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(1) James F.1 Baker was born 2 Apr 1864 at Campbell Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 25 Feb 1891 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, married Helen Blanche Keen, daughter of Alderson Thompson Keen and Sallie Curd, who was born 25 Aug 1869 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA. James F. died on 25 Apr 1934 at Somerset, Kentucky, USA. Helen Blanche died on 16 Feb 1944 at Somerset, Kentucky, USA.

James F. Baker came to Scott Co. in the late 1800's, received his law degree April 3, 1885 at Knoxville and established his law office in Huntsville in 1888. He was owner and Editor of the Cumberland Chronicle in Huntsville.
2 i Helen Keen2 Baker was born 27 Jun 1894 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA. Helen Keen died in Jul 1904 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.
+ 3 ii James (Jamie) Washington Baker was born on 23 Mar 1898.
+ 4 iii Howard Henry Baker was born on 12 Jan 1902.
5 iv William Doisey Baker was born 26 Dec 1906 at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 14 May 1927 at Knox Co., Tennessee, USA, married Evelyn Bennett who was born 11 Aug 1908 at Knox Co., Tennessee, USA. William Doisey died on 3 Jan 1983 at Knox Co., Tennessee, USA. Evelyn died on 24 Sep 1984 at Knox Co., Tennessee, USA.

(3) James (Jamie) Washington2 Baker, (James1) was born 23 Mar 1898 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 15 Mar 1924 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, married Viola Toomey, daughter of John Toomey and Elizabeth (Bettie) Phillips, who was born 5 Jan 1898 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA. James (Jamie) Washington died on 17 Apr 1983 at Onieda, Scott Co., Tennessee, USA. Viola died on 20 Apr 1968 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.

Obituary for James W. Baker

Funeral Services Conducted for Ex-Plateau Electric Head - James W. (Jamie) Baker, 85, of Huntsville, uncle of Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, and retired manager of the Plateau Electric Cooperative, passed away in the Scott County Hospital on Sunday morning, April 17. He was the son of the late James F. Baker and the late Helen B. Keen Baker, and was also preceded in death by his first wife, Viola Baker; a sister, Helen Baker; and two brothers: Congressman Howard H. Baker and William D. Baker. Mr. Baker was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Huntsville and was a veteran of World War I. He is survived by his wife, Adrienne T. Baker; a son, James Toomey Baker of Huntsville; a daughter, Betty Vaughn of Greeneville; a step-son, Alen Harrison of Detroit, Mich.; a step-daughter, Sarah Sohmer of Honolulu, Hawaii; and two grandchildren: William Vaughn and David Vaughn. Funeral services were conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the chapel of the Scott County Funeral Home, with Rev. Roy Howard officiating. Burial followed in the Litton Cemetery in Oneida. Pallbearers were: Mark Phillips, Burt Walker, David Vaughn, William Vaughn, Alderman Keen, and Maurice Shannon. Honorary pallbearers were: Bill Phillips, Paul Phillips, Lonnie Pike, Dawson Phillips, Tom Fisher, Carl Byrd, and Bill York.

Irene Bernice (Sobodoske)Baker, George Edward Payne, Betty Phillips Payne and Paul Phillips (son of Fred and Bessie Phillips)

This is J. T. Baker's Father. I will add all pertinent data later. Jamie attended West Point and was an expert marksman.
6 i James Toomey (J.T.)3 Baker was born 12 Apr 1927 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 10 Jan 1959 at Nevada, USA, married Irene Bernice Sobodoske who was born 9 Sep 1924 at Detroit, Michigan, USA. James Toomey (J.T.) died on 15 Jan 1994 at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, USA and was buried on 17 Jan 1994 at Huntsville, Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.

This is about J. T. Baker, who again I knew well and visited as often as possible.
He passed away the weekend I created this file. It was a snowy cold day.

