Steward Collingsworth has written a book entitled " My Heart's in the Highlands " that many Claiborne Countains by now have probably already read. Steward, known to most of the graduates of Claiborne County Highschool as Mr. C was an inspiration to many of us, especially the boys, now men of the first Claiborne County Football team '64, '65 and '66.


The book tells of his very early childhood on Little Sycamore in Claiborne County as an only child and follows his life through a move to McMinn County where he graduated from McMinn County High School then returned to received a B.A. Degree from Lincoln Memorial University after he served in the U.S. Navy Corp during 1944- 1946. Then on through 36 years of teaching in Claiborne County and just a little past. Finished in 2003 after 17 years of retirement the author has shown us that he knew what he was talking about during those English classes, although sometimes I think he prefered Spanish, especially when he was angry.


A critique of the book as found on the McMinn County Historical Society web site follows:

"The authorís world was revealed as one of peace, naivetť and poverty, a world of neighborly mutual help, vanished folkways, and religious certainty. Transforming the authorís highland heritage into our own, this highly readable life story enriches and offers a comfortingly conservative worldview steeped in the traditions of Appalachia."

If you are interested in purchasing a copy now you can find it by calling Gary Stansberry - 423-626-3869. Or at AMAZON.COM