The Joseph H. Chumley's home in Tazewell  Chumley Genealogy

These pictures come from Glynn Millett (A. Glynn AileySan Jose, CA who was the granddaughter of Joseph Horace Chumley.  I had not added the lineage to my

Chumley website until now.  Launa Chumley married Luther C. Ailey


Here is a photo that you may enjoy seeing----it is my family at grandfather Joseph H. Chumley's

home in Tazewell around 1942. You will recognize your brothers and my cousin Bill. It was an exciting time as

we were out of school because of the big snow. I am the one in the photo munching the snowball.

Hi Again: Left to right in the photo: Tom Ailey, Eddie Payne, Phil Payne , Launa Ailey, Doyle Ailey ( in front ),
 Jimmie Crutchfield, Bill Chumley, A. Glynn Ailey ( eating snow ), Joseph H.Chumley, Gussie Chumley/
 The location of the Chumley house was approximately as shown below: ---
Hugh Hardin and Helen Bundren Hardin home now stands on the property. Bill: please review for corrections and/or additions. Love, Glynn


Glynn, I think that, unless it is Chumley Street you are looking for you are just a little off.
I zoomed out one time and the finger denotes Hugh Hardin's front yard.
That makes a lot of sense, since Mom and Dad lived in what we called the "little house"
across the street, just up from Ma and Pa Brown's store. Daddy always talked about the time his old Model A
ran off the hill parked outside the house and he ran after it calling Whoo Ma, Whoo. He had named the car Ma.
Well Ma landed ran up the front steps of the old Junior High School and stopped.
Joe Payne

Joe, the present house of Hugh Hardin was built on the original site of Grand Dad's (Joseph Horace Chumley) house -
He bought the place and shortly thereafter, it burned and he replaced it with his present house. At one time there
was only one house between it and the old garage building, My Dad Kleber Doyle Chumley, built the original garage building)
that Kathy Hardin, or someone, converted into apartments - I believe there are a couple of other separate
apartments built on the old Knoxville Rd, just up the road towards Hugh Hardin's house.
The house that Betty & Al George (Eddie & Phil) lived in is directly up the steeper hill from the "oldgarage" (now apts.),
towards the old house of Ed Buis at the top of the hill on the left.(His son was Eddie, with two girls George Ann Buis
(mrd George Malone) and Elizabeth (mrd "Bubby" Shepherd. I believe Al's house was the first house
facing that road . Hope this helps orient yourself!
Best regards
P.S. I believe you'll find Chumley Street turning off between Otto Bollinger's house and the new
Hardin House (with the "lions, or something out front) and goes towards the old Irish Cemetery


Several years ago we obtained a copy of the book " Old Time Tazewell " written by Mary A Hansard and
published in 1979. It is written like a gossip column and contains information on many of the families in
the area including the Paynes of Lone Mountain ----- with all your research, you are probably familiar with it.
Our daughter found it on e-bay and won it in bidding.
This is the Chumley home --- you may remember it. Don't know the date it burned. Do you remember, Bill?
Thanks, Bill for your input as you know much more than I do about Tazewell----even though
I have been back to visit, haven't lived there since 1952.