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(1) William ENGLAND was born about 1725, and married spouse (many say it was Elizabeth Lee). He removed to Goochland County and bought 400 acres of land on the James River from William Swanson for which he paid 100 pounds. The deed was made 18 Oct. 1762. According to this deed William was said "to be of Hanover County, Virginia". He died Goochland Co.Va in 1768.
His will dated 15 Jan.1768,probated 15 Aug.1768,left 133 acres of land to his son John in 1768) willed "1/2 of the tract I now live on to his son William and the other 112 to his son David.
John was named executor of his will. According to family legend (Ancestors, pp. 41-43) one of William's ancestors, a four-year old boy, "went onto a ship docked in English water at or near England and the ship left shore and they were so far out before they discovered the boy and would not go back so they brought him on to America and gave him the name of England, as he could not tell his name". This is legend, only; a four-year old boy would surely know his own name. Ref.: Goochland Co., Va., Deed Bk. 7, pp. 296, 297. 1762; Deed Bk. 8, pp. 510,511. 1759-1765; Goochland Co. Va., Wills Bk. 9, p. 159. 1768; Goochland Co., Va.,Court Record Bk. 11, p. 261. 1768; Goochland Co., Va., Order Bk. 11, p. 242; Douglas, The Douglas Register, pp. 16, 63, 159; Maxwell, Ancestors, pp.41-43
+ 1 William Anderson ENGLAND was born about 1725 - 1745 in Hanover Co., Va and died 1802 in Amherst Co., Va . (MY LINE)
+ 2 David England b. Goochland Co.Va. abt 1754 d. Owingsville,Montgomery Co.Ky.1801;
m.Goochland Co.Va.,12Nov.1772, Lucy Hodges dau. of John & Deborah(Lee)Hodges, b. Va 26 May 1757.

In 1789 David sold his land on the James River and removed, with his in-laws, John and Deborah Hodges, to Montgomery Co., Ky. In 1791 he removed to Bath Co., Ky. David's will was dated 19 Aug. 1801 and was probated 8 Dec. 1801. His wife, Lucy and son, John, were named executors. The names of his children were mentioned in his will. Ref.: Goochland Co., Va., Deed ~k. 15, p. 261; Federal Census, Montgomery Co., Ky., 1800; Montgomery Co., Ky., Wills Bk. A, pp. 84-87; Wulfock, Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800, p. 342; Maxwell, Ancestors, pp. 42-44.

Subj: Re: William Anderson ENGLAND, Goochland Co., Va
Date: 5/7/99 6:44:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: (georgie) To: Hi Joe, I believe that your William Anderson England is not the son of Joseph England. He actually is the son of William England who died in 1768 and who left a will in Goochland Co. VA naming sons William Anderson, John and David and daughters Susanna Sea, Mary Page, Ann Page, Sary Tibe, Eliza Paschal, Lorana Toney, Peggy England, Mary England and Susanna England. You will note two named Mary. In the Douglas Register one Mary married James Page on 16 May 1765, and the other might be Marianne England who married Jo Clements on 29 Aug 1771 and it is recorded in the Douglas Register. The children of William Anderson England and Elizabeth Faires are listed in the Douglas Register. Dolores Rutherford, a wonderful researcher, <> has done some great abstracts of the Goochland Co. records on the Page, Hodges and England families. She may still have some copies available at very nominal fees...basically her cost to print them. My line follows William's son David who married Lucy Hodges and their son Stephen England who married Anna Harper and son David England who married Margaret Higgins.
Hope this helps. Georgie

+ 3 John England m. Goochland Co. Va. 15 Dec 1768 Ann Eubanks
Issue of John ENGLAND (3) and Ann Eubanks.
      Gen. ref.: Douglas, The Douglas Register, pp. 70, 94, 99, 104, 191.
