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Subject: [CROCKETT] These exciting times
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 16:09:51 -0700
Hello to family and friends. These are exciting times. I have not been spending much time on genealogy in recent years because of the press of other commitments. But all this news has my juices flowing and I don't want to let the moment pass, so you will be hearing from me. I descend from the Alexander Crockett who died in Anderson Co Tn ca 1816. There were two Alexander Crocketts who lived in the same area and at the same time. One was the son of the William Crockett who died ca 1767 in Prince Edward Co. Va. and whose orphans were bound out to their Ritchie uncles who lived in Washington Co Va. Another was the son of David Crockett. Jeff's DNA establishes the Alexander who died in Anderson Co. Tn is of the family of David Crockett and not William. Since it was not clear where my family fit, I have worked on and collected data on many, many of the Crockett lines. So, I will be tossing out theories and conjectures trying to form theories which would account for the data found in records and in the DNA tests. By batting around various possibilities, we may see things we might have missed otherwise. We are bound to disagree and see things differently and where we only have circumstantial evidence, proof may not be possible. But trying to figure these families out is FUN! Elizabeth/ Betty (I use both names)

Subj:  [CROCKETT-L] David, Roane Co Tn Date: 10/21/98 3:06:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Could you give us a reference on that 1808 land record for David Crotchett in Roane Co.  Davy's grandfather is dead by 1808 and Davy is too young for that record.  It may be the elusive missing son of Old David and uncle of Davy, also Called David and whose only known records are signatures on a couple of petitions in NC.  I found a record of a William Crockett in Roane Co ca 1815--it had to do with selling liquor which may be the other missing son of Old David, William.  Every record helps!  Betty >
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My Crotchet is proven prior to 1800 and then it gets sketchy. By family tradition, we are cousins to Davy Crockett. I have found a land record for David Crotchett in Roane County Tennessee, an area agreed by Davy Crockett researchers was not inhabited by Davy Crockett. And this was for 1808. It has occurred to me that the family goes back ti the grandfather of Davy Crockett.
There are southern Crochet families which do pronounce their name as Croquet or Crochet and they appear to be Acadian Catholics. I haven't had much luck in running them down. My family was not and is not Catholic.
june ridsdale wrote:

Dear Therese:
Certainly hope someone else has the answer to your question!
The only Crockett ancestor I have is John Murray Crockett whose 1st child was born in 1856 in Barnsley area.  I have a bit on the Crockett descendents, especially the two girls who changed their names to Hutty and Brown and subsequent descendents.
It is almost as if Ggrandfather John Murray was hatched somewhere. I cannot find his marriage to Emma Green or his birth place. So I am not even near 1700!  I only wish!!!
Your idea of Croquet being connected to Crockett bears consideration. The latter could very well be an anglicized form of the first.  All these different names had to come into being from somewhere!
Thanks for your response.
June Ridsdale

Subject:         Re: [CROCKETT-L] Need more cousins!
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>>> I am not a cousin (not that I know off although my husband is British
>>> from Newcastle area with ancestors from the Yorks.) but I am
>>> interested in the Crockett name. Do you know when that name started
>>> in England? and where it came from? Were any of them in England
>>> descendants of Huguenots by the surname of CROQUET? Have you traced
>>> your Crockett to prior 1700?
>>> Thanks for all or any answer.
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Date: 10/21/98 7:09:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (dmd)

Look to Fourth Survey District of Tennessee 1808-1810 John
McClellan-Surveyor transcribed by Jim Douthat and published by Mountain
Press 1988 page 36. This is under Roane County and then the survey says it
is for land in Overton County. Step-father of my Crotchett children had
land on the waters of the Cumberland in Smith County and land (still in
Smith County) west of Cookeville area. There were children born to
...........Crotchett and wife Patience............. from about 1792 to
1806. Then I think ............Crotchett died and Patience remarried to
William Redkins whose land I just made reference to in Smith County. They
left the area fairly soon after last Crotchett child was born.

