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Joseph Blackmore and his wife Anne of Lancaster Co left sometime after 1760 and was found next in Montgomery Co., Va. Plott Book "A" Pg 77
Surveyed for Joseph Blackmore seventy five acres in Fincastle County, lying on the North side of Clinch River (agreeable to an order of Council of 16 Dec. 1773) and part of the Loyal Company Grant.... Surveyed 24 March 1774.

The above mentioned tract of land surveyed for Joseph Blackmore  fell within the boundary of Washington County when that county was erected, later this are became part of Scott County, Va in 1814.

Survey Book No. 1, Page 142, Washington County
We the Commissioners of the District of Washington and Montgomery Counties do Certify that Joseph Blackamore heir at law to Edward Blackamore, dec'd, is entitled to four hundred acres of land lying in Washington county on the South side of Clynch bounded by the River hills, and adjoining Samuel Ritchy to include his improvement he having proved to the Court that he was entitled to the same by actual settlement made in the year 1773.
As witness our hands this 21st day of Augst 1781.
Jos. Cabell
Harry Innus
R. Cabell     
                             Teste James Reed

Joseph Blackmore obtained additional land and resided on his original land, which fell within the boundary of Russell County when the new county was established, 1786.

Extract from the Francis Asbury's Journal (April 1790)
"..We rode down to Joseph Blackmore's Station; here the people have forted on the north side of Clinch. Poor Blackmore has had a son and daughter killed by the Indians... Friday, 30. Crossed Clinch about two miles below the fort. In passing along I saw the precipice from which Blackmore's unhappy son leaped into the river after receiving the stroke of a tomahawk in his head; I suppose, by the measure of my eye, it must be between fifty and sixty feet descent; his companion was shot dead upon the spot; this happened on the 6the of April 1789."

"Be it known to all to whom these presents shall come, that I Joseph Blakemore of Lee County and State of Virginia in consideration of the past services of a certain negro woman named Sarah, do herby free the said Sarah and her future increase forever, from doing any service to me my heirs executors administrators or assigns, In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 12 April 1797.
Joseph Blakemore (Seal)

Joseph Blakemore was the son of Edward Blakemore:
Edward Blackmore, the first known immigrant ancestor of this branch of the Blackmore family emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster County, Va in the beginning of the 18th Century.
He was not listed on the List of Tithables for Christ Church Parish or St. Mary's White Chappel for the years 1702, 1704, 1706, 1708, 1709, 1712, 1717, however, there is a record of him in 1714 in Lancaster County: "Judgement granted Edward Blackmore of the estate of William Rogers dec'd in the hands of Mary Rogers amorex for 770 pounds of tobacco & caskes, 12 May 1714." (Lancaster Co., Virginia Order Book, 1713-21, Page 52.) Edward Blackmore married Hannah Mitchell, young widow of George Mitchell, after April 1717, at which time George Mitchell's will was probated. The maiden name of Hannah Mitchell Blackmore was Rogers.

Will written 27 March 1738 Probated 12 May 1738 Wife Hannah Blackmore in lieu of her share of my slaves the use of negro man Peter and negro woman Aggy during her natural life. Son Thomas: negro man Jack; Daughter Sarah Blackmore: negro Frank; Daughter Hannah Blackmore: negro girl Nan; Son Edward Blackmore negro Bess and negro Woman Aggy at the death of my wife. Son John Blackmore: negro Bess: Son Joseph Blackmore: negro Gim. At wife's death negro man Peter to be sold and the money equally divided among my children as shall then be living. Son Thomas: my coopers tools. Son Edward: my long gun and my writing desk. Son John: my large oval table and the locker that stands upon my desk. Daughter Sarah: my cloathes press. Daughter Hannah: my chest of drawers. Wife: use of my two best beds during her life. Son Joseph: One bed of middle value. Rest of my estate to wife and children, share and share alike. Son Thomas Blackmore and Rawleigh Chinn Jun. Executors Witness: John Rogers Jos Ball (Lancaster County, Virginia Deeds & Wills #13 1735-43, pages 90-91)

Edward Blakemore's son Edward Bakemore II had a daughter Bridgett Blakemore who married a John Payne: Edward Blackmore died 1777.   Will of Edward Blackmore II, Parish of Christ Church, dated Dec. 1, 1771, recorded April 17, 1777.

Division of the estate of Edward Blackmore II, April 17, 1777 by Edward Blackmore III and John Payne (WBK 20-152) DIVISION: Dec. 17, 1781; recorded Feb. 21, 1782. To Bridget Payne, Edward, William, Sarah and Nancy Blackmore (WBK 20-222) Blackmore, Edward. Division Lot #2, April 27, 1777; recorded June 15, 1789. To Ann Blackmore, Sally Newton Blackmore, William Biscoe, Edward Blackmore, George Johnson, Mrs. Jemima Bristow (WBK 22-214) The evidence indicates that Jemima (Neason) Blackmore married William (Briscoe) Bristow after the death of Edward Blackmore III. Joseph Blackmore, youngest son of Edward I and Hannah, was born 1732 in Lancaster Co., Va. He is named in his fathers will. Joseph was married to Anne Sanders, daughter of John Sanders.

Another Blakemore and Payne marriage was that of Elizabeth Payne and John Blakemore, Jr. born Nov. 25, 1765 in Amherst Co., Va. John was the son of Capt. John Blakemore and Ann Tomlin of Lancaster Co., who was a brother to the Edward Blakemore II above. This means that Elizabeth Payne and John Payne married Blakemore 1st cousins. Bridgett Blakemore born ca. 1750 and John Blakemore, Jr. born 1765. This is the same family that formed "Blakemore's Fort" on the Clinch River in what was to become Scott Co., Va.  There was a man named PAYNE
killed by Cherokee Indians on an excurtion to the Cumberland Platau in 1772 near Lookout  Mountain.

This family also connects to the DALE family (a line added to my mothers lineage) as Edward Blakemore I was married to Hannah Rogers daughter of William Rogers of Old Rappahannock Co., VA and Elizabeth Dale Rogers. Elizabeth Dale was the daughter of either Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipworth or Reuben Dale and Elizabeth Simmons. I am including this because of the connection of the Payne family from early Virginia history (1730-1750) and the later (1790-1805) time period. The early Payne history that is refered to in this early Blackmore history is well researched and can be traced back to the mid 1600's. It would be nice to connect this John and Elizabeth to my Reuben Payne born ca. 1750. It may be that he was a cousin that came from England after the (contest?) Revolutionary War.

If you are a Blackmore researcher or interested in the history of this area you must see these notes on Notes on the History of Scott Co., Va.
I have found much similarities in the BLACKMORE and the BLACKBURN families both living in the Watauga Settlement during it's formation. I also find my Reuben PAYNE closely associated with the BLACKBURN family.

Lineage of the Blackmore family.                          Lineage of the Blackburn family.

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