      1 Elizabeth England, b. Goochland Co., Va., 15 Dec. 1764; 
        m. Fluvanna Co., 1785, John Ford. Ref.: Fluvanna Co., Va., Marriage Register, 1781-1849.
      2 Sarah England, b. Goochland Co., Va., 23 June 1773.
      3 Dabney England, b. Goochland Co., Va., 25 Nov. 1775 (Douglas Register, p.191) 
or 3 Mar. 1776 (Douglas Register, p. 104). 4 Margaret (Called Peggy)m. Goochland Co,Va.18 Oct. 1778 Stephen Grimes
5 Mary b. pro. Hanover Co. Va. abt.1740/1750;m. Goochland 16 May 1765 James Page
On 19 Sept. 1791 James bought 62 acres of land called "The Whittle" on a branch of Lickinghole Creek, Goochland County. On the same date he purchased another portion of "The Whittle" (17 3/4 acres) from James Robards. James died intestate prior to Jan. 1797. Mary Page was appointed administratrix.
Ref.: Goochland Co., Va. Deed Bk. 16, pp. 1-3; Deed Bk. 17, p. 148; Goochland Co., Va., Court Records, Bk. 20, p. 398.
6 Susanna m. Dover Parish,Goochalnd 19 Dec. 1776,William Martin
7 Ann m. Goochland 11 Dec.1764 Will Page
8 Lory England m. Goochland 7Fe,1765 Sherwood Tony(She is called Lorena Toney
in William's will)Goochland Co.Va. Wills Bk.9p.159
9 Sara m.------Tebe(or Tibe)She is called Sary Tobe in William's will re.:Goochland
Co. Va.,Wills Bk 9,p.159
10 Elizabeth,m.-- ----Paschall Tebe (or Tibe). She is called Sary Tobe in Williams Will.
(2) William Anderson ENGLAND, (William ENGLAND) was born abt 1745
Some information taken from Church Parish Record of Rev. William
Douglas minister, Presbyterian Church, Goochland Co. Va. date 1750.
Gen. ref.: Douglas, The Douglas Register, pp. 50, 74, 77, 90, 94, 99,191. Subj: Re: England Family Date: 5/7/99 4:02:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: BARBO22001 To: JPayne5744 This is all from C. Walter England's book.I do have copies of a couple of wills which
I received from Eileen Lynch Gochanour,a geneologist who is selling her reference materials.
I have also 2 books,one on the John England and the other on Joseph. There is NO link to our
family that I can see yet. But never say never. I am ,as I said before fairly new at this geneology
but have been fortunate to have run into my family lines fairly frequently. I live in Park Ridge,Il.
near O'Hare Airport,but have not gotten down to the Springfield,Il. area where many of my family settled.
Elder Stephen England (David,William) is my line and he founded the 1st Christian Church in Sangamon Co. Il
on Elijah Brittin farm (Brittin is my direct line)Brittin Cemetary is still inexistance.
I do have a lot more from this book and also from a website(lost the address,but I think thru rootsweb,
I'll check later)and thru WFT CD #22 on which I found another relative who is linked to the family.
At this moment I seem to have the most info and just finished copying wills and some deeds.
Unfortunately the copies I was given are not real clear ,thus the copies are barely legibly.
Well enough for now,This should give you some food for thought!! Barbara
The England Book goes back 9 generations!! He married on Jan 15, 1765 in Goochland Co., Va, Elizabeth FAIRES who was born about 1745. Children: + 1 John ENGLAND was born on Apr 1, 1767. 2 Mary ENGLAND was born Jan 28, 1769 in Goochland Co., Va., and married John TATE who was born about 1769. Ref.: Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia,Vol. II,p.251. 3 Anna Anderson ENGLAND was born May 11, 1771 in Goochland Co., Va. 4 William Anderson ENGLAND,Jr. was born May 15, 1773 in Goochland Co., Va. d. Monroe Co. Ky.;Bur. there near Gamaliel; m. Amherst co. Va.,31 Jan.1799, Jane Angus,dau. of William Angus; d. Monroe co.1871,buried there. Ref.: Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, Vol. II, p. 251; Sweeney, Marriage Bonds and Other Marriages of Amherst Co., Va., 1763-1800, p. 28; Amherst Co.. Va., Marriage Register No. 1, p. 130; Barren Co., Ky., Land Grants, 1806; Family records in possession of Norma Goldsmith.
