Office of Security Rating for George E. Payne

This rating was for my brother's FSR-04 Rating 1970-1971. This would be the Foreign Service Reserve Officer. The rating goes up to FSR-01 the highest. In the rating the rating officer says that although my brother was considered for the Viet Nam Security TDY (temporary duty station) he was instead chosen for the American Embassy in Saigon, Cambodia. This was well before the evacuation, which he took part in during 1975 from U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield in Thailand during both Operation Talon Vice and an operation known as Operation Frequent Wind.  This previous article mentions the Air America operations from Thailand bases that were so important to the Viet Nam war.  Thailand, as many know, has a bad reputation and my brother's primary contacts there were a missionary family, ironically enough, the minister at our small Methodist Church, that brought both he and my other brother into our small Church, Gooner and Wava Tielman. I have in the past hesitated to mention that my brother was aware of most of  Air America operations it is likely that he  was aware but with his enormous scruples would  have had Marana Air base, that I have talked about during a trip up the east coast in 1993 to ask for assistance to continue State Department operations there, used for such activities as Air Marshal and Border Patrol training.