Ed Buis’s Pictures to Share

Ed is the son of Edward Henley Buis who is a direct descendant of Joseph William Buis and Nancy Kesterson, and Mayme Melicena O'Dell who is a direct descendant of Bartlett H. O'Dell and Elizabeth Quillen.



CCHS Cheerleaders 1950
Eddie Payne, Thursdon Ragsdale, Frank Debusk, Bill Cloud
Anne McNeeley, Aileen Wilson, Joyce Russel


Old Highschool before Demolition 1950


Downtown New Tazewell on a rainy December Day  1949 (Note Xmas Lites across street


Ed Buis, Buddy Torbett, & Buddy Duncan in front of The “Hotel Duncan” in 1940


High School Key Club 1950
Bill Cloud-Joe Carl Jennings-Wayne Hansard-Bill Shupe-Frank DeBusk-Jim Dyche-John Tip McNeil-Orlander Carpender-Tommy Cook
Sonny Gray-Robert Coffee-Eugene England-Ed Buis-Billy Joe Overton-Donald Meyers-Eddie Payne-Jack Dyche-Johnny Fannon


Wayne Hansard, Eddie Payne & Ed Buis in Washington on Senior trip 1950


Ed Buis, Phil Payne & Eddie Payne  1950


Georgia Sharp and Ed Buis visit with Harry Carter in hospital after appendectomy  1449


Bobbie D. Jennings, Ed Buis, Billy Joe Britton, Eddie Payne~School bus trip to basketball game


Phil Payne, Georgeann Buis, Wayne Evans 1949


Anna Belle Sutton, Ed Buis

Mrs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


E.H. Buis and son helping the War effort by gathering old tires  1944


Ed Buis beside his house in a navy uniform.  Not a real uniform he says.


Donna Cawood, Ed Buis, Eleanor Gray


Suzy Campbell, Joan Overton, Anne McNeeley, Mary Frances Crutchfield 1947


Ed Buis as State Engineer’s Assistant
Surveying roads  1950


Phil Payne Feb 1950


Eddie Payne Feb 1950


I think the dog belonged to your family. The picture was taken in the roadway just above where your family lived and the house you see belonged to Ed "Popeye" Williams and his wife. He was a mail carrier in one of the outlying communities south of Tazewell. They had two children,a son named Ed Jr.(Red) and a daughter named Zola. Ed Jr got his master's degree at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in Math and was a teacher. (Also my High School Principal - Joe) Also living with them was Mrs Williams nephew who was a very good friend of ours (Phil, Eddie and me). His name is William Joseph Britton(Billy Joe) who lives in Knoxville, I think, where he worked as an engineer for the State of Tennessee. See how much info you can get from a scroungy dog photo!!!!


E.H. Buis June 1950


Wayne Evans, Billy Joe Britton and Jackie Jennings in Wayne’s old “T” Model  1949


Buddy Runions, Bill Munsey, Ed Buis, Eddie Payne, Barbara Cunningham, Billy Joe Overton.  At Jr. High School (1947) “Pa” Brown’s store in Background


Sonny Gray, Bill Cloud, Buddy Torbett & Jackie Jennings 1949


Sonny Gray


Anne McNeeley


Anne McNeeley


Thanks for the information Ed. This is Anne McNeeley.


Ed Buis


Phil Payne


Eddie Payne


Lewis Ogan


Carl Bolton


Ed or Hugh Hardin?


J. Beaty


Henderson Lane


Joseph H. Chumley's home in Tazewell around 1942. You will recognize your brothers and my cousin Bill. It was an exciting time as we were out of school because of the big snow. I am the one in the photo munching the snowball. Glynn Millett (A. Glynn Ailey) San Jose, CA - (Located where Hugh Hardin house now stands in Tazewell - Joe)


You may have seen this photo before. I am sending it because Eddie is in it. Here is the Dec. 1950 wedding of Rolien Brown at the Tazewell Methodist Church . Bridesmaid on left is Sylvia Stone Duncan and I am standing next to her. Rolien married Frank Brogden Glynn




Possibly all Roses? Betsy Rose, Ann and Barb.


The people in the photo from left to right are---Cecil Ingle, Anne McNeeley, Buddy Duncan, Charles Riley, and__________O'Dell from Cumberland Gap. The Christmas party was held at the VFW (American Legion Hall) building located up near George Malone's present residence. (a white concrete block building).


Easter - 1936 - Phil and Eddie Payne at Grandmother Payne's, Lone Mountain. Yes those are dresses. No wonder they were so mean.


About 1940 at the house my father built at what he called "Midway". Milt and Vida Brooks later lived in that house, it is bricked now. They moved closer to the High School in what they called the "little house", then he built the house my sister and I grew up in.


