly uses it in "The Kingdom" as he does in "Friday Night Lights". "The Kingdom" is based in part on the June 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers.
David's next project seems to be with Dick Wolf and Wolf Productions, as we all know as the creator of the "Law & Order". It has not been titled yet but involves "character-based procedural revolving around two brothers who are senior partners in a medical malpractice law firm, one of which is a doctor". You can read a short description of it HERE.

No doubt that anyone who served as a career diplomat is glad that President Bush and Secretary Rice have decided to send Department of State, Diplomatic Security Agents to Baghdad to investigate the Blackwater contractors. My brother George Payne, son of Al, son of Lafayette, brother of Byrd was a career diplomat. His eulogy was delivered by the then Director of Diplomatic Security, Peter Bergin.

I am in awe the more I search my distant cousin David Hudgins. LOOK AT THIS!!.