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    The Esary, Essery, Essary, Esarey, Essera and etc. family in the US is of English
origin – mostly Devonshire England.

    J. Frederick Essary wrote; "Columbia Historical Society " and "Covering Washington D.C."
John Essary, Oct 17th 1855-1919, lawyer and son of Thomas Sneed & Eliza (countess Essary) and grandson of Warren Essary of English descent.  John Essary was a member and delegate to Democratic convention in Chicago.  In 1897 he was appointed commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Tenn.  His son was Jesse Frederick Essary,
(author of above books).

James Essary, born in England, a laborer – died Aug 1715.

John Essary was a Lieutenant in Delaware.

The Essary's of SW VA. established the neighborhood of old Fort Chisholm on the head
of Clinch River.

The Tennessee Essary's parted at the Cumberland Gap.  

The fondness of the Kentucky Essery's for horses might be suggested here.  John
Essery entered four tracts of land in Jefferson County, Kentucky and was land owner
there.  The family moved across Ohio by horseback and the horses swam the icy Ohio river
and they finally settled on the headwaters of Oil Creek, Kentucky. Their chief attraction
was hunting.

    John Esarey (1744-1828) Clark county, Illinois – married Sarah Hester and had
    Sarah and James 1778, Jonathan Davis 1783, Elizabeth 1785, Abigail 1788, Hannah
    1791, Nancy 1794, Heston 1797, and Jesse 1800.

    In 1814 Ceder Esarey and 4 youngest children moved on to Wabash.

    Jonathan Esarey in the year 1910, had collected information for history of Esarey
    family.  It was ready for the printer when his house burnt down and most of the records
    were destroyed.  Twenty yrs. later, Logan Esarey took up the only one copy of his
    history and when Logan passed away, Mrs Essery Evans compled his writings.
    James Esarey (died 1802) went to Tenn.  John W Essary(grandson) fought in Union
    Army and voted Republican for 50 years.  Jonathan Mason Esarey (1843-1865)
    buried in old Esarey Chapel, Harrison Co. Ind.
    Marcus Logan Esarey had a PHD from Indiana University and was Dean of Winoma

    Ralph Emerson Esarey was Proffesor of Geology. (Ind. U. State) and Geologist of

    Amanda Esarey (1825-1906) buried in California.

    I was given some sheets of paper that had this info on.  I don't know exactly how
    we are related to them only that we are.  The line I have related to Sallie and her husband
    Thomas Esary is:
        His Father – William Jennings Necessary b 1831 Russell Co VA  d approx 1875 VA
        His Mother – Nancy Jane Stevens b 10/4/1831 Martin Co NC d 1/12/1920 Wa. State
        Their ten children:  John Essary, Rolsen Essary , David Essary and Thomas Essary
        were all born in Russell Co. VA.  Andrew, James, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary(Mollie)
        and Talitha Jane Essary were all born in Bristol Co.
    William Jennings Necessary father was Thomas Jefferson Necessary b 1806 Russell Co.
    Va. d about 1855 Russell Co. Va.  
    His Mother was Elizabeth Ann Jennings b about 1803 Wash. Co. VA. d after 1870
    Clairborne Co. TN.  They married about 1830.
    Williams grandfather was William Henry Necessary b 1775 MD. d 1845 Russell Co. VA
    His grandmother was Lucretia Preston b 1775 MD. d unknown
    Thomas's Mother Nancy's parents were Rebecca Jones b 1787 Wake Co. NC. d 1860
    Washington Co. TN.
    Her Father was David Stevens b 8/25/1790 d 9/1/1837

    Nancy's grandfather was Darling (Everette) Jones b 7/22/1764 Orange Co. NC.
    d 10/9/1848 Washington Co. NC
    Her grandmother was Nancy J Nelson b 1766 VA d 6/5/1843 Carter Co. TN
    Nancy later divorced Darling Jones and he married Nancy Huff.

    Darling Jones parents were Lewis Jones Sr and Elizabeth Arnold.  Darling Jones was a
    hero in the Revolutionary War.
Subj: Re: Payne Family
Date: 2/24/2002 4:48:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: JPayne5744

Hi Joe, 
I have just finished writing what most of the info I have on the Esary's.  The rest that I have is just down the line from Thomas and Sallie children.  As you can tell they change the spelling of the names alot.  I guess it was originally Essary but something must have happened that they changed it to Necessary then when they came out here they changed it back and shortened it.  Nancy became a pretty prominent pioneer out here and Thomas and his brothers became loggers and logged off what is known as Queenann Hill and Woodland Park area and some of Camano Island and Vancouver Island.  If you are interested in reading about Darling Jones, (Nancy Esary"s grandfather), there are 2 areas that I got my info from. 
They are
The one you had me look at I didn't see anyone I recognized.  Let me know if you get all this info as I haven"t sent text files before. 

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