Found this advertisement on EBAY and tried locating the owner of the Meteorite to find out where he came across this piece. Does anyone know the location or who found this Meteorite? It must have been in the Goin or Clouds area of Claiborne County. Joe Payne

This iron meteorite was ploughed up 10 miles West of Tazewell, Tennessee, back in in 1853. It is a finest Octahedrite with a bandwith of only 0.045mm, and is grouped with the IIICD iron meteorites.

Offered here is a thin 7.49 gram slice, polished and etched on one side to bring out the unusual, striking Widmanstštten pattern of this iron meteorite. There is outer oxide crust along two sides of the triangular slice. Although some specks of rust are visible, the speciemn has been stable over many years in my collection, without any special treatment. Add this rare iron to your collection today!

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