1992 U.S. Embassy Antananarivo, Madagascar and Nairobi, Kenya



  1. Antananarivo, Madagascar: - Queen's villa top left.
    Unfortunately "The Queen's Palace" suffered a terrible fire in 1995. It's still undedcided whether it is to be restored or not.
  2. Antananarivo, Madagascar: - built on seven hills - very interesting architecture.
  3. Malagach  (Brother spelled it incorrectly Malagach is a BIRD – Correct spelling Malaga-SY) police with two of my employees at 4th of July function.


  1. U. S. Marine Color Guard - 4th of July 1992 - 14-16, rue Rainitovo Antsahavola
  2. Marine Color Guard
  3. Marine Detachment Commander, his wife and woman Marine.


  1. Ambassador's residence.
  2. Ambassador's residence - 4th of July 1992.
  3. Ambassador's residence.


  1. Ambassador's residence.

2. View from U.S. Ambassador's residence.


  1. Port of Moroni, Capital of Comoro Islands - Note mosque in background.

(location of Frederick Forsythe's novel, "Dogs of War" about a mercenary takeover of island - it really happened.)

2. Port of Moroni

3. Youssief - my interpreter - Grand Comoro - above a volcano crater lake.


  1. Lava flow - volcano in background.
  2.  Lava flow - Grand Comoros - entire island is a seamount volcano - last eruption 1977
  3.  Beach south of Galawa Hotel - Note lava flow to the sea.


  1. My good friend - Absanal Kham - Nairobi
  2. New residence built in lower portion of estate (9 acres) - largest left in Central Nairobi.
  3. Rear gate 26 Lenana Rd. Closest roof was boy's bedroom roof with gable was library.

High roof was dinning room front roof was our bedroom.


1. Jim and Phyllis Sweeney in their garden, Westport, MA - 5/31/92

2. Ed & Ginger Buis, Pat and Jim Sweeney - July 1982 - Clinton, New Jersey
This is Ginger's house from the rear. It has about five acres and nice lake behind me. GEP