Descendants of George Wiley Anderson


(1) George Wiley1 Anderson was born about 1800 at Greenville, SC, USA, and married Sarah Sallie Lawson who was born in 1798 at VA, USA. George Wiley died about 1864 at Ga. Sarah LAWSON died in 1886 in Christian Co., MO. Sarah Sallie was married to Jacob Roller.

According to family tradition George Wiley Anderson was hanged in Georgia accused of being a Union spy.

Dates for Sarah "Sallie" Lawson birth and death are from gravemarker in Christian County, Missouri

His father was John Anderson. His siblings were William, Thomas, Ewin, Robert, Mary Jane and David Quinton. His father died in 1837.

Yet another researcher has another database which lists this family as not being the lineage of George Wiley Anderson. It can be seen HERE.

There was an earlier marriage of a Billingsley to Zubudee Anderson that would have put him about the age to be a parent or ancestor of George Wiley might be a good idea to check into this.
Andersons living in Hancock TN on the 1850 census:
C.H. Anderson

A couple of Rootsweb databases lists George Wiley Anderson as the son of a John
 Anderson and Mary Terry.  It is possible that George Wiley Anderson is part of this family:
In the Genealogies of Families Descended from S. C. Revolutionary Soldiers.
  John Anderson who marries Mary Terry is listed as the son of James Anderson,
 who filed a Revolutionary claim in Camden Dist. later Chester.  James Anderson
 died 28 Oct 1807 and married Nancy Ewing and had nine children.   John 
Anderson (b.1784  d. 1837) and Mary Terry, identified as the daughter of Thomas
 Terry, have ten children that I'm listing here.
Anna Gibson Anderson m. Hewlett Chapman
William Anderson (of Alabama)
James Anderson (of Fairview, Greenville, SC) m. Rachel Stenhouse
Thomas Anderson m. Carrie Gray of Woodruff, SC
John Anderson m. Sara Blakely
Ewing Anderson d. 1842
George Anderson m. Nancy N. Nesbitt
Robert Anderson   (unmarried)
David Quentin m. Parnecia Griffith.
Ervin. Genealogies of Families Descended from S. C. Revolutionary Soldiers. p. 124]

+ 2 i Epperson George2 Anderson was born on 25 Nov 1822.
+ 3 ii Mary Polly Anderson was born in 1824.
+ 4 iii Louisa Anderson was born in 1825.
+ 5 iv Winney Anderson was born on 15 Feb 1829.
6 v Rebecca A. Anderson was born in 1830 at Ga.


(2) Epperson George2 Anderson, (George1) was born 25 Nov 1822 at Hawkins Co., Tn, USA, and married Sallie Bledsoe who was born about 1830 at Scott Co., Va. Epperson George died on 24 May 1912 at Hancock Co., Tn.
This is from the 1850 Scott Co. Virginia Census. Family 1365.

He also married Martha Benton who was born about 1830 at Scott Co., Va.

He also married on 13 Dec 1845 at Scott Co., Va, Mary Polly Robinette, daughter of Zachariah Robinette and Elizabeth Fletcher, who was born 27 Aug 1828 at Scott Co., Virginia, USA. Mary Polly died on 31 Aug 1887 at Hancock Co., Tn.
+ 7 i Hiram Payne3 Anderson was born on 14 Feb 1847.
8 ii Rebecca Anderson was born in 1849 at Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and on 3 Feb 1868 at Scott Co., Va, married Hiram Payne Roller, son of George W. Roller and Leliah Powers, who was born in 1843 at Scott Co., Va, USA.
9 iii Milam Anderson was born in 1860 at Scott Co., Va, and in 1884 at Scott Co., Va, married Martha Lewis who was born about 1860 at Scott Co., Va. Milam died at Texas.
10 iv Martha J. Anderson was born in 1864 at Scott Co., Va, and on 28 Aug 1883 at Scott Co., Va, married A. H. Carter who was born about 1864 at Scott Co., Va.
11 v William Willie Anderson was born in 1866 at Ky. William Willie died on 27 Dec 1888 at Scott Co., Va and was buried at Jennings Cem.
12 vi Nancy Victoria Anderson was born 16 Apr 1868 at Ky, and on 27 Dec 1888 at Scott Co., Va, married Abraham R. Jennings who was born 4 May 1864 at Va. Nancy Victoria died on 19 Jul 1931.
13 vii Mary C. Anderson was born in 1870 at Scott Co., Va.
+ 14 viii Mollie Anderson was born in Nov 1872.

