Leabow and Barnwell families of Lone Mountain, Tennessee


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Good evening, Joe.

I saw your wonderful Leabow Website, and I would like to share something with you and your family. It might not be very meaningful as far as your direct ancestry goes, but one never knows where information can lead. Last year I had the good fortune to have an article published in “Reflections” Claiborne’s Historical and Genealogical Society Journal. I tried to Include in it most of the Leabow – Barnwell Information that I have; however, I am sure that I have some additional odds and ends sticking around here and there. I started collecting family history information back in the mid-sixties. We had no computers back then, and I have quite a few boxes of notebooks, paper scraps, etc. I am sure I aggravated the living daylights out of my grandmother and her sister, not to mention many other of my older relatives! I felt extremely fortunate to have come into possession of copies of photos of John R. Barnwell and his family. I will be more than glad to share whatever I have with you. I am pretty certain of my descent from Lavania Leabow Barnwell, but the father of her son, John R. (Lafayette) Barnwell, my g-g-grandfather, seems to be a mystery. If you can shed any light on that question, I would be delighted indeed. If you already have the info that I am sending, please just delete. I could not open the “Payne” Photos (#5-10) on your website – just got the red X in a box. Didn’t know if the size was too large or what. I noticed that “Fate” Payne has the same nick-name as John R. – was Fate Payne’s name also Lafayette? My great-uncle, George R. Frye once told me that his middle name was Raphalia – named for his grandfather John Raphalia (Raphael?) Barnwell. Oddly, John R. Barnwell showed in earliest records as Lafayett Barnwell and Lafayett Lebow – later coming to be identified as John R. Barnwell – yet still bearing the nickname “Fate” – I’d bet money that it was short for Lafayett or Lafayette. He also was called “J. R.” and “Preacher” according to my older family members who knew him personally. They said that he had his coffin made some time before his death and would try it out for size. When he passed away, it was suspected that he might have taken his life as he was found in a state of repose as one would see a person lying in a coffin. He was friends with – or related to – a pharmacist or drug store owner, and it was suspicioned that possibly he could have obtained a drug or chemical that he might have used to bring about his own demise.

Hope you receive this and can open the attachments. Would Look forward to hearing from you at your convenience, if can find the time. I tried to send this message to Scott Leabow at sleabow@comcast.net; however the message came back as undeliverable.

Kind regards – Cheri

The Leabow Lineage Page – by Scott Leabow


Charlie, John R., Martha, Sidney and Mary Barnwell


John Raphael Lafayette Barnwell


Sydney Woodson Barnwell

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