The Two Benjamin Clouds of Claiborne County

From: Dee Anne Lamb
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Sent: Fri, Aug 3, 2012 4:59 pm
Subject: Clouds in Claiborne County

Dear Mr. Payne - Your work on the history of Claiborne County is very interesting. My primary line of genealogical work has been on the family of Benjamin and Susannah Cloud who lived in Claiborne County in the early 1800's. Benjamin died there in 1842 and his will is on file. In 1978, I visited Claiborne County and did some work (what a beautiful place!) but did not have time to go around the County.

When I was there, it was not clear to me in what part of the County my Benjamin lived. Howard Quarter? I would love to find out and find out whether there is a cemetery there. It was sad to learn that the 1st Marriage Book for the County had been missing for many years (I keep hoping someone will find it in an attic and "turn it in). There is, of course, another Benjamin Cloud and wife Mary Chadwell Middleton Cloud who was prominent in Tazewell at the same time. They seem to be cousins.

Benjamin's son William R. Cloud is my ancestor. He married a Mary Ann ____? They moved to Marshall Co. AL where he separates from the family and moves to Texas. His wife and children go from Alabama to Webster County Missouri where they join up again with their Claiborne County kin. Benjamin's widow Susannah, his son Leander and others all go to Webster County, Missouri. They are closely related to the Evans clan in Claiborne County. I have never been able to learn the name of William R.'s wife. Some have said it is McKnight, but I think they are confusing that with one of his daughters who married a McKnight and is also named Mary.

Attached is some work that may be of interest.

If you could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Sincerely yours,
Dee Anne Lamb

  • Benjamin Cloud - 1814
  • 1819 - Benjamin Cloud
  • 1819 - Benjamin Cloud
  • Shultz/Cloud
  • Land for the first Methodist Church at Tazewell, which was a framed structure, and stood on what is now Church Street, at the far corner of the Methodist Cemetery, was deeded by Jacob Shultz, in 1825, to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, namely; Benjamin Cloud, Michael Clark, John Pearson, William Clark, William Hooper, a Mr. Cooper and a Mr. Houston. The first church was erected in that year, or very soon thereafter.





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