(3) Mary Polly2 Anderson, (George1) was born in 1824 at Ga, USA, and in 1847 at Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA, married Hiram E. Payne, son of Enoch Payne and Sarah England, who was born in 1824 at Of Scott Co., Scott Co., Virginia, USA. Hiram E. died in Aug 1865 at Blackwater, Lee Co., Virginia, USA. Hiram E. was married to Keziah Bloomer.

Hiram E. Payne was son of Enoch Payne & Sarah England. Hiram married 1st in Hawkins Co. TN to Mary Anderson, d/o Wyle Anderson & Sally Lawson. They had 10 children of which two died in infancy in Scott Co., VA. They went to MO and were there on 1860 Census with 7 children, Sarah the youngest was one year old & Anderson G. was the oldest. They had another daughter born after 1860 census named Mary Ann. She married D. A. Neal and in Claiborne Co. TN in 1880 and here sister Sarah, also was there, unmarried when they sold 1/9 the part of their deceased fathers land in Scott Co., VA to their brther Enoch Payne. Anderson G. (A.G.) Payne was also in Claiborne Co., TN on the 1870 Census. He married Elizabeth Day. His father (Hiram E. Payne) was killed in Scott Co., VA, August 1865, by horse theives, bushwhackers. Anderson was shot in knee and crippled for life, and my Great Grandfather, who was 1st cousin to Hiram E. Payne, Hiram England Sr., bearly escaped getting kille also. Hiram E. Paynes 1st wife died in MO, he cam back to his farm in Scott Co. & married December 2, 1863 to Kisirie Bloomer, d/o Nehemiah Bloomer & Mary Bledsoe. She gave birth in January 1866 to Hiram P. Payne. She later married (Hiram E. killed in August 1865) Martin Gilliam & had 3 boys & a daughter by Gilliam & died in Scott Co., VA. James Payne, another son of Hiram E., was in Claiborne Co., TN in 1870 with A. G. Payne, he married in Scott Co, VA, 1872, to Sarah Roller, d/o, George W. Roller & Leliah Powers, in 1900. Sarah Roller Payne's two daughters Rosa & Lizzie Payne of Claiborne Co., TN sold their share of deceased mother, in her deceased fathers George Rollers lands, in Scott Co., VA to Epson G. Anderson. He was a brother to Mary Anderson Payne that married Hiram E. Payne. This land was near Fairview, VA.

12-141 22 Apr 1857, Hiram E. & Mary Payne sells to William Church 3 hundred acres, north side Clinch River near Sinking Spring & Run with River by Claiborne Neeleys. (Sold this and went to Mo. where Mary died he came back to land father gave him and got killed.)

Scott Co., Va Deed Book 5, page 330. Praise Bill of Hiram Payne estate. 13 Feb 1866 included 4 lots of Books. signed by Thomas B. Wolfe, James Tyree and George W. Powers.

