Claiborne County High School Class of 1955 Senior Trip to Washington, D.C.

Hi Joe,
I need to have someone to identify teachers in a picture I have of the class of 1955 made at our nations capitol. I know not seeing the photo will make it difficult but I am assuming you graduated from CCHS in the 50's and will have a working knowledge of who the teachers were. I think they are Mr. Holt, Mr. Drinnon, Mrs. Drinnon and Mrs. Park Carr. I think Mr. Drinnon was the principal. There is another big woman in the picture. I don't know who she might be unless there was a Mrs. Holt. Joann Hayes is in the picture. I would guess everyone knew Joann.
This is my brothers class. He was Jim Eden. He is now deceased. I hope to give this picture to his daughter for Christmas and would like to give her as much information as possible . I wish I had a way of identifying the whole class but guess that is impossible.

Thanks for your time. Etta Downing

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The identification comes from a wonderful young lady, Etta J. Norris, wife of Roy Norris by way of Tina Lephew. Thanks to you both.

Front row left to right:
Joyce Reece, Edna Mae Shultz, Eula Mae Wallen, Charlene Green, Alice Faye Keck, Jo Ann Hayes, Vivian Cox, Mary Elizabeth keck, Katherine Neely, Betty Lou Hurst, Opal Pressnell, Shirley Stapleton, Dessie Whitehead, Joyce Woods, Jean Lambert, Marlene Davidson, Helen Eldridge

Second row left to right:
A. J. Greer, Kyle Payne, Jimmy Jordan, Frank Brooks, Carson Day, Joe Greer, Gerald Neely, Joe Neely, Orville Roberts, Bill Hill, Benny Ferguson(?), Kenneth Winstead, Jimmy Eden, Bill Yoakum, Donald England, Tilmon Hatfield

Back row left to right:
Jean Fultz, Josie Green, Evelyn Brogan, Betty Ogan, Peggy Hill, Merrie Jane Campbell, Mabel Rowland, Betty Lambert, Wanda Sutton, Wanda England, June Walker, Nellie Cupp, Sponsors: Ed Williams, A.W. Baldwin, Miss Venable, Bess Hayes (JoAnn's mother) Mrs. Drinnon


Thanks to Tina Lephew and Etta J. Norris the following:
Sponsors: Ed Williams, A.W. Baldwin, Miss Venable, Bess Hayes (JoAnn's mother) Mrs. Drinnon