Dixie Plaza Motel Burns

Dixie Plaza
Dixie Plaza
Dixie Plaza
A fire that started in the mechanical room at the Dixie Plaza Motel in Tazewell destroyed an entire 15-unit wing, early on Wednesday morning January 2007.

The Tazewell - New Tazewell Fire Department received the call at 3:31 a.m. on Wednesday and according to Fire Chief Barron Kennedy, were on the scene in about seven minutes. By then, the wing of the motel had been completely evacuated by the police department and management at the Dixie Plaza. Kennedy reported that almost every room in the 15-unit wing was occupied when the fire broke out.

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Dixie Plaza and Fred Hurst
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 4:34 PM
I was reading about Dixie Plaza burning and then you mentioned Fred Hurst rolling over in his grave! I know I am isolated and growing old but when and how did I miss this or were you just using an expression? My name is Sonja Collins and I am the daughter of Roger and Georgie Smith. Ruby Hurst was my 1st cousin and I am a patient of Fred Alan and see him at times but the death of Fred Sr. never came up nor did I see an obit. I was very sorry to hear of the damage to the motel. Sonja Collins

Hi Joe,
Thanks for writing. I couldn't swear he isn't dead but not that I know.  Fred Alan the last I heard had moved him down here to a nursing home but then another originally from Claiborne County thought he might be with Fred Alan at times (at his house). I saw Fred Alan in December but can't remember even asking about him. I need to see Fred A. soon. I have been working on some of his family lines and he has promised to get out here so we can go over the families. I may send him an e-mail tonight and also ask about his Dad. I will let you know what I find out. Fred A. is hard to catch at home! I remember Dixie Plaza so very well. I can't remember if Fred Sr. built it or not but they are the only ones I remember there when I was young. My husband thinks Fred Sr. built Dixie Plaza? I am 10 years older than Fred Alan so when we visited off and on Fred and Gwen were still very young. I have been away from Claiborne County for so many years it is hard to keep up with everyone there (I need to visit more often).