According to Eula Mae McNutt after Hiram E. Payne died and his son, Anderson needed some money and wanted to sell his part so there had to be some surveying done to determine what was A. Y. Clinks and Mary Polly Payne Clicks and what was Hiram E's lands. This surveying business & Court Case is on file in Scott Co. Va. Of course it once all belonged to Old Enoch Payne.
+ 15 i Anderson G.3 Payne was born in 1848.
16 ii Enoch Payne was born in 1849 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, and married Lou M. who was born at Scott Co., Virginia, USA.
Deed Book 39 pg. 408, 17 May 1900 Scott Co. Va Enoch Payne & Lou M. His wife fo Wash Co. Va to George Lawson of Scott Co. for one thousand dollars sells 75 acres more or less. (Hiram E. Paynes land 1/2 of 150 acres; Lawson heirs still owns land.)
+ 17 iii Jacob C. Payne was born on 27 Jun 1851.
+ 18 iv James M. Payne was born in 1852.
19 v William Payne was born in 1853 at Scott Co., Va.
Evidently this William Payne was the Willaim Payne who gave land for Milligan College. Wonder who his wife and kids are. Said to have 12 children.
+ 20 vi Elias Payne was born in 1855.
21 vii Sarah E. Payne was born in 1860 at Missouri, USA.
Book 39 page 238 Scott Co., Aug 10, 1880. Sarah Payne 1st part & Enoch Payne 2nd part, paid Sarah a hundred dollars for her 9th part of land in Scott Co., Va, it being old homestead of Hiram E. Payne. Joins Hiram Church, A.Y. Click & others. S. E. Payne
Claiborne Co. TN Thomas W. Stone
22 viii Mary Ann Payne was born in 1861 at Claiborne Co., Tn, and married Derias A. Neal, son of Robert Neal and Cornelia Rose, who was born about 1850 at Claiborne Co., Tn.
The follwoing is a note from Eula Mae McNutt and contains some references to Mary Ann Payne.
Mary Ann visited Cousin John Parker Payne in MO. Payne brothers came from England and settlein in MO becasue very wealth - Great Grandmother was Scotch.
Grandpa's grandmother was a Parker.
From Auut Mary Ann's letter to Hassie Payne Cook. "I said my mother's name was Parker I mean my Grandmother. My mother's name was Anderson. My mother's sister taken. we children in with her after Fathers death. She married a man by the name of Begley. You have heard William (Aunt Mary's brother, Hassie's father) speak of them and Uncle Epps Anderson". ----------------------------------------------------------------- August 10, 1881 Mary Ann Neal & D. A. Neal to Enoch Payne for hundred dollars 9th part in old homestead of Hiram E. Payne in Scott Co., Va.
Claiborne Co., Tn Wit A. G. Payne O. H. Cunningham ---------------------------------------------
In the book Old Time Tazewell Mary Hansard says on page 20 that Derias Neal, the oldest son of Cornelia Rose and Robert Neal of Powell Valley, married a daughter of Andrew Paynes, and lived a few years and died. He was a consistent member of the Baptist Church at Springdale.
There is no doubt that this is Mary Payne, sister of Anderson Payne, daughter of Hiram. Eula Mae McNutt said that Mary Payne married D.A. Neal. Evidently Mary Hansard has confused the parents as Mary had come to Claiborne Co. to live with Anderson after their father was killed in Virginia. I am not sure if Mary and Derias Neal had children.

(4) Louisa2 Anderson, (George1) was born in 1825 at Ga., and on 15 Jan 1846 at Scott Co., Va, married John A. Forgy, son of Archibald J. Forgy and Eleanor Roller, who was born in 1820 at Scott Co., Va. Louisa died after 1870 and was buried in 1870 at Rockcastle Co., KY Census: Distr, dwelling 170. John A. died before 1870.
+ 23 i Andrew J3 Forgy was born in 1846.
24 ii Jahue John Forgey was born in 1849 at Scott Co., Va.
+ 25 iii Jacob Forgy was born in 1849.
26 iv Hiram Payne Forgey was born in 1850 at Scott Co., Va.
27 v Mack Forgy was born in 1851 at Scott Co., Va.
28 vi F. Vermont Forgy was born 5 Dec 1853 at Scott Co., Va.
29 vii Sarah Forgy was born in 1854 at Scott Co., Va.
30 viii Eleanor Forgy was born in 1856 at Scott Co., Va.
+ 31 ix Epson G Forgy was born on 19 Aug 1859.
32 x Catherine Forgy was born 12 May 1861 at Scott Co., Va.

