1998 San Diego, Securities Service Network, Inc., Annual Conference, Hilton Garden's Inn. When things were really good on Wall Street, took 10 years for GREED to overtake them. I helped with updating their CLOCK'S for the y2k scare. CEO, Carl Hollingsworth had one African American working for the company and "I understand" that three of us left around the same time, my boss, the fireman or System Administrator, Daryl Yearwood, the African American receptionist, Vanita, and me the system analyst/webmaster, Joe. I think that spelling employee names should be reserved only for CEO's don't you, especially when deciding who "needs to be around" and who doesn't. A man who worked for a company for 13 years, "forced" to leave after all that time. We all sat in meetings on Wednesday and was given a choice between the San Diego Zoo and a full day of golf at Torrey Pines Golf Course nearby. I took the Zoo.

A trip to the San Diego Zoo and then up the coast towards to Mission Bay and La Jolla and to Los Angeles where I had worked during the Olympics in 1984 as a Security Driver. My only trip back to the West Coast since then, although I had made several trips to Arizona to visit my brother. And on the third day I spent the day roaming the coast with a very nice lady who had traveled from North Carolina to represent one AIG Securities. We had a wonderful day.

I dedicate this to what was probably my last trip to THE CITY OF THE "ANGELS", Los Angeles. I thought, as I sat in the Office of US CELLULAR waiting on a third interview for a job, on September 11, 2001, of how much I had admired Daryl Yearwood while working for Securities Service Network, Inc. because of the picture in their lobby of firemen climbing a ladder to fight a fire.

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