Rafting in West Virginia and Tennessee

Visit the best of the best in West Virginia Rafting  Rivers Outfitters Fayette Station, WV

The following video's and pictures are from two trips. One in May 1993 and the other May 1997. After returning from a snow ski trip in West Virginia in 1992 I crossed the New River Gorge Bridge and decided to take the inexpensive Spring Fling trip in 1993. I continued until 1997, every spring, and gathered groups from my job with the Environmental section at Lockheed Martin with me. It ended with the coldest trip in the four years in 1997. Later in 1997 the group at the last of the first Video took a two day trip on the Gauley River. Two rafter's lost their lives that weekend. More of that trip later.  

This is my video of our group from Environmental Restoration Document Management, K-2, 1997 trip.>

This video is entirely 1993.

This begins the split between the 1993 trip and the 1997 trip.
Looking at the Bridge
The Bridge
Suprise Rapid

The New River Gorge Bridge
Beckley, West Virginia     
Looking at the Bridge from the New River
 Surprise Rapid, Class 5 on the New River
Thurmond, West Virginia     
Suck Rapid on the Ocoee River
Near Duck Town, Tenn.
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