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Descendants of Henry D.BURDINE

Descendants of Henry D. BURDINE

Richard Burdine & Catherine Tanner
I also have put a PDF file outlining this family sent out for information on the BURDINE MAILING LIST. This file came from Herman Geschwind This file becomes more important when looking for Ezekiel Burdine being the father of Henry D. Burdine of Russell Co. I received it several years ago from Jim Jessee (This is a recent look at Jim Jessee's file on Rootsweb)who is a descendent of Ezekiel Burdine
New information regarding Rev. Ezekiel Burdine proving him to be the son of Nathaniel Burdine of Culpeper Co., VA.

from the Journal and Letters of Bishop Francis Asbury - Ezekiel and wife Martha are buried in the TATE FAMILY CEMETERY, Russell Co. Va.


Ezekiel BURDINE (Nathaniel, Richard) was born 1775 in Culpeper Co., VA and married Martha "Patsey" DICKENSON, daughter of Henry DICKENSON Jr. and Mary POWELL. His family moved to WILKES Co., NC then to Pendelton Dist., SC where he became a Methodist Minister.

(1) Henry Dickinson (1803-1885)
(2) Nancy E. (1806-) James W. Jessee had more information on this Line
(3)Mary (1809-)
(4)Elizabeth Elington (1811-)
(5)John Wesley (1815-1898) (6)Nathan Edens (1818-1897)- Here is a connection to the FUGATE family. "Edith Cleveland Fugate, b. December 6, 1817, m. November 30, 1843 to Nathan E. Burdine. Married by Rev. Christian Easterly."
(1) Henry1BURDINE (Ezekiel Burdine) was born in 1803 in SC, and married (2) Elizabeth D. Betsy SEWELL, daughter of Benjamin F. SEWELL and Mary JOHNSON, who was born abt 1803. Henry died after 1885 in Russell Co. VA, Tn. Elizabeth D. Betsy died 1884 in Russell Co., Va. In Benjamin Sewell's will he mentions a daughter Betsey D. Burdine, in 1848. Betsey D. Sewell Burdine had a son Samuel Patton Burdine and another John Livis Burdine. Page 103 and 104 of Col. Edgar Holt's book Claiborne. Benjamin Sewell lived and died in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Henry D. Burdine and Elizabeth Sewell may have moved to Claiborne Co. or stayed in Russell Co., Va but their sons John and Samuel did move to Claiborne County where they are listed on the 1860 census. Their possible Grandfather Rev. Ezekiel Burdine moved to Greene Co. Tennessee to serve as a Pastor on the Cumberland Circuit Children:
6 + John Travis BURDINE b. 1825
7 + Samuel Patton BURDINE b. 1827 d. Dec 1864
A search of Soldiers: names and records of union and confederate troops, yeilded the following in the Union Army:
Burdine, John T.
 8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Company M, Film Number M392 roll 2
Burdine, Robert D.
 8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Company M, Film Number M392 roll 2
Burdine, Samuel P.
 9th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Company M, Film Number M392 roll 2
Both J.T and S.P. BURDINE were conscripted into the Confederate Army first:

Burdine, J.T.
 Tennessee Conscripts (Camp of Instruction), Film Number M231 roll 6
Burdine, S.P.
 61st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Pitts'), Company H, Film Number M231 roll 6
Was Robert D. BURDINE another brother? We know that Samuel P. Burdine died in a hospital in Nashville, at least according to his widow Elizabeth Day's pension records.

(6) John Travis2 BURDINE, (Henry1 BURDINE) was born in 1825 Russell Co., VA, and Feb. 6, 1854 at Claiborne Co., Tn, married (14) Catherine DEVAULT, daughter of John DEVAULT and Elizabeth "Betsy" Cloud, who was born in 1830 at Claiborne Co., Tn. (This file becomes more and more important when looking for the descdents of Rev. Ezekiel BURDINE. It was from Jim Jessee in Russell Co., Va and disagreed with the lineage of John Travis Brudine)

From the Claiborne Co. census 1850 and 1860. These are the only Burdine's in the state at that time. J.T. and Samuel must have come from Russell Co., VA to Claiborne County before the Civil War. I had earlier mistaken this family for another descendent of Nathaniel Burdine, Samuel a brother to their grandfather Ezekiel, who moved to Smith Co., TN.
There was a family Davidson living with Samuel and J.T. Looks like the wife Martha Davidson age 29 with children Mary 1 and James 3 and the Husband James Davidson 29 living with Samuel.
Date: 7/9/99 5:11:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Imogene Bennett)
Joe, I show on my chart that she was Elizabeth Catherine DEVAULT, b 5 Feb
1831 in Claiborne Co TN; m John Travis BURDINE 6 Feb 1854 Claiborne Co TN
and that she died in Knoxville, Knox Co TN, but I have no date of death.
Elizabeth Catherine DEVAULT was d/o Elizabeth 'Betsy' CLOUD and John
DEVAULT. Elizabeth CLOUD was d/o Joseph CLOUD & Jane CARPENTER. John
DEVAULT was s/o Abraham DEVAULT & Catherine GROSS. I do not know the
parents of John Travis BURDINE.
My husband descends from a sister of Elizabeth CLOUD. She was Malinda CLOUD
who married James MITCHELL.
Perhaps you might find something in Knox Co TN for Elizabeth Catherine &
John Travis.
Imogene Bennett
Springfield, MO
15 + Mary E.3 BURDINE b. 1857
16 + Louisa BURDINE b. 1859
(7) Samuel Patton2 BURDINE, (Henry1 BURDINE) was born in 1827 at Smith Co., VA, and married (17) Elizabeth DAY, daughter of John Ransom DAY and Nancy HURST, who was born in 1836 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA. Samuel Patton died in Dec 1864 at Veterans Hosp., Nashville, Tn. Elizabeth died on Aug 22, 1922 at Lone Mountain, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA. Elizabeth later married to Anderson G. PAYNE. (I have found no record of the marriage of Elizaeth DAY and Samuel BURDINE in Claiborne Co.) Pension Record: (I think the L. is mistaken for an S.)
Burdine, L. P. Cl-53-1; Elisabeth Payne formerly widow of: Pvt M Co. 8th TN Cav; 63 to 12-64; Springdale PO; died in hospital at Nashville, TN.John Burdine was given in LDS registry.