(5) Winney2 Anderson, (George1) was born 15 Feb 1829 at Ga, and on 22 Dec 1852 at Scott Co., Va, married Calaway Adam Rogers, son of Jesse Rogers and Loucinda Rice, who was born 7 May 1829 at Scott Co., Va. Winney died on 6 Dec 1881 at Douglas Co., MO. Calaway Adam died on 26 Jan 1910 at Douglas Co., MO. Calaway Adam was married to Addie S. Hurst.

Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for your reponse to my message on the Rogers family. We're delighted to have the information. Jesse was my husband's great-great grandfather.

We have Callaway Rogers' family Bible. I thought you might be interested in having the information it contains. Although the pages are faded and torn, we were able to read the following. Spelling is as shown in Bible. The info in ( ) is mine.

Births - Jessee Rogers, father of Calaway Rogers was bourned Aprile the 24th 1801. - Lousinda Rogers, Mother of Calaway Rogers was bourned Sept the 22d 1800. - Calaway Rogers son of Jesse Rogers & Lusynda Rogers was bornd May the 7 day 1829. - Winny Anderson, daughter of Wiley Anderson & Sary Anderson was bornd february the 15th day 1829. - Rebecca A. Rogers, daughter of Callaway and Winny Rogers was bornd March the 28th day _____ (1854) - Hiram J. Rogers, son of Calaway Rogers & Winny ws bornd June the 22nd day 1855. - Malinda An Rogers, daughter of Calaway & Winny Rogers was bornd April ______ (1856) - Lewanna Rogers, daughter of Calaway ____________. (28 Jul 1857) - Winny Rogers was bornd July the 19th day 1859. - Sary Francis, Daughter of C. & Winny Rogers was bornd May the 2nd day 1858. - James Monroe Rogers, son of Calaway & Winny Rogers was bournd Jan the 11th day 1860. - Manda Elysabeth Rogers, Daughter of Calaway & Winny Rogers was bournd March the 18th day 1861. - Manerva Jane, daughter of C. & Winny Rogers was bournd Jan 15 1863. - Mary Sherman Rogers, Daughter of C & Winney Rogers ws borned Feb the 20th _______ (1865). - Elitha Arminda Rogers was bournd February the 11 _____ (1867) - William McMullan Rogers was borned Apr the 5th (1870) - Malinda Jane Casey, grandaughter of Calaway & Winney Rogers was borned on the 8 day of ______ 1876(might be 1875) - Rebecca Elisabath Sally(Tally?), grandaughter of Calaway & Winney Rogers was borned on Sept the 3 day 1875.

Deaths - Lousinda Rogers, Mother of Calaway Rogers departed this life August the 8th 1874, aged 73 years 11 mo 8(?) dayes. - Jessee Rogers, Father of Calaway Rogers deceased Nov the 14 day 1874, aged 73 years, six months and twenty-six days. - Hiram J. Rogers, son of Calloway & Winny Rogers deceased June the 22nd day 1855. - Lewanna Rogers, Daughter of Calaway & Winny Rogers deceased July the 28 1857. - Sary Francis Rogers, Daughter of C. & Winny Rogers deceased Sept the 2nd day 1858 - James Monroe Rogers, son of Calaway & Winny Rogers deceased Feb the 10 1860. - Elitha Arminda Rogers deceased Apr the 14th day 1868. - Winnie Rogers, wife of Callaway Rogers deceased Dec the 6th day 1881. - Callaway Rogers deceased Jan 26 1910.

Marriages - Calloway Rogers & Winny Anderson was married December the 22 day 1852. - Rebecca An Rogers & Benjamine Franklin Kasey was married Apr ____ 1874. - Amanda E. Rogers & Jacob Huffman was married the 12th day Aug 1880. - Manerva J. Rogers & George D. Hale was married July the 31st 1881. - Calaway Rogers & Addie S. Hierst(Hunt?) was married Feby the 31st 1882.

We have further information on descendants of William McMullan Rogers, who was my mother-in-law's father.

Glad to know the correct name of Jesse Rogers' wife. I had found a marriage in Maury Co TN for a Jesse Rogers and Lucinda Akin on 17 May 1827. Everything seemed to fit except the county, so I knew it was "iffy." Glad to know Lucinda's name was Rice. Do you know when and where they were married? Do you know anything about her family? Do you have any idea who Jesse's parents were? Someone told me they thought he might descend from Doswell Rogers b. 1736 Lunenberg Co VA.

