Let's get you started with the basics for creating your own webpage:

1st - Free Internet Service Providers

Because of access numbers being unavailable and sometimes busy I suggest you try each of these before deciding on one.
Address.com Banner Also known as Bluelight and Spinway
Juno, the world's first free Internet service "Download Juno Now!" (Now $6.95 a month)
NetZero!!! Never again Pay for Internet Access (except $9.95 a month)

2nd - Website Hosting Sites


    RootsWeb will provide unlimited free Web site space to all its users. A user may maintain a Web site on RootsWeb at no charge containing literally hundreds of megabytes of material (for example, large image files, genealogical documents, etc.). No Banners

XXX Warner Bros. AcmeCity http://www.acmecity.com/ (link no longer works).

    Has a Banner across the top that becomes the primary URL. Will not load targets and anchors (Very bad when creating genealogy sites).
    Please take this as an example of what might happen to your files if you don't back them up on a free web server. After AOL and Time Warner merged Warner Brothers gave their free server space to AOL HOMETOWN and did not notify their subscribers. I lost many of my files because they resided on Warner Bros. AcmeCity server. Any and all files should be backed up to your harddrive after you upload them to a ISP's (Internet Service Provider) server.
XXX MSN Homepages http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/ (don't go there anymore).
    Not long after AcmeCity dropped thousands without warning her came TalkCity and Microsoft dropping thousands of others without notice. From what I can gleen in chatrooms there may have been illegal hanky panky behind much of this a lawsuits seem to be pending. Another example of what not backing up your files can do to a website.

Fortune City http://www.fortunecity.com

    FortuneCity owns 50% of www.acmecity.com a joint venture with Warner Bros. Online, a Time Warner Entertainment Company (NYSE: TWX). Has Banners and leaves a popup window that you must close (Boo). Offers 100MB of Space (That's good).

Yahoo/Geocities http://www.geocities.com/

    Has a small dropdown banner in the upper right hand corner of the page that can be closed upon click. Offers 12MB of Space

Wikispaces http://www.wikispaces.com/

    Create simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together. WYSIWYG editor makes wikis simple and fun to use! Public wikis are free; private and ad-free wikis are $5/month or $50/year.

3rd - Some with CGI Forms

Example of the CGI Mail Form used on Fortune City http://members.fortunecity.com/smokymtnman/form.htm

Example of the CGI Main Form used by Yahoo/Geocities http://www.geocities.com/smokyjoepayne/form.htm

4th - Webmaster Tools


Check out a Top Rated Site for Webmaster Tools!

Includes E-Mail Forms - Bravenet Messenger (ICQ Compatable) - Site Rings - Online Bookmarks - Photo Storage - Guestbooks, Message Boards - Password Gate (Page Protection) - Live Chat - Greeting Cards - Fast URLs - Hit Counters - Site Specific Search Engines

Hit Counter that tracks hits by hour, day and month. 81X36 ICON

CuteFTP Software Package Includes CuteFTP (File Transfer Software), CuteZIP (Compression Software), CuteMAP (Image Mapping Software and CuteHTML (HTML Editing Software)

WS_FTP PRO 6.5 (File Transfer Software)

Download WinFTP Free!! File Transfer Software from GEDPAGE Website. (Here's an Example of GEDPAGE Ver.2.05).

5th - Some Graphic Management Software

Thumbsplus creates a manageable table of small thumbnails (smaller images) in clear proportion to the original. You then click on the thumbnail to view the larger orignial.
Another Free Download!!!

PaintShop Pro 6 30 day evaluation. Has an animation shop that you can create really fancy animated graphics.

6th - Some Specific GED to HTML Converters

DftCom2 Dynamic Family Tree Compiler
    Free GEDCOM to Pedigree Program by Michael Horey - UK
    Some of the features include:
    Displays fully graphical, interactive family tree on a web browser (Click for example - Use back button to return).
    Implemented as a Java Applet - very fast response to user actions.
    Shows children, spouse and four generations of ancestors of the individual at the tree focus.
    Individuals colour coded according to relationship to the tree owner.
Gedpage 2.16 for Win 95/98/2000/NT Converts GEDCOM into Family Group Sheets. Has links to four programs that will "cleanup" GEDCOMs to remove living person.

Download Personal Ancestoral File 4.0.4 This software will not only manage your information it has a Webpage Wizard that allows you to create your own website from your GEDCOM files.

Download GED2HTML Translator by Gene Stark. The original translator. Does take some space but with many of the free providers of server space listed above you should not have a problem.

www.my-ged.com www.my-ged.com is an extremely fast database server especially crafted for genealogy research on the Internet. If you have spent the time and effort to develop a genealogy database on your PC and would like to share your work with others, then this is the best place to do so.

7th - Free Website Submission Sites

Free Web Site Submission and Promotion Submit to search engines

Free Web Site Submission and Promotion Add Me!

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