1961 those participating in the Beta Club initiation
and 1963 Student Council at Claiborne County High School

I apologize for mistaking the group below for a Home Econmics Class but you can see the reason.  I picked this picture up from a group of throw-aways while substituting teaching in the early 1980's.  The emails below regarding those pictured may help explain what was going on. Let me know how many of these people you recognize. I will add names later. Joe Payne



Those that I recognize are -second row, second from left, Rita Munsey, fourth from left Elizabeth Pressnell and at the end of the same row Carl Buckner- , fourth from left, Judy Cardwell and end of row Sandy Hatfield- top row, first left, top row, third from left, Dane Miracle - Ross David Whitaker - top row, fourth from left, Ralph Carter - first row, first from right, Linda Richardson - first row, second from right, Betsy McCullough - - first row, fourth from left, Becky Cunningham (More Later) - Tina Cooke has added the following - ""Helen Bundren is in the second row, last on right. Betty Manning Stone is in the second row, last on left."
Walt "Butch" Bailey has added these names:
1st row, 3rd from left -  Jane Breeding

1st row, 4th from left - Sandy Cunningham
1st row, 5th from left - Statia Sandefur (I think)
1st row, 6th from left - Betsy McCullough
2nd row, 2nd from left -Gail Simmons Duncan
2nd row, 3rd from left -Linda Whitaker
2nd row, 4th from left -Judy Cardwell
2nd row, 5th from left -Faye Pressnell
3rd row, 1st from left -Janet McNeil
I think 2nd row, 2nd from right may be Nancy Fugate but not sure.

I have some additions and corrections to the names identified as the 1961 Home Ec. class.  It was actually a picture of those participating in the Beta Club initiation that year.  The girls wore lampshades, carried light bulbs, wore pants or overalls backwards, and carried a bucket with a hand of tobacco.  The boys wore a pot or pan on their head, and carried a spatula.  I can't remember what else they had to do, but the picture shows some of them wearing a strand of beads.
Starting with the back row, left to right are:  Dane Miracle, Claude Riggs, Ross Whitaker, and Ralph Carter.
In the next row are:  Janet McNiel, Rita Munsey, Bonnie Noah, Kay McVey, Diane Harmon, and Doug Venable.
3rd row:  Betty Manning, Gail Simmons, Linda Whitaker, Judy Cardwell, Faye Pressnell, Nancy Fugate, and Helen Bundren
Front row:  Gail Davis, Irene Mullins, Jane Breeding, Sandy Cunningham, Ann Duncan, Betsy McCollough, and Georgia Mabe
That picture really brought back some memories.  Keep up the good work.
Janet McNiel Campbell


1963 Student Council Members - Left to Right Back Row - Stanley Cupp, Tommy Brooks, Bob Fannon, Joe Payne, Sam McCullough, Gary Harmon, Jimmy Loope, Lonnie Young, Jerry Beeler, Randy Jennings, Lynn Essary

Front Row - Dan Cox, Phyllis Love, Francis Coffey, Wanda Riddings, Cissy Payne, Linda Bailey, Becky Bailey and Sandy McCullough