Samuel Burdine is listed in the 1860 Claiborne Co. Census, family 760 with wife Elizabeth.
Martha Jane BURDINE who was raised by my Greatgrandparents as one of their own had a sister Elen.
If anyone knows who ELEN BURDINE is please let me know Joe Payne.

18 + Martha Jane3 BURDINE b. 1861
Elen BURDINE b. 07 Jul 1862 TN Claiborne Co. Patton & Elizabeth Burdine
(Source "Some Russell County Records, Births 1853-1866-Southern Historical Press 1996")
I have found more information on Elen BURDINE, who may have been only a half-sister to "Aunt" Martha Jame BURDINE Yoakum
The Tate Family Cemetary in Russell Co., Va does list Ellon as being the daughter of S.P. and A.
      Tate Family Cemetary, Russell Co., Va.

      Burdine, Rev. Ezekial---------d. 20 Jan., 1862
           86 years 3 months 25 days
         Martha---------d. 25 Mar., 1860    
           77 years 8 months 24 days
         Patsy Jane------b. 2 Feb., 1881
                         d.    Feb., 1881
                         d/o Wm. G. & L. D.
         Ellon F.---------b. 7 Jul., 1862
                          d. 6 Oct., 1883
                          d/o S. P. & A.
         Elizabeth D.-----b. 24 Nov. 1805
                          d. 11 Jan., 1884
                     w/o Henry D. Burdine

More on the TATE Family in Russell Co., Va.
Thanks to Dean for the above information. If you have
information for him please email him at address below. Subj: Ellon (Elen) F. Burdine Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 3:45:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: To: Dear Joe, Great to hear from you. Yours was the first major site I found when I was finally able to put the Burdine name to my daughter's gggrandfather THOMAS JEFFERSON WHETSELL/BURDINE. I had on several occasions wanted to get in touch with you by e-mail but never seemed to get to it. Well, it is time to do so especially since you were kind enough to get in touch. On your site you ask if anyone had any information on Elen Burdine. The information I found on the film at the LDS on cemetaries in Russell Co., Va. may be of some help to you. I noticed they spelled the name ELLON F. instead of ELLEN and I wonder which may be correct. Why they were buried in the Tate Cemetary I do not know but may have been close friends. Hope the information may have helped scale any "walls" you might have on ELEN. If you want any information on the "brick walls" that surround my daughter's Burdine ancestor let me know and I will bring you up to date. I don't seem to be able to get very far with it. Hope you and yours are well. Drop me a line if you find the time. Take Care, Dean


(15) Mary E.3 BURDINE, (J.2 BURDINE, Henry1) was born in 1857 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
(16) Louisa3 BURDINE, (J.2 BURDINE, Henry1) was born in 1859 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

(18) Martha Jane3 BURDINE, (Samuel2 BURDINE, Henry1) was born in 1861, and on Feb 13, 1883 at Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA, married (19) William Gibson YOAKUM, son of Ewing B. YOAKUM and Martha Elizabeth VANBEBBER, who was born in 1860 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA.

Marriage record in Claiborne Co. lists Rance Day and Thomas Breeding as witness to the marriage record. 1883.
From Mary Hansard this was the husband of Anderson Paynes daughter.
20 + Henry Ewing4 YOAKUM b.c 1880 d. 1959
21 + Oscar YOAKUM b. 1888
22 + Lon YOAKUM b. 1892
23 + Bertha L. YOAKUM b. 1894
24 + Lizzie Mae YOAKUM b. 1902


(20) Henry Ewing 4 YOAKUM, (Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) was born about 1880 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married (25) Maggie YOAKUM, daughter of Ewing Frank YOAKUM and Elizabeth V. Lizzie MOUNTAIN, who was born about 1890. Henry Ewing died in 1959 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Maggie died in 1973 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
26 William Franklin5 YOAKUM
27 Blanche YOAKUM
28 + Dick YOAKUM

(21) Oscar4 YOAKUM, (Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) was born in 1888 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA.

(22) Lon4 YOAKUM, (Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) was born in 1892 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA, and married (29) Jossie SCHULTZ who was born about 1895 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA.

(23) Bertha L.4 YOAKUM, (Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) was born in 1894 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA, and married (30) Clyde ROBINSON, son of Henry Harrison ROBINSON and Lettie J. BAYLOR, who was born about 1890 at Claiborne Co., Tn.

31 Billie5 ROBINSON

(24) Lizzie Mae4 YOAKUM, (Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) was born in 1902 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA, and married (34) Oscar THOMAS who was born about 1900 at Claiborne Co., Tennessee, USA.


(28) Dick5 YOAKUM, (Ewing4 YOAKUM, Martha3 BURDINE, Samuel2, Henry1) Dick died at Morristown.

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