Subj:Re: William Anderson ENGLAND, Goochland Co., Va
 Date:5/7/99 5:02:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Joe, concerning the info on your web page.  I believe you are missing a 
I have William being born in 1725 and dying in 1768 just like you but 
I have a son William Anderson England, b-1745, marrying Elizabeth Fairies.
Take a look at my webpage: Scott 
Turn your speakers on if you have them.  

Charlie Scott, Louisville
PS: My grandmother was an "England" and my grandfather was a "Page." Exoxheath Page,an ancestor several generations back, witnessed William England's will. I have a copy of the will.

Subj: Englands Date: 6/3/99 5:46:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: (nathan morrice) To: Hi! I am thru Wm England--Wm Anderson England & Elizabeth Faires--Wm Anderson England & Jane Angus--Leroy England & Mary Gumm--Sarah England & Thomas Pennington--Alice Estelle England & Randolph Potter. I would be very interested in comparing info. Contact me at Thank you. Sally

5 Sarah England,(called Sally) b. Goochland co.Va. 1774;m. Amherst Co.,
Va. 6 Oct.1795 Josiah Martin
Ref.: Amherst Co., Va., Marriage Register, No. 1, p. ]03. + 6 Patty Martha ENGLAND was born on Jun 15, 1775.
Ref.: Sweeney, Marriage Bonds and Other Marriages of Amherst Co., Va.,1763-1800,p.29. 7 Elisha England, b. 1802; d. (I had that he had died in infancy, but found the hyperlinked file). 8 Jane England, b. 1802; d. in infancy. May have been a grandchild. Ref.: (for No. 7 and No. 8) Amherst Co., Va., Wills, Bk. 1761-1819. (10) John ENGLAND, (William ENGLAND, William) was born Apr 1, 1767 in Goochland Co, Va, and on Feb 22, 1786 in Amhurst Co., Va., married Mary PARSONS, daughter of John PARSONS, who was born in 1765 in Goochland Co., Va. John died on Mar 18, 1840 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA and was buried in England Cem., Scott Co., Virginia. Mary died in 1850 in Scott Co., Va and was buried in England Cem. The addition to William A. and Joseph came from the Mormon Church records. The following information is from Jack Goins, Route 2 Box 275, Rogersville, Tn. "John England was at Yorktown at the surrender of Cornwallis, and was assigned to guard the prisoners." Children: 1 Elijah ENGLAND was born about 1787 in Goochland Co., Va. 2 Anderson ENGLAND was born about 1788 in Goochland Co., Va. 3 Joseph ENGLAND was born about 1790 in Goochland Co., Va. 4 John ENGLAND was born about 1792 in Goochland Co., Va. 5 George ENGLAND was born about 1792 in Goochland Co., Va. 6 Nancy ENGLAND was born about 1795 in Goochland Co., Va, and married George GEORGE who was born about 1795 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA. George was married to Annie PAYNE. + 7 Sarah ENGLAND was born in 1796. 8 Martha ENGLAND was born in 1796 in Scott Co., Va, and in 1809 in Virginia, USA, married Williamson CARTER, son of Norris CARTER and Agnes ALLEN, who was born in 1773 in Fauquier Co., Virginia, USA. Martha died in 1870 in Scott Co., Va. Williamson died on Dec 20, 1853 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA. From Early Carters in Scott Co., Va pg 104 by Rita K. Sutton. + 9 Jane ENGLAND was born in 1799. + 10 Andrew ENGLAND was born on May 19, 1802. (23) Sarah ENGLAND, (John ENGLAND, William, William) was born in 1796 in Scott Co., Virginia, and on Aug 22, 1818 in Scott Co., Virginia, married Enoch PAYNE, son of John PAYNE and Rachael PARKER, who was born in 1796 in Washington Co., Tn. Sarah died about 1855 in Scott Co., Va. Enoch died in Mar 1863 in Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. Children: 1 Elizabeth