From: Karen Hedrick

Date:  Thursday, July 11, 2002 8:26 PM

Subject:  Another Rial and Martha line

Hi again Joe,
I checked out your webpage and just could not stop reading.  My husband came into the computer room to see what was so interesting and pulled up a chair and read with me.  I think that what I found most gratifying was all the documentation and very clear notes--something you don't find much of on some other sites. Interestingly, I wrote 2 notes to Mr. Elrod Slatton questioning him regarding some of his data--and he never wrote back!
I am still trying to find the original photo of Rial and Martha Johns and, if it is found, will send it to you to include on the site.
And one other thing that I didn't mention because I was just telling you about Mary, but I have another line of descent from Rial and Martha.  We had a mystery in our family.  My mother, Clara Maxine Williams, knew NOTHING regarding her paternal grandmother--not even her maiden name.  She was simply, Amanda, wife of George Anderson "Anse" Williams.  My cousin and I tried to find out about Amanda and hadn't written for her death certificate because we had heard that there probably wouldn't be one.  But Hallie Garner encouraged us to try and get it and are we glad that we did--Amanda's parents were Joseph Johns and Alley Cope!!
We found in the 1860 census for Hancock Co., Tn, pg. 537b, a 16 year old Joseph living with Rial and Martha AND living in the vicinity, pg 537a,  Alley Cope, age 23, in the household of William and Lydia Cope.  So Rial and Martha's Joseph knew and lived near Alley during his teenage years.
In the 1870 census, Joseph Johns is in District 1, pg 12:
Johns, Joseph, age 26
   "    ,  Lydia, age 25 (1st wife)
   "    ,  Malissa, age 6
   "    ,  William, age 3
   "    ,  James, age 1
When Joe died in 1925, his obit listed 2 sons by Lydia Hays/Hase(according to Hallie)--so Malissa is probably not his daughter.  Also, there is only one household listed here between Joseph's and Charles and Mary Susan Johns Wilder--so they were close neighbors.  Joseph later married Eliza "Liza" Drinnon, by whom he had at least 4 more children.  I assumed that Joseph was married to Lydia when Alley had Amanda, but this may or may not have been the case--I don't have the date of his and Lydia's marriage.
Amanda shows up in the 1870 census in the household of Pleasant Johnson:
Johnson, Pleasant, age 22
     "      , Alley, age 30
     "      , William, age 1
 Cope    ,  Jane, age 10
Hi again Joe,
    "       ,   Amanda, age 3
I had heard stories that Amanda was a Johnson and d/o Pleasant, and that he was "mulatto," Melungeon, or Cherokee,--that this was the BIG SECRET,  but Amanda, clearly in her photo, appears to be "white" and is listed as being "white" on her death certificate.  Hallie has confirmed for us that Joseph Johns, father of Amanda Cope, was almost without a doubt, Joseph s/o of Rial and Martha.  So the BIG SECRET was that Amanda was born out of wedlock (and Joseph could possibly have been married to Lydia then--but I don't know this)--anyway, I am going to attempt to attach a copy of Amanda's death certificate and a photo of her and my grandfather, George Anderson "Anse" Williams.--
I have been trying to send this letter for over an hour, but the death certificate is a .bmp and my 'puter is having a hard time with it--so for now here is only the photo of Anse and Amanda.
I will try the death certificate by it's self.
Hope to hear from you soon--take care,
CUZN Karen

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 I am going to attempt to attach a copy of Amanda's death certificate and a photo of her and my grandfather, George Anderson "Anse" Williams.--