On back - June 1953 – “Thought you might want a view of your old Dodge - She's still thar, + the War II gas tank in the foreground.”

I have the clipping of when the WW II plane landed and dropped fuel tanks somewhere on what was called "The Concrete". Someone made off with the empty fuel tank. – Joe Payne



From: Joe Payne
To: Peg44bill
Cc: erbuis@hotmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: Growing up in Tazewell (telephone Company, Cedar Grove, it's "Sign" & it's "floating" swimming pool)
Bill and Ed,
Just checked my email. Happy New Year to you and Peggy and everyone else who may be within reach. I think that is where the phone exchange remained, or in the same proximity, even after Don Ray Fannon took it over.
My uncle Fate told me about the first switchboard in Lone Mt. and when most of Lone Mt. moved to Tazewell where it was located then, along with the telegraph office, probably '20's and '30's.
The picture of Ed Buis and unknown boy (Determined that the boy is my brother George "Eddie" Payne, who is that sitting at the board (attached).
I am also attaching a picture of the Cherokee Hotel that a classmate, Lela Buis emailed me. She said of it.
"Hi, Joe. Here's the Cherokee Hotel, copied from a post card, I think. The block was built around 1902 and besides the hotel, housed the Citizens Bank, the post office, stores and living quarters for the John L. Buis family. It stood across the street from the train depot where Duncan Lumber company is today. During the Depression, some of the space was rented to honky-tonks. See more info below.
The Cherokee Hotel was right across from the train depot in New Tazewell, and my grandad John L. Buis built and operated it. My mom and dad have got a picture. My aunt sold it to Tom Duncan and it later burned. Duncan Lumber Company is built on the site. The building also housed a post office and general store and the family lived in part of it, which means my dad grew up there by the railroad. He said the tobacco buyers used to pay him $.25 to build a fire in their rooms in the morning before they got up.
During the Great Depression, my grandad rented space to a couple of honky-tonks which ran down the reputation of that part of the town.
There were some shootings. Edward (Buddy) Duncan recently asked us about it, as someone had approached him for information. I was born in Middlesboro, as the hospital had already burned by 1950."
Thanks for any and all history you might have, I enjoy all your posts. Oh, one more thing. I was thinking about buying two Claiborne County HS Annuals on eBay but thought I would pass them along to you first. They are the 1947 and 1848.
I'll copy Ed Buis as I know he might be interested.
Have a very good New Year.
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From: Peg44bill
Subject: Growing up in Tazewell (telephone Company, Cedar Grove, it's "Sign" & it's "floating" swimming pool)
To: joe@joepayne.org
Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2013, 12:21 AM

Joe, someone on the "I remember growing up in Tazewell" FB page, several months ago asked about the old Telephone Co., switchboard location, in 1949 -
As I recall, after Roger returned from the USAF, after the War II, he & Cotton Grubb bought the company from the "Shephards" ( Sissy & Bubba Shephard's father), and they had a building next (on the Tazewell side) to Pop Payne's International Harvester Garage (on the New Tazewell side of the old "{Center Brick Tobacco Warehouse). I remember calling home from USAF basic training in Miami Beach, in 1944, and the "operator" told me, Mother & Dad were not home, and she said "Bill, I don't think they're home, as they are visiting with Hugh & Nan McNeeley's house in Tazewell, and she "called" there for me, and we did our talking, courtesy of the "Switch Board Operator", and through all of those years, every body called the "telephone switchboard" when the "volunteer manned" fire department had to respond to a "fire alarm call" - of course, they needed to know where to go to meet the "fire truck" & fight the fire.
The Cedar Grove Restaurant, as I recall was built shortly after the Norris Lake was first filled up, and, it seems "Granmaw Hendricks" built it, as well as the "floating swimming pool" with two "dressing rooms", and a "baby pool" (from 2' graduated to 4' at the deep end), and the big pool starting at about 4', graduated to about 8', at the deep end. He also built a "two platform" tower on the "lake side end", between the two pools, so one could dive into the lake, or either of the pools. The "high platform " was approximately 20' high.
I, along with, Lloyd Moyers, Lynn Stanifer, "Wop" Richardson, and some others, used to "jump" off of the high platform, & "bounce' our butts off of the "slats" at the end of the 4" pool. I do not recall the pool being there after I returned from the Air Force in late 1946.
I saw where Tom Rouse remembered his dad doing some maintenance work on the Cedar Grove sign. I remember it well, as I saw one of the "original" workmen, when they were first ,erecting the sign, suddenly 'headed" out into the high way, with a "bumble bee" in his overalls, and all of the witnesses doing a lot of laughing, while he tried to get out of his overalls in the middle of high way 33.
Happy New year