PAYNE was born about 1812 in Scott Co., Virginia, and in 1835 in Virginia, married Elias ROLLER, son of Jacob ROLLER and Eve ZIRKLE, who was born Sep 12, 1812 in Lee Co., Virginia, USA. Elizabeth died on Dec 19, 1882 in Douglas Co., Missouri, USA. Elias died on Mar 3, 1887 in Douglas Co., Mo., USA. 2 Ann PAYNE was born in 1819 in Scott Co., Va, USA, and in 1841 in Scott Co., Va, USA, married Christian BEGLEY, son of Henry Hawkins BEGLEY and Catherine (Caty) PEARSON, who was born in 1811 in Tennessee, USA. Ann died before Nov 9, 1889 in Scott Co., Tn and was buried in Begley Cem, Scott Co., Tn. 3 Isabell PAYNE was born in 1821 in Scott Co., Virginia, and in 1836, married William (Billy) CHURCH, son of Henry C. CHURCH and Mary Olive SURGINER, who was born Aug 16, 1816 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA. Isabell died in Dec 1859 in Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA and was buried in Payne Cem, Scott Co., Virginia, USA. William (Billy) died on Aug 4, 1889 in Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA and was buried in Palmer Cem, Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. William (Billy) was married to Martha Patsy ALLEN. Visited her cemetery in July 1995 with my brother Eddie, Mildred Horton Street and Eula Mae Lyon McNutt. It is located above the old Enoch Payne house, built somewhere around 1818, across the road. It is the only marker that is recognizable but there are many field stone graves around it. It is believed that the other graves are her father and mothers and maybe brothers and sisters. The 1850 Hancock Co. Census has William Church family. There is a Jemima (Born 1828 in North Carolina) and Dunkin Deed of Conveyance from William Church to Elias Roller for 75 acres of land. Clerk fee .25, State Tax .10. Filed in office the 6th of February 1856 at 5 o'clock p.m. Registered in Book E, Page 209. J. C. Adams fee $1.00 4 William Green PAYNE was born in 1823 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and on Dec 16, 1847 in Hawkins Co., Tn, married Mary ANDERSON, daughter of Abijah ANDERSON and Jane MITCHELL, who was born Aug 20, 1829 in Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. William Green died in 1860. Mary died on Jul 24, 1915 in Coleman, Texas, USA. Mary was married to HORTON and Francis Maryon LYON. 5 Hiram E. PAYNE was born in 1824 in Of Scott Co., Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and in 1847 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA, married Mary Polly ANDERSON, daughter of George Wiley ANDERSON and Sarah Sallie LAWSON, who was born in 1824 in Ga, USA. Hiram E. died in Aug 1865 in Blackwater, Lee Co., Virginia, USA.        He also married on Dec 10, 1863 in Scott Co., Va., Keziah BLOOMER, daughter of Nehemiah BLOOMER and Mary BLEDSOE, who was born Jul 24, 1834 in Scott Co., Va.. Keziah died in Scott Co., Va. and was buried in Bloomer Cemetery, Fairview, Scott, Va.. Keziah was married to Martin GILLIAM. 6 Mary Polly PAYNE was born in 1826 in Scott Co., Virginia, and about 1849 in     Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA, married Arthur Young CLICK, son of Lewis William CLICK and Rosanna COOPER, who was born in May 1824 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA.        Mary Polly died in 1894 in Scott Co., Va. Arthur Young died on Jul 23, 1904 in Gober, Fannin Co., Texas.        A.Y. Click was the older brother of Mildred Streets gr-grandmother Horton of Horton's Ford. He also witnessed Enoch Payne's Will. 7 James PAYNE was born in 1829 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and married Mary who was born in 1822 in Tn.        