Subj: Re: Historical Question
Date: 5/2/2002 4:13:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Joan McCrary)
CC: (Cari Jo Polidan)

Ms. Polidan works with me and I asked her to help research this. My husband is from Cumberland Gap and we have the church bell from Providence Baptist Church. It was reportedly blown down in the tornado of March 15,1933. We now are trying to find some history of the church, as to when it was estalished, etc. If you can help it would be wonderful. My husband left there when he was seven years old and his parents passed away approximately 4 years ago. Please advise asap. We haven't had good luck with websites. The church is located in what has been known as Powell's Valley, on old Hwy 63, between Harrogate and LaFollette. Thank you very much. Joan McCrary
>>> 04/30/02 04:28PM >>> Ms. Polidan,

Sorry but a quick run through of the history books I have produced nothing regarding that event.
I would like to post your query to several of the email genealogical and historical groups online though. There may be someone that can help you. I will ask that they respond to you but copy me with any emails. That would be something I would like to know also.
What is your connection with the Providence Baptist Church?

Joe Payne
Knoxville, TN

Joan E. McCrary, CMC,AAE
Township Clerk
248-625-5111,ext.203 UPDATE: Thursday, May 23, 2002 5:24 PM

Thank you, yes. I found that it occured on March l4,l933 in the Powell Valley area. The steeple and bell were blown away and the bell was recovered by a close relative, Jess McCrary. We have restored it and are having a plaque made for it with the date of the tornado and the establishment of Providence Baptist Church. We obtained the record from the Southern Baptist Church organization archives. Thanks for your interest.

UPDATE!!!Below is a picture of the Pruden Tornado which occured on March 14, 1933. I am of the opinion that the bell has been returned in honor of the victims of that disaster but am going to leave this information online so that others can benefit knowing that the internet can be an outstanding source for locating and advertising. Thank you. Joe Payne, New Tazewell, TN. March 27, 2005.