Sometimes it is great to get emails from interested individuals who actually find helpful information on my site and respond with updates such as the email chain I received. 
I will add some notations along with the pictures.

From: Rodney Reece <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2018 1:49 PM
Subject: Re: The old Reece home place


Joe, I'm not sure if the home is still in the Reece family . I'm am trying to check that out but it has been well taken care of. I have found some of the Reece family cemeteries close to the area where the house is located and taken pictures. I have located and spoke with one of Blufe Reece's son's about gaining some more info in the future and look forward to that. Please use the photo in comparison to the old Photo you have. I tried to match the photo angle to the old photo as close as I could. I look forward to exchanging more information with you in the future and hope you get to doing better soon.      Best Regards, Rodney Reece

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Yes, this in comparison to the older picture is quite remarkable.   Is the house still in the Reece family?   Sadly many of my own family houses have either burned (my grandfather) or have deteriorated beyond repair.  


I have been having some neurological issues lately and am hopeful when I feel better can put my site back online.   I downloaded it all and it would be no problem to ftp it back up.   I pay just about $15 a month for the space on Yahoo Business and have never received anything for keeping it going, so I will make a decision sometime this summer as to what to do with it.


In the meantime thank you for the information and hope if I do decide to continue the site, would like to place the picture along with the other of your family homeplace online.


Take care,


Joe Payne


From: Rodney Reece <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2018 10:07 PM
Subject: The old Reece home place


I believe this is the house you were looking for when I was last on your site. I have tried to access it lately but I am notified it is down for repairs. I have just recently found it's location off of Big Sycamore in Tazewell TN.

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This is a picture of the home of Josephine Farmer Reece and Hiram Reece, Jr. They are making molasses. The woman stirring the molasses is Rosa Reece Clement. I do not know the location of the Reece home. In one of the Claiborne County books there is a photo of Howerton School which it says is in Howard’s Quarter on Big Sycamore Road. Josephine’s son, Bluford is a child in the photo so I expect they lived in that area.  Pictures from Ann Doege (2007)



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