1. Double circle denotes unity
  2. Triangle represents the tri-state area
  3. Cedar trees - wood products, furniture, etc.
  4. Silo and steer - beef and meat industry
  5. Tobacco - farmers cash crop
  6. Fish - Norris Lake and recreation
  7. Coon Skin Cap and Long Rifle - historic Cumberland Gap and surrounding territory
  8. Smoke Stacks - factories
  9. Logo for clothing manufactures (square with two triangles)
  10. Scrolls and books for Lincoln Memorial University, Education and Library, professionals, Dr., etc.
  11. Arrow heads for artifacts found here
  12. Railroad tracks for connecting our ties to other states

          WHEREAS, it has been an ancient custom that official Seals be inscribed with designs, symbolic or appropriate for the organization it represents,  and
          WHEREAS, Claiborne County has never had such a Seal, and should have such a seal, depicting the things for which our County is most noted and which we are proud of,  and
          WHEREAS, such a seal has been designed by Andrea "Cissy" Jennings, born in Galatin County, Ky.  The Seal will be ingraved with designs emblematic of Agriculture, Cattle and Tobacco;  Industry; Education; Recreation, fishing and Coal Mining,   now
          THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by this Claiborne County Commission, meeting on this 18th day of October  1985, did approve an Official Seal for Claiborne County, designed by Andra "Cissy" Jennings and that in the future that all Official Seals will bear the emblem so designed by Mrs. Jennings,   and
          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in appreciation for her work in designing the Seal that the Clerk send Mrs. Jennings a copy of this Resolution.
This REsolution to become effective upon it's adoption, the welfare of the county requiring it.
This the 18th day of October 1985.

ATTEST: Evelyn M. Hill, County Clerk                                  Bill H. Hurst, County Executive

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