Thanks again for the help,

Dottie & Bill Elliott in Tulsa OK
Subj: Rogers SW VA & TN
Date: 3/31/2002 9:43:42
From: (GEN-PICS)

I am trying to go thru stacks of papers and file everything. I know that we have sent e-mails several times, but I have forgotten just which Rogers line you descend from. The last time you wrote you were trying to get your database going again.
I think I had asked you if you had any data on the John Rogers who lived in Scott Co., but seemed to be isolated from the other Rogers group who lived around the Clinch River. We have been making progress and now think that James Rogers, who had sons and grandsons named Thuman and Moses, is the son of old Doswell b. 1736. He appears to be the James who signed the deposition of 1811/1812 with old Doswell and Thomas. He later owns land once granted to old Doswell.
Anyway, if you wouldn't mind telling me again where you come from, I promise to write it down in a save place this time. LOL

33 i Rebecca A.3 Rogers was born 28 Mar 1854 at Scott Co., Va, and in Apr 1874, married Benjamin Franklin Casey who was born about 1850 at Va.
34 ii Hiram J. Rogers was born 22 Jun 1855 at Scott Co., Va. Hiram J. died on 22 Jun 1855 at Scott Co., Va.
35 iii Malinda A. Rogers was born in Apr 1856 at Scott Co., Va.
36 iv Lewanna Rogers was born 28 Jul 1857 at Scott Co., Va. Lewanna died on 28 Jul 1857 at Scott Co., Va.
37 v Sarah Francis Rogers was born 2 May 1858 at Scott Co., Va. Sarah Francis died on 2 Sep 1858 at Scott Co., Va.
38 vi Winny Rogers was born 19 Jul 1859 at Scott Co., Va.
39 vii James Monroe Rogers was born 11 Jan 1860 at Scott Co., Va. James Monroe died on 10 Feb 1860 at Scott Co., Va.
40 viii Amanda Elizabeth Rogers was born 18 Mar 1861 at Scott Co., Va, and on 12 Aug 1880, married Jacob Huffman who was born about 1860 at Va.
41 ix Manerva Jane Rogers was born 15 Jan 1863 at Scott Co., Va, and on 31 Jul 1881, married George D. Hale who was born about 1860.
42 x Mary Sherman Rogers was born 20 Feb 1865 at Sparta, Christian Co., MO.
43 xi Elitha Arminda Rogers was born 11 Feb 1867 at Sparta, Christian Co., MO. Elitha Arminda died on 14 Apr 1868 at Christian Co., MO.
44 xii William McMullan Rogers was born 5 Apr 1870 at Sparta, Christian Co., MO.


(7) Hiram Payne3 Anderson, (Epperson2, George1) was born 14 Feb 1847 at Hawkins Co., Tn, USA, and on 26 Aug 1868 at Scott Co., Va, married Mary Jane Bloomer, daughter of William Bloomer and Elizabeth Lewis, who was born 13 Oct 1853 at Scott Co., Va. Hiram Payne died in 1943 at Ozark, MO. Mary Jane died on 4 Sep 1937 at Oldfield, MO.
45 i James4 Anderson was born 5 Nov 1871 at Scott Co., Va, and married Amanda Page who was born about 1870 at Scott Co., Va.
46 ii Harvey Anderson was born 27 Nov 1874 at Scott Co., Va.
47 iii Alice Anderson was born 4 Jan 1876 at Scott Co., Va, and married John Monger who was born about 1875 at Bell Co., Ky.
48 iv Elizabeth Anderson was born 2 Jan 1877 at Scott Co., Va, and married Alonzo Hawkins who was born about 1875.
49 v Parkey Anderson was born 11 Mar 1879 at MO.
50 vi Cora Anderson was born 24 Jan 1881 at MO, and married Joe Monger who was born about 1880 at Bell Co., Ky.
51 vii Virginia Anderson was born 22 Feb 1883 at Scott Co., Va.
52 viii Charlie Anderson was born 10 Apr 1885 at MO, and married Beatrice Johnson who was born about 1885.
53 ix Epperson Anderson was born 22 Apr 1887 at MO.
54 x Marie Anderson was born 18 Oct 1889 at MO, and married Ernest Woods who was born about 1890.
55 xi Wade Anderson was born 2 Oct 1891 at MO, and married Effie Campbell who was born about 1890.
56 xii Barbara Anderson was born 7 Oct 1893 at MO, and married Hobart Thompson who was born about 1893.
+ 57 xiii Hiram Payne Anderson was born on 11 Feb 1897.