There is a James W. Payne age 45 born in Va living with wife Mary age 48,        born in TN in the 1870 Hawkins Co. census.        Payne, James W. 45 500 1000 Va        Mary           48           TN 8 Henry PAYNE was born in 1835 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA. (25) Jane ENGLAND, (John ENGLAND, William, William) was born in 1799 in Scott Co., Va, and married Obediah LAWSON who was born about 1795 in Scott Co., Va. Jane died in 1861 in Scott Co., Va. Children: 1 Enoch LAWSON was born about 1840 in Scott Co., Va, and married Lucy ROLLER        who was born about 1840 in Scott Co., Va. (26) Andrew ENGLAND, (John ENGLAND, William, William) was born May 19, 1802 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and about 1824 in Hancock Co., Tn, married Catherine FISHER, daughter of Henry FISHER and Happy RIDDLE, who was born in 1803 in Hawkins Co., Tn, USA. Andrew died on May 3, 1872 in Scott Co., Virginia, USA and was buried in England Cem., Scott Co., Virginia, USA. Catherine died in Nov 1892 in Scott Co., Va. All this information is from Eula Mae Lyon McNutt who is the Great Great Granddaughter of Andrew England. Letter of Dec. 17, 1986 to Mary England. Children: 1 Ira E. ENGLAND was born in 1825 in Hawkins Co., Tn. Ira E. died in Missouri. 2 Ann ENGLAND was born in 1827 in Scott Co., Va. Ann died in Missouri. 3 Mahalia ENGLAND was born in 1829 in Scott Co., Va, and married Joel WINSTEAD        who was born in 1823 in Hancock Co., Tn. 4 Isabell Ibby ENGLAND was born Nov 9, 1831 in Scott Co., Va, and on Sep 17, 1851 in Scott Co., Va, married George S. FORGY, son of Archibald J.        FORGY and Eleanor ROLLER, who was born Oct 10, 1829 in Scott Co., Va.        Isabell Ibby died on Apr 30, 1910 in Christian Co., Missouri. George S.       died on Jun 2, 1908 in Linden, Christian Co., MO. 5 James ENGLAND was born Jun 26, 1834 in Scott Co., Va, and on Oct 15, 1856 in        Hancock Co., Tn, married Attalina FORGY, daughter of Archibald J. FORGY and        Eleanor ROLLER, who was born in 1832 in Scott Co., Va. James died on Oct 15,       1856 in Dade Co., Missouri. Attalina died in 1904 in Dade Co., MO.        Company E, 4th Tenn Inf Vol, also 1st Cav Vol (Army of the Cumberland, CSA)        Another date of death was November 5, 1891. Not sure which is right. 6 Mary ENGLAND was born Dec 5, 1836 in Scott Co., Va, and on Oct 8, 1859 in        Hancock Co., Tn, married Samuel ARRINGTON, son of Edward Atwood ARRINGTON and        Oma BOYD, who was born in 1834 in Patrick Co., Va. Mary died on Apr 13, 1907        in Hancock Co., Tn and was buried in Salling Cem, Scott Co., Va. Samuel died        on Aug 30, 1862 in Yellow Creek, Knox Co., Ky. Mary England in her statement said she had a daughter by a previous husband (unknown) named Rebecca Jane Arrington born 1858, Rebecca Jane married Robert Vaughn and they had daughters Rosa and Martha. Eula Mae Lyon McNutt said she had a very hard time but finally received a pension before death. She had a nervous breakdown at his death. Samuel Arrington died of Yellow Fever during the Civil War. 7 Hiram ENGLAND was born Feb 18, 1839 in Scott Co., Va, and on Oct 26, 1865 in        Hancock Co., Tn, married Malinda Ann ROGERS, daughter of Thomas ROGERS and Nancy        Louisa LEWIS, who was born in 1845 in Scott Co., Va. Hiram died on Mar 15, 1890        in Scott Co., Va. Malinda Ann died in 1925 in Scott Co., Va and was buried in        England Cem, Scott Co.. Hiram England served in Co. E, 1st Tn Vol. Calvary at Camp Garger Ky. Volunteered April 1, 1862, discharged 1865.
