1991 King's Spring Manatee Trip

There are three parts to this video. The first was filmed early in the morning during 1989 at the house of Rob Freeman in Fox Den Subdivision. It was a yearly pilgrimage to Lake City, Florida, King's Spring to dive a Thanksgiving dive and snorkel with the Manatee. I made the underwater part of this video because I was able to borrow the camera from Adventure Swim and Scuba, where I was working as part-time manager. Gail Hutchins and Rob Freeman were my diving instructors where I certified in Rescue diving in 1991. The second is probably one of the best video's of a young manatee at play, something that today would be illegal, but in 1989 it was against the law to interact with manatee with full scuba gear. Some names on this trip are Barry McFarland, Johnny Clark, Kathy Kurick and others. This was before I went to work at Lockheed Martin in 1991. The major number of these people worked at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge and I was to work later at X-10. While in Florida on that trip I met a nice lady who I invited back to Tennessee to meet my mother. I sent her plane fare and she stayed for about a week.

Besides the Manatee I saw another lovely creature on that particular trip. There was a small Tiki Bar outside the restaurant over the inlet and I was standing at the end of a long peer late the last night of our trip. All of a sudden I heard a splash, then another, and before I knew it I was looking at the dorsal fin and then the entire body of a beautiful "Pink Dolphin". I watched for a few seconds before I made my way back inside to retrieve others in our group. I ran back out with a couple of friends. We heard a couple of splashes in the distance but the "Pink Dolphin" had disappeared. As I said, on Good Morning America you can look at another picture of a "Pink Dolphin", but you probably will never see one.

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