I miss my 1972 Mustang Coupe

I drove this Mustang for a little over 10 years. This trip was to Los Angeles in 1984 following Route 66, most of the way. A side trip to Death Valley and Las Vegas was a little off track. I drove the Mustang to Canada in 1981 and finally traded it in 1987. The Mustang only stopped on me once and that was on the very top of one of the Rocky Mountains. It vapor locked and I found some aluminum foil, wrapped it around the fuel line and drove it on. Wish I had my Mustang back.





A quick stop in Death Valley, luckily I didn't need the garage, just fuel. About $.75 a gallon.
A very quick stop in Las Vega. I lost my $20.00 limit in about an hour. Back on the road.
Have you ever seen a mirage. This is not a lake in the middle of the desert although it definately looks like one. Imagine yourself riding up on this, dying of thirst. Many a cowboy lost his life trying to chase one of these, I'll bet.
I traveled into Utah and the Petrified Forest. Have several pieces of petrified wood.
This was late September and look at the snow on the mountains.
I think this is Bakersfield California before going up into the Rockies.
Another shot looking back at the rockies, probably in Utah.
Stopped at a rest stop and had a conversation with this guy. Not very many people on the road in 1984.
Rock formation. Looks like a castle.
This is a pass out of the higher desert to the plains below.


In late 1995 I went downtown Knoxville to see America and Christopher Cross sing at the outdoor World Fair Pavillion. I had a date and she brought along a couple of friends. It was a great concert and during the show America invited the crowd up to the Holiday Inn to help celebrate one of the groups birthday. We went and stayed late. We sat and talked to the group a long time. It was all in all a great time.

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