Visit to Amy's brother Tony's house, Church and School, Little Flower Parish, Arlington National Cemetery, Great Falls and C&O Canal, Monument Tour on Potomac, Rock Creek Park, Glen Echo Park, Cabin John Park - September 6-13, 2002 - To start or stop videos right click and choose Play/Stop.

In Harm's Way?

Lafayette Park , not LaFont Plaza as I said in the video. Amy had just corrected me and I didn't want to correct her.

This was a visit to Jordan Road and Amy's Catholic Parish - Little Flower Parish, where she attended both church and school.

From my brother, George E. Payne's grave at Arlington, September 9, 2002. This is a mix of the memorial service September 2000 and my visit to Arlington September 2002.

The mast of the Battleship Maine, sunk at the beginning of the Spanish American War. From the top of the hill near the old amphitheater at Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown Civil War Dead.

More of the view from Arlington National Cemetery of the Washington, D.C. skyline. This video taken from the Arlington House, the home of General Robert E. Lee.

A tour of the C&O Canal. During the early years of America's independence there was fierce competition between the B&O Railroad and the C&O Canal for traffic into the Washington, D.C. area. Also a short excerpt from Glen Echo Park.

These three video's made a year after my grandfather filmed the Barren Creek Flood and this video of the congregation of the Tazewell United Methodist Church. You know, that Joe Phillips, G-Man, Revenuer and all around good fellow.

A tour of the C&O Canal. The Georgetown C&O Barge trip. Starting at the Wisconsin Street Landing and traveling down in parallel with "K" Street, under the Key Bridge and on down Rock Creek Park a ways.

Historic American Buildings Survey Photocopy courtesy of Library of Congress Pictorial Archives of Early American Architecture C & O CANAL AT WISCONSIN AVENUE

More of Glen Echo Park and Union Bridge on Cabin John Parkway near Rockville, Md September 11, 2002 and a September 12, 2002 Monument Tour up the Potomac River past the Watergate Complex and to Georgetown Landing.

The Union Arch Bridge, also called the "Cabin John Bridge," is a historic masonry structure in Cabin John, Maryland. It was designed as part of the Washington Aqueduct and as a roadway bridge. The bridge construction began in 1857 and was completed in 1864. The roadway surface was added later. The bridge was designed and built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers under the direction of Lieutenant Montgomery C. Meigs.

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