Meet Amy Marie Rinker

Amy's Glamor Shot

Amy and Joe at Betsy's Christmas 2001

I would like to introduce you to my Amy Marie Rinker. Amy will soon be my wife and I am so happy that she has agreed to put up with my old bachelor ways.

Amy and I are at my sister and brother-in-laws, Betsy and Rick Blackstocks, Christmas 2001.

Amy and Glenn Rinker, Orlando 1990
To introduce you I have to begin by letting you meet Amy's famous father, who passed away in 1993.

Glenn Rinker, seen here with Amy in Orlando in 1990 was an Emmy winning News Anchor. Here is a link to pictures of Glenn Rinker during what was termed Operation Bushel to the drought ridden country of Ethiopia.

Nancy, Amy and Joe Pennsylvania 2003
Amy's mother, Nancy Dellvillano, Amy and myself the summer of 2003 at Eagle Peak Campground near Landcaster, Pennsylvania.

Amy, Steve and nephew Danny
Amy, her brother Steve Rinker and Amy and her nephew Danny Rinker at Eagle Peak Campground, Lancaster, PA, summer 2003.

Amy and brother Tony, Springfield, Va
Amy and brother Tony Rinker at Tony's house in Springfield, Va.  Summer of 2002.
Amy and sister-in-law
Amy and her former sister-in-law at her and brother's house in Springfield, Va.  Summer of 2002.

Walt Disney World, Orland 2003
Amy and Piglet share a kodak moment inside Orlando's Walt Disney World, Feb. 2003. Amy visited her fathers grave for the first time since his death 10 years before.
Walt Disney World 2003
I had another picture session with Piglet's com-padre, I think this is Tigger.  Of course it is.
Halloween 2009 - Firday Night Darkness - Stearns, Kentucky on the Haunted Hollow Express

Memories for my wife Amy. The Rinker Movie - 1976 - Leaving Washington, D.C. traveling down the Intercostal Waterway to Miami, Florida.

Amy and I traveled up North to the Big South Fork for our vacation and camped for a Haunting in the Hills, story telling event.

Amy's Reno Wedding 1987 and some family
Halloween 2006
Amy's Cancer 2008
A 2008 Train Ridge on the New River, Scott County, Tennessee and House Pictures Fall 2008
Christmas 2006
Amy and Joe 2005 Bar Harbor, Maine
More Recent pictures of Amy Marie. Christmas 2005.
Danny Rinker's 2007 Birthday Party
Danny Rinker's 2008 Birthday Party
More 2008 Summer pictures from Steve Rinker
Spring 2009 Amy and Joe's House
Christmas 2005 Rinker family pictures sent to Joe and Amy.
And Some That I Forgot
Star Trek Las Vegas Hilton
Some of Amy's Inventions

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