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(7) Tobias2 PHILLIPS, (John1 PHILLIPS) was born Jul 12, 1687 in North Farnham, Old Rappahonnack, Virginia,
He married in 1714, Hannah GOAD who was born in Nov 1695 in North, Virginia, USA.

  1. Elizabeth3 PHILLIPS was born Nov 18, 1715 in Virginia, USA.
  2. Jane PHILLIPS was born in 1718 in Virginia, USA.
  3. Frances PHILLIPS was born on Mar 10, 1717/1718.
  4. Richard PHILLIPS was born Jan 20, 1721/1722 in North Farnham, Richmond Co., Virginia, USA.
  5. Hannah PHILLIPS was born about 1724.
  6. George PHILLIPS was born in 1725.

He also had a mistriss by the name of Margaret LAWRENCE who was born about 1709 in Wem, Shropshire County, England, and died Bef 1739 in Old Rappahannock (now Richmond) Co., VA. . Tobias died on Nov 1, 1739 in North Farnham, Richmond Co., Va.

  1. Thomas3 LAWRENCE was born about 1733 in Old Rappahonnock Co., Va, and married Lucy WAMMAC who was born about 1730. John died abt 1797 in Wilkes Co., NC.
  2.  John LAWRENCE was born about 1731 in Old Rappahonnock Co., and married CATE

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