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Subject: [CROCKETT-L] Crockett >
Date: Saturday, October 10, 1998 6:06 AM
Looking for ancesters of Alexander Crockett. Son of William Crockett > and Agnes Richey. > He married Elizabeth Watkins on 21 Mar 1793 in Grainger County, TN. My > great grandfather was his 11th child, Joseph Crockett. Joseph was born > 16 Feb 1816. When he was 6 years old his mother and a few siblings > moved to Owens County, IN in 1820. Joseph married Elizabeth James in > Greene County, IN on 1 Aug 1839. A few years they moved to Sullivan, > Franklin County, MO where they reared their family 8 children, Eliza > Indiana, Elizabeth Ellen. Mary Jane, Hannah Jane, James Alexander, David > William (my grandfather), Joseph Garrett, and Sarah Mahala. Joseph died > in 1863. and Elizabeth (also known as Beth and Eliza) died in 1914. > Descendents are still in Sullivan, MO. > Alexander Crockett may have been born in Prince Edward County, VA where > both parents died in 1767 when he was 6 years of age. He and his > brother Hamilton and 2 sisters, Sarah and Mary were reared by his uncle > Alexander Richey. His other brother, William was reared by his uncle > James Richey. (his mother's brothers.) I have come to a deadend with > William Crockett. I have found references to him that are vague.Thanks > Mary Crockett >

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Date: 11/5/98 12:56:17 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (dmd)

My mother's maiden name is Crotchett. We know of a few cousins with this spelling. According to family legend, we are cousins to Davy Crockett. Also, if you find a T in the middle of the name, then you know it's our branch of the family.
This suggests the T could have always been there, or a marker. I have found Crotchett in Overton County Tennessee. John, James, William Crotchett and their several female siblings and their mother, Patience, and step-father, William Redkins were in Pope County Illinois by around 1810. Now I will readily admit that the T may be a marker, except for the fact that when I did research in London, I find the name spelled Crotchett, going all the way back to ca 1500. That throws me for a loop . No link as of yet, though. The Crotchett name appears in London, Norwich, and Cornwall.
I am proven back to John Crotchet bd ca 1795. One sibling, James is believed to have been born about 1792.
I have sought information on this family the better part of fifty years. I would like to take it father back in my mother's lifetime and she turned 89 last week. I hope this clarifies some of the dilemma.
If any of you ever see a T in the middle of Crockett, for Heaven's sake, let me know. You might run across it in North Carolina records. Thanks for your consideration.

Subj:  Re: [CROCKETT-L] Need more cousins!
Date: 1/4/99 6:58:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (dmd)

When I was in London, I found the name CROTCHETT in Norwich, London, and
Cornwall. All rather diverse areas, I thought. When I was in Scotland, I
got to talking to a man who said he believed the Hugunots fled France and
those that came to England and Scotland retained the name Crotchett; those
that went to Ireland becamse Crocketts. Heaven only knows. Back to the
genealogical society in London where I found Crotchetts, I think they went
as far back as the 1500s, although that might be stretching things a bit.
In France, I believe the name was Crocktagne.
I am only PROVEN to late 1700s.
I am sorry for the very tardy reply. Discovered this file in my deleted
file when I was looking for something else and wanted to reply.
Dee Doyle

Subj:  Re: [CROCKETT-L] Need more cousins!
Date: 1/5/99 3:42:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (dmd)

A good many Crockett researchers have made the connection between Crockett
and Crocketagne. Our family tradition is that we are cousins to Davy
Crockett and they certainly were in the right area. Also I have discovered
land records for David Crotchett who could not have been Davy but in the
same area. An uncle perhaps. Myself and some others conjecture that the
Crockett/Crotchett line does NOT tie up with the Crocketts of Wythe County
Virginia and who go back right away to Ireland, but a separate line. I have
researched this line for over 50 years and have only recently been able to
pinpoint the area where they lived in Tennessee.
Dee Doyle

Date: 1/5/99 8:19:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: crockett@UMDNJ.EDU (David P. Crockett)
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Hi all,

Are we not still at the level of speculation?  The name CROCKETT and its
variants have been known in the British Isles as far back as the 13th
century and is said to be of Norman French origin:  Anglo-French "croket"
and Old French "crochet" meaning a curl or roll
of hair. I also have read that It may also have been used to describe some
one who was crooked or lamb (e.g., some one who was injured)..Though
apparently there are Scottish Crocketts from Galloway whose name is said to
come from MacRiocaird - son of Richard.

As far as the name CROTCHETT goes, I have a personal story.  As a student in
grammar school in Brooklyn, I was often called CROTCHETT by school mates
that I did not exactly consider as friends.

Best wishes to all in the New Year


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