Great News!!  The owner of the tin type, a direct descendent of William Shipley has been located.  I got the following email from Susan Shipley of Knoxville, TN on May 21, 2005:
    I was doing genealogy research and found your amazing website.  William Shipley was my great-great-grandfather.  He and Margaret Buis were parents of David Shipley, who married Lucy Wilkerson.  Their son, Walter Shipley was my grandfather.  If this tin type is still available, I would be glad to purchase it.
                                                            Susan Shipley

I told her that if she could give me the lineage I would send her the tin type for nothing and she continued:

    I know a great deal about William's ancestry, and believe (but have no documentation) he fought in the Civil War for the Union.I believe he and his wife had other children, but I do not know their names.  He was the son of Solomon Shipley (1810-@1880) and Margaret C. Donaldson, who lived in Grainger and Claiborne Counties.  His father was descended from Adam Shipley who came to Maryland in 1688; his mother was a descendant of John Donaldson, who was exiled from Scotland in 1716.
    There should be some Shipleys left in Claiborne County.  My grandfather Walter Shipley moved to Knoxville in 1920s and is now deceased.  He had at least one sister who married someone named Cabage.

Hello again,
    Here is a summary of what I have about the Shipleys.  You have given me the first information I have ever had about the Bius family; I had just assumed they might be Dutch by the surname.
    Solomon Shipley, born @ 1810 in either Washington or Claiborne County, was the son of an Andrew Shipley, who, according the book, "The Shipleys of Maryland," came to East Tennessee from the Baltimore area.  The Baltimore Shipleys are descended from Adam Shipley of Yorkshire, England, but there are a lot of gaps between his arrival in 1668 and Andrew.  Solomon's mother was a woman named Jane Bean; I have been unable to connect her to the Beans in Claiborne/Grainger County, but there must be a connection.
    I have been unable to clarify the links between Andrew Shipley and the group of Shipleys who settled in Washington County, but I believe they can directly claim their lineage to Adam Shipley, too.
    Margaret Donaldson was the daughter of Andrew Donaldson (1768-1823) and Isabella Carmichael.  Andrew's parents were William Donaldson (April 20, 1738-March 19, 1819) and Mary Sweeney (1748-1839)..  William was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and married Sweeney there; they moved to the Holston Valley around 1766.  Williams served in Eighth Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary War.
    William Donaldson was the son of John Donaldson and Catherine Davies.  John was one of 637 Scottish rebels who were captured by the English during the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion and exiled to the colonies.  He orginally settled in Delaware Bay.
    Ancestor Isabella Carmichael was born 1772 in Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania, and died in Jefferson County in 1848.  Her father was Daniel Carmichael, born 1736 in Lancaster Co., Penn, and died 1777 in Phildelphia, while serving in Captain James Watson's Company of the Lancaster County militia. Isabella's mother was Mary Eaton, born 1740 in Penn., and died in Grainger County.
    Daniel Carmichael's parents were reportedly Cornelius Carmichael (born @ 1690 in Scotland) and Isabella LNU, born around 1713.

William Shipley was born around 1842.  He and Margaret Bius had at least one son, David Shipley, but I do not know his date of birth or death.  He married a woman named Lucy Wilkerson, whose birth or death dates I am also unaware of, but there is some murky family story about her accidental death in Tazewell in a fire.
    Lucy and David were the parents of my grandfather, Walter Shipley Sr., who was born in Tazewell on December 5, 1901.  He died in Florida in 1982.  He was married to Amanda Louisa Irick of Union County, but they divorced @ 1940 after moving to Knoxville.  Amanda was born July 11, 1905, and died in 1997.
    Walter Sr. and Amanda Shipley were the parents of my father, Franklin D. Shipley, who was born in Knoxville in 1934 and died recently. My mother is Georgia Hatcher Shipley.  Walte Sr. r and Amanda also had the following other children: Walter Jr., birth date unknown, died in 1977; Ella, died in the early 1930s; Geneva Shipley Dunaway, in her 80s and currently resides in LaFollette; Marie Shipley Mitchell, in her 70s and lives in Knoxville; Lilly Shipley Lay, in her 60s and lives in Knoxville; Robert George Shipley, age 66 and lives in Knoxville.

This website concerns the Washington County Shipleys.  I cannot directly tie Solomon Shipley to this branch, but believe there must be a connection.  The Tazewell branch is probably mentioned in here.

  • Given Name: WILLIAM
  • Surname: SHIPLEY
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT.1845 in TENNESSEE

    Marriage 1 MARGARET BUIS b: ABT.1850 ?
  • Children
    1. Has Children DAVID SHIPLEY
    2. Has No Children ABRAHAM "HAM" SHIPLEY b: abt.1872 in TENNESSEE
    3. Has No Children ANDREW "ANDY" SHIPLEY b: abt.1880 in TENNESSEE
    4. Has No Children JANE SHIPLEY b: ABT.1881 in TENNESSEE
    5. Has No Children JOSEPH "JOE" SHIPLEY b: ABT.1876 in TENNESSEE
    6. Has No Children SHELBY "SHELL" SHIPLEY b: ABT.1877 in TENNESSEE
    7. Has No Children WILLIAM SHIPLEY b: ABT. 1874 in TENNESSEE
    8. Has No Children ROBERT T. "ROSCOE" SHIPLEY b: ABT.1882 in TENNESSEE

  • William Shipley born about 1842.  William is the husband of Margaret Buis born 1845 in Claiborne County.  Margaret is the daughter of Abraham Buis born April 28, 1805 in Spartinburg, S.C.  and Margaret Williams.
    7 September 1850 Claiborne Co., TN., Census...Abram Buice, age 46, farmer born in TN.
    In his household are Margaret, age 46, born in KY.; Lindy R.,(M) age 20, born
    in KY.; Joseph, age 16, born in TN., David, age 10, born in TN., and Margaret,
    age 2, born in TN.

    I have added a Lineage of William Buis born May 27, 1740 to my website.  I don't have the lineage of William Shipley though.  I bought this Tin Type on eBay and would like to know if there are descendents.  If you can give me your lineage from William Shipley and I believe you then you can have the Tin Type.

    Front of William Shipley TinType

    Back of William Shipley Tintype