And as J.T. might say, "Now, I'm going to tell you a story, and if you have heard it before, don't interrupt me, cause I want to hear it again."

Many years ago, probably in the late 1960's my family had taken a weekend ski trip to Boone, N.C. My mother was enjoying a coffee outside the restaurant at the bottom of the ski slope and happened to meet the mother of Mr. Hedrick Smith, a famous writer. I found online the following Hedrick Smith's Books -> The Power Game: How Washington Works that goes into depth on President Ronald Regan's visit to Huntsville, Tennessee in 1982 to stay with his Majority Leader, Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. It explains explicitly the security measures taken by the Secret Service during his visit to rural East Tennessee, but somehow Mr. Smith failed to mention one minor detail, and an important one. The security was tested by Senator Baker's first cousin, J.T. Baker late one evening. J.T.'s house was within ear shot of Senator Baker's. J.T. had a habit of stepping out on his front porch early in the morning when the crows were making a racket and raising his 12 gauge high, firing it several times to scare the crows away. Well, it just so happened that the crows must have been especially noisy that Spring of '82 cause J.T. let loose with a barrage of shots. I understand that the Secret Service SWAT team that accompanied the President surround J.T. almost "taking him down", until Howard could explain that it was only his cousin scarring the crows. Yes, that was the story I had to hear again.

+ 7 ii Helen B. Betty Baker was born on 10 Jan 1929.

He also married on 26 Nov 1970 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, Adrienne Terry Harrison who was born about 1910 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.

(7) Helen B. Betty3 Baker, (James2, James1) was born 10 Jan 1929 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 22 Mar 1959 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, married William Ray Vaughn, son of Albert Vaughn and Estelle Coffey, who was born 20 Apr 1931 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.
8 i William Baker4 Vaughn was born 6 Aug 1960 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.
9 ii David Evan Vaughn was born 18 Jun 1963 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA.

(4) Howard Henry2 Baker, (James1) was born 12 Jan 1902 at Somerset, Kentucky, USA, and on 11 Feb 1925, married Dora Ann Ladd who was born 9 Nov 1901. Howard Henry died on 7 Jan 1964 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA. Dora Ann died on 13 Apr 1934 at Knoxville, Knox Co., Tennessee, USA. Click on the following link for more information on the n Dora Ann Ladd family of Roane County TN.
10 i Howard Henry3 Baker was born 15 Nov 1925 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and married Joy Dirksen.
+ 11 ii Mary Elizabeth Baker was born on 15 Aug 1931.

He also married on 15 Sep 1935 at Middlesboro, Bell Co., Kentucky, USA, Irene Bailey, daughter of Hagan Decatur Bailey and Cassie Free, who was born 27 Nov 1901 at Sevierville, Sevier Co., Tennessee, USA.

Howard Baker, Sr. met his wife Edith Irene Baker while she was working with the TVA Land Acquisition Office in Tazewell. During the opening of the Irene and Howard Baker Cancer Treatment Center in Harrogate, Tennessee he spoke of this exact fact. I have more regarding that Land Office HERE. Edith Irene Bailey Baker is pictured in the picture above in 1943 at the Land Acquisition Office in Chattanooga.

+ 12 iii Beverly Irene3 Baker was born on 23 Feb 1938.

(11) Mary Elizabeth3 Baker, (Howard2, James1) was born 15 Aug 1931 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and married G. Roger C. Stuart.

She also married William C. Wampler who was born about 1930.
13 i Barbara Irene4 Wampler was born 28 May 1956.
14 ii William Creed Wampler was born 9 Sep 1959.

(12) Beverly Irene3 Baker, (Howard2, James1) was born 23 Feb 1938 at Scott Co., Tennessee, USA, and on 31 Dec 1962, married Michael Patistides who was born 12 Dec 1923.
15 i Michelle Irene4 Patistides was born 25 Oct 1966.
16 ii Genia Mary Patistides was born 12 Aug 1970.

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