Read account of the murder of Hiram E. Payne and William Lyon and the attempt to kill Hiram England by clicking here
In June or July 1890 Malinda Ann Rogers England, 45, was listed in the Va. 1890 Special Census of Civil War veteran as being the widow of a U.S. Soldier. She lived in the Powell District of Scott Co., Va. Oct. 1, 1890 and affidavit was signed by George Moore, 40 (her sisters husband) and Jesse Rogers 30 (her brother) both of Manes (voting prescient below Fairview), Scott Co., Virginia, ins support of Malinda Rogers England's application for a pension. They said she owned about 25 acres (willed to her by Catherine Fisher England) of land worth about $200, owned one horse worth about $50, one cow worth about $15, and about 8 head of hogs worth about $15. She has no other income. Her attorney was Allen Rutherford, Washington D. C. Jan. 1, 1891 the Bureau of Pensions requested an official statement on the military service of Hiram England from the War Department in regard to a pension claim from his widow. Another request was given on Jan 21, 1891 On January 22, 1891 the Records and Pensions Division War Department reported that the rolls showed that Hiram England was enrolled April 1, 1862 and discharged August 14, 1862. After attempts to receive a pension failed the last being on Dec. 20, 1924 when a Bureau of Pensions Department of the Interior document requested a supplemental report with additional facts if any to those shown on attached reports of Hiram England. This being from the Addjatant General, War Department. She died 1925 age 80 at the old England home and is buried beside of Hiram on the hill behind her old home. She raised her children. She had one son after Hiram died, Hiram Jr. having been pregnant with him when he died. 8 Sarah Sallie ENGLAND was born in 1842 in Scott Co., Va, and married Daniel HICKMAN who        was born about 1838 in Va. 9 Elizabeth ENGLAND was born in 1844 in Scott Co., Va, and married William RICE        who was born about 1840 in Scott Co., Va. 10 Eliza ENGLAND was born in 1847 in Scott Co., Va, and married John B. MCMILLION        who was born about 1845 in Scott Co., Va. Eliza died in 1930 in Scott Co., Va        and was buried in McMillion Cem. (14) Patty Martha ENGLAND, (William ENGLAND, William) was born Jun 15, 1775 in Of, Goochland Co., Va., and on Sep 2, 1795 in Amherst Co., Virginia, married Robert EVANS SR., son of William EVANS and JOYCE, who was born in 1767 in Of, Amherst, Virginia. Patty Martha died about 1806 in Elbert Co, Georgia. Robert died on Jun 8, 1855 in Hall, Georgia. Robert was married to Mahala GRANGER. This family of Evans came from the LDS Registry and Robert of Amherst was married to Martha England. The dates matched exactly. I will see in Amherst and Goochland are one and the same. Children: 1 Elizabeth EVANS was born about 1796 in Amherst Co, Virginia. 2 Anderson (Andrew) EVANS was born about 1798 in Elbert, Georgia. Anderson (Andrew) died on Nov 3, 1823 in Hall, Georgia. 3 Joseph EVANS was born about 1800 in Elbert Co, Georgia. died on Oct 3, 1826 in Hall Co, Georgia. 4 Thomas Carter EVANS was born about 1802 in Elbert Co, Georgia. 5 Robert EVANS JR. was born in 1805 in Elbert Co, Georgia. Robert died in 1885 in Of Milton Co., Georgia. 6 Sarah EVANS was born about 1806 in Elbert Co, Georgia. Return to top Visitor Number in 1999.