Here are a group of pictures from Soldiers Memorial School when it was located on the highway between Tazewell and New Tazewell and after the new building was built in 1962 and it became Soldiers Memorial Middle School.

Thanks to Tina Lephew Cooke - Front Row-left to right 1-niece of Judy Ingle 2-Judy Ingle Shopshire 3-Joe Estes 4-Helen Jean Hayes Lephew (my mom) 5-Brenda Chittum 6-Linda Vannoy Coffey 7- 8-Peggy Harmon 9-Billie Marie Brooks 10-Janice Campbell Payne Middle Row-left to right 1-Linda Noah 2-David Simmons 3-Dean Young 4-Morris Mullins 5-Marvin Minton 6-Kenny Anders 7- 8- 9-Bonnie McDaniel 10-Linda Ridings Back Row-left to right 1-Mrs.Mary Lou Riley 2-Carolyn Collins 3-Judy Rosenbalm 4-Wanda Brooks 5-Cynthia Hefner 6-Mary Jane Riggs 7-Patricia Epperson 8-Robert True 9-Paul Carter 10-Roger Lephew (my daddy) 11-Carson Venable
1959 Mrs. Riley Old SMS 5th & 6th grade
Thanks to Tinal Lephew Cooke - Front Row-left to right 1-James D. Boggess 2- 3-Nelson Collingsworth 4-Dennis Epperson 5- 6-Jackie Horner 2nd Row-left to right 1-Dion Mountain 2-Judy Ingle Shopshire 3-Brenda Bunch Hurst 4-Helen Jean Hayes Lephew (my mom) 5-Brenda Chittum 6-Linda Vannoy Coffey 7-Georgia Earls 8-Jerry Cline 3rd Row-left to right 1-Joyce Mallicoat 2-Carolyn Greene 3-Doris Butler Rutherford 4-Freddia Bryant Burleson 5-Patricia Epperson 6- 7-Deloskey Earls 8-Teacher-Ms.Bonnie Buis Back Row-left to right 1-Steve Bryant 2-Gail Cosby 3-Billie Marie Brooks 4-Sandra Parker 5-Linda Bush 6-Linda Earls 7-Bonnie McDaniel 8-Shirley Hatfield 9-Mike Crutchfield
Mrs. Buis 6th grade
1965 SMS Girls 8th Grade Basketball - Back row - left to right - Mr. Keck, ?, Wanda West, ?, Shirlyn Poore, ?, Nancy Parker Honeycutt, Monica Minton, Mgr. Front Row - Betsy Payne Blackstock, Kathy Keck, ?, ?, ?, Ritzi Gose, Wanda Dalton, Ann Cox - girls basketball
1965 8th Grade Boys Basketball - Back row - left to right - David Greer, Mgr., Mike Davis, Mgr., ?, Tim Richardson, ?, Bennie Thompson, Jerry Hurst, Mgr., G. Ted Lynch Coach. Front row - left to right - Lynn Barnard, Eddie Cline, Larry Collins, Steve Minton, ? Overton, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bill Mallicoat, Charles Hopson
1963 8th Grade SMS Boys Basketball - Back row - left to right - G.Ted Lynch Coach, John Davis, Leroy Epperson, ?, Bob Fugate, Sam McCullough, Bill Smith, Danny Beeler, Front row - left to right - James Heatherly, Mgr. , David Hill, Alvin Duncan, Charlie Neal, Jimmy Bull, Bob Fannon, Leon Barnard, Joe Payne, Mgr.
Ms. Loraine Muncey 3rd grade
Mrs. Dossett 5th grade
Mrs. Chumley 5th grade
Mrs. Buis 6th grade
Mr. Lynch 8th grade
1963 8th Grade Mr. Lynch - Top Row - left to right - David Hill, Leon Barnard, Alvin Duncan, Mike Reece, Wayne Graves, Jimmy Bull, Joe Payne, Charlie Neal, Gary Hamilton, Second row - left to right, Mr. G. Ted Lynch, Deloris Young, Betty Bolden, Shirley Day, Larry Dan Russell, Danny Beeler, James Bolden, ?, Tip Buchanan, Third row - left to right - ?, Linda Walker, Cynthia Lewis, Maggie Young, ? Noah, Margie Rowland, Joyce Hopson, Karen Lane, Forth row - Paul Leedy ??, Dennis Epperson, Chester Noah

1961-1962 Ms Loraine Muncey's 3rd Grade

Front: Keith Campbell Mike Campbell Dennis Howard Steve Love Steve Bolinger James Hayes 2nd row: Judy Brewer Janice Coffey Barbara Davis England Faye Rosenbaum Janice Cline Marlene Buis Teresa Butler Karen Ball Sharon Harmon Gwynn Hurst Diane Brooks 3rd Row: Fred Dyer David Davis? Donnie Noe Mike Honeycutt Rodney Barnes Steve Carr Lee Huffaker Mike Graves Benny Oaks Larry Evans Back Row: Ms. Lorene Munsey Marty Martin Jimmy Cosby Jimmy Shell Janice Whitaker Rita Cardwell Greene Sheila West Vickie Ramsey Libby Malone ? Richard Brooks Bill Stanifer

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