A Claiborne County businessman was killed and robbed and 9 people were arrested for murder. The trial resulted in a Nolle prosequi verdict.

That was the last word on this case that I could find.  The defendants could not be tried again.   Joe Payne
Frank Greene's wife was Emmaline Reed, daughter of  James Reed and Mildred Manning.
Glen Tyson (Shine) is the son of Frank Lephew (b. 12-21-1893 d. 3-2-1952) and Kate Bundren, daughter of Henry Bundren (b. 11-11-1848 -  d. 8-26-1929) and Sarah Acuff.
Shine still has a brother,Lawrence 'Goat' still living and a sister, Hazel Winstead. Frank Lephew was a brother to my great papaw, Ernest Lephew.
I would love to see the article.  The Greene's were also in the family.   Frank and Ern's father and mother was James Lephew (b. 2-14-1868 - d. 8-21-1917) and Matilda Greene.
By the way,do you have the list of names that go with the kids that are in the SMS School group photos?
I had never heard of this,but then again family wasn't spoken much of in the Lephew family.
Tina Lephew Cooke - Union County Tennessee

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