ROOTSWEB DATABASE Gussie (Anderson) Haguewood account of her Grandfather.

(14) Mollie3 Anderson, (Epperson2, George1) was born in Nov 1872 at Scott Co., Va, and married Edens who was born about 1870 at Scott Co., Va.

Subj: Lyon and Edens
Date: 98-04-02 19:16:42 EST
From: (Brenda Edens Wano)

Hi Joe, I found your site quite some time ago, at the beginning of the year. I took some info from your report regarding the story of the bushwhacker tha attacked Williaim Lyon and Hiram England. Alot of your family names are connected with mine. My ggggrandfather was Isom or Isham Edens, the Edens whose home that Hiram went to in Dry Valley. Now as to his son's name "David" I find no record of Isham having a son named David, but he did have a son named Daniel that was married to Lavicie Ellen Lyon. I'm pretty sure it was Daniel and not David. I was hoping you might have more info on Isham and his wife Martha Begley. Also on Lavicie Ellen Lyon and the rest of her family. If you records are correct in that Isham had a son named David married to a Lucille Ellen Lyon, could you reference your source for me.
58 i Isom4 Edens was born in Dec 1891 at Hancock Co., Tn.
59 ii Willie Edens was born in Mar 1893 at Hancock Co., Tn.

She also married William Henderson Herron who was born about 1870 at Scott Co., Va.

(23) Andrew J3 Forgy, (Louisa2 Anderson, George1) was born in 1846 at Scott Co., Va, and married Gilla ? who was born about 1873 at Va.
91 i Vermont4 Forgy was born about 1872 at Ky.
92 ii John Forgy was born about 1875 at Ky.
93 iii Sallie Forgy was born about 1878 at Ky.
94 iv Mary Forgy was born in 1880 at Ky.

(25) Jacob3 Forgy, (Louisa2 Anderson, George1) was born in 1849 at Scott Co., Va, and married Amanda ?.
95 i Riley4 Forgy was born in Oct 1881 at MO.
96 ii Marion R Forgy was born in May 1886 at MO.
97 iii Ora G Forgy was born in Oct 1894 at MO.

(31) Epson G3 Forgy, (Louisa2 Anderson, George1) was born 19 Aug 1859 at Scott Co., Va, and in Oct 1883 at Christian Co., MO, married Ellen Bloomer, daughter of James Bloomer and Eve Forgy, who was born 26 May 1859 at Scott Co., Va.
98 i Willie m4 Forgy was born in Jul 1886 at MO.
99 ii Ethel E Forgy was born in Oct 1891 at MO.
100 iii Georgia m Forgy was born in Oct 1898 at MO.
101 iv Eddie E Forgy was born 15 Sep 1899 at MO. Eddie E died in Apr 1979.
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with F, Date of Import: Apr 21, 1996, Internal Ref. #]
Individual: Forgy, Edward Birth date: Sep 15, 1899 Death date: Apr 1979 Social Security #: 169-10-3194 Last residence: CA 93111 State of issue: PA


(57) Hiram Payne4 Anderson, (Hiram3, Epperson2, George1) was born 11 Feb 1897 at MO, and married Blanche Merritt who was born about 1900. Hiram Payne died on 16 Dec 1971 at Springfield, MO and was buried at National Cem.

He also married Beulah Bilyeau who was born about 1905.
102 i Charline5 Anderson was born about 1830, and married Higgins.

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