I was sent this picture from someone who found it online.  It has a connotation that it is of an Ault man, Tazewell, Tennessee.  I have passed the picture on to my cousin Judy Watts Breckenridge who in turn passed it on to her mother Katheryn Ault Watts and they think it might be of Franklin Ault, Katheryn's father Lawrence's brother.  I showed the picture to Peggy Payne Chumley and she swears it is of her husband Bill Chumley.  If any of the Ault/Payne relatives out there think they may know which Ault man in Tazewell this might be then please email me  Joe Payne.

Possibly Frank Ault, son of Lawrence and Irene Payne Ault, married Norma Rose.

Ault Man

My brother, George "Eddie" Payne, was stationed at Camp Polk, La. Larry Ault, son of Lawrence and Irene Payne Ault was living in Lawton, Oklahoma. Here is a letter from Larry Ault to my brother regarding a trip to Shreveport, Louisiana to go to a wedding. The wedding was Patsy Payne Perkins and Ray Farmer. In the letter Larry Ault talks of the University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University football game. (below).

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