Descendents of Peter Young and Martha Anne "LOST THE HORN"

(1) Peter1 YOUNG  was born in 1784 at Pennsylvania, and married Martha Anne "LOST THE HORN" .   Peter died about 1860 at Lee Co., MS.  (UNPROVEN)
          2           i    Bailey R.2 YOUNG was born about 1818.
          3          ii    YOUNG
 +        4         iii    Anderson Hunt YOUNG was born about 1823.
          5          iv    YOUNG was born in 1825.
          6           v    YOUNG was born in 1826.
          7          vi    David YOUNG was born in 1830.
          8         vii    Stephen W. YOUNG was born in 1830, and on Dec 22, 1853 at Itawamba Co., MS, married Mary                                     Katherine WALLS  who was born Dec 25, 1838 at MS.  Stephen W. died about 1875 at Pontotoc Co.,                                 MS and was buried at Hopewell Church, Pontotoc Co., MS.  Mary Katherine died on Mar 30, 1915 at                                 Kerr Co., TX.
Oh boy! does this open another can of worms?? or rather ancestors....I also am working on the White's and did have a Juno email address at that time...No more though... Mary Katherine walls parents were James or Andrew and Kate Liles Walls....found them in the Itawamba census's and this was where Steve and Mary k. were marriedin 1858,,,,but don't recognize the ones you mentioned but possibly wouldtie in...not done a lot of research any further back....Will be back intouch here's the next generation back on the Young's and where we become kin.....Got lot's of info on the Whites....
Peggy Young   -   Peggy has written a book on "Descendants of Stephen W. Young".
          9        viii    George Frank YOUNG was born in 1832, and married A.M. Sally DEMENT.   
         10          ix    Tranquilla YOUNG was born in 1834.
         11           x    Almeada YOUNG was born in 1836, and married JOYNER.   
         12          xi    Elmira YOUNG was born in 1838.

(4) Anderson Hunt2 YOUNG ,  (Peter1 YOUNG) was born about 1823, and married Flora Ann SWINDALL  who was born in 1823. Anderson Hunt died on Sep 12, 1895 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried atHartwell Tutor C, Pontotoc Co., MS.  Flora Ann died in 1863 at LeeCo., MS and was buried at Moorville Bpt Ch, Moorville, MS.
I'm sending the next generationback this time....this is John H. (Henry) Young Parents and siblings asI have them....the next back generation is where my family comes in and supposedly goes back to the "lost the horn" far as documentation on that?well "I" actually don't have it.... The information on Stephen Young is correct but as far as "HIS" parents, I am still working on....and I believe everyone else should be also....I know he was born in AL....and that Peter Youngwas most likely his father (documentation being census records in AL)....but I just can't "confirm" the fact on his and Anderson Hunt's mother..."Lost the Horn". There are others (Patricia Young Henry, Kay Young Griffin, Callie Young) who have researched this much more than I have, back when therewere no computers??....This is one of the reasons my book is entitled "Steven Winchester Young Descendants" I am sure of this from my own research. Patricia Young's "Young History Book" covers from Steve and Anderson Hunt on back..... as I said....covered below is John H.'s parents...this I am sure of...two more things....this Anderson Hunt Young is Stephen (Steven)s' Brother....for sure, for sure (Will explain "why" I know for sure later) and the stories of these families are well covered in the Pontotoc County History bookand the Chickasaw County History, which may be purchased from their localhistorical societies. ....for now just this generation....will send thenext generation back when you have time to absorb all this....looking forwardto your reply....
Peggy Young
         13           i    Anderson Calhoun 3 YOUNG was born Nov 6, 1856, and on Dec 29, 1876 at Pontotoc Co., MS, married Martha Hester MITCHELL,  daughter of  John Anderson MITCHELL and  Martha Ann Tabitha TUTOR, who was born Dec 20, 1859 at NC.   Anderson Calhoun died on Jul 18, 1938 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor C, Pontotoc Co., MS.   Martha Hester died on Oct 4, 1947 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor C, Pontotoc Co., MS.
 +       14          ii    John Henry YOUNG was born on Sep 22, 1852.
         15         iii    Julie Elizabeth YOUNG was born in 1853, and in 1872, married Ransome BARKER.    Julie Elizabeth died                               at Florida.
         16          iv    George Frank YOUNG was born in 1859, and married Molly IVY.    George Frank died in 1930.

(14) John Henry3 YOUNG ,  (Anderson2 YOUNG, Peter1) was born Sep 22, 1852 at Lowndes Co., MS, and on Dec 22, 1874, married Elizabeth Liza Jane MITCHELL ,  daughter of  John Anderson MITCHELL and  Martha Ann Tabitha TUTOR, who was born Dec 20, 1856 at NC.   John Henry died on Oct28, 1897 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor C, PontotocCo., MS.  Elizabeth Liza Jane died on Aug 15, 1929 at Pontotoc Co.,MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor C, Pontotoc Co., MS.
Family of John Henry Young and Eliza Jane Mtichell Young  
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Posted to Tutor Boards on Rootsweb April 2000 by Mike Tutor John Anderson Mitchell, metioned is father of Elizabeth Mitchell Young. Rev. Kelon Partee Tutor, born in 1916, was the son of Walter Lee Tutor (1886-1954) and Myra Elvis Griffin. Walter Lee Tutor was the son of William Bennett Tutor (1856-1919) and Rachel G. Donaldson. William Bennett Tutor was the son of John Owen Tutor (1822-1886) and Martha Ausley. John Owen Tutor was the son of John HenryTutor, born 7/7/1802, and Martha Patsy Betts. John Henry Tutor was the sonof William Owen Tutor (1774﷓1850) and Lucinda Senter. In the spring of 1853,Henry (born 1802) and Martha Tutor, and their children, in company with JohnOwen (1822-1886) and Martha Tutor, and their children, left North Carolinafor Mississippi. The trip took fifty﷓two days in covered wagons. They settlednear Randolph, Mississippi. On January 5, 1854, Henry and John Owen boughtproperty approximately a mile and a half west of Randolph, Mississippi. Thewagon master on their trip was John Anderson Mitchell who later married Henry'sdaughter, Martha Ann Tutor (1835-1926). Henry's brothers, Samuel (1800-1872)and Harris (1820-c.1877), had moved to Mississippi in 1849 along with theirsister, Lilly Phoebe Tutor Johnston (born in 1812). Samuel, Harris and Lillybought land southeast of Toccopola, Mississippi. Samuel and Harris purchasedland there in November, 1849. An excellent source of information on the Tutorfamily is the book, "Tutor: The Families of Pontotoc County, Mississippi,"by Betty Hellums Rowland, Hazel Rodgers and Maxine Karr. It was publishedin 1980 and may be found in the Pontotoc Library. Betty is a descendant ofHarris Tutor (1820-c.1877) and Julia Ann Sexton.
         17           i    John Anderson 4 YOUNG was born Aug 24, 1875, and married Jane Asker COLLUMS  who was born                             Jan 13, 1881.  John Anderson died on May 17, 1948 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at                                                 Hartwell﷓Tutor.   Jane Asker died on Jul 4, 1937.
         18          ii    Flora Ann YOUNG was born Feb 25, 1878, and married George MCGREGOR  who was born Dec 19,                             1876.  Flora Ann died on Apr 21, 1951 at Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell﷓Tutor.   George                             died on Jan 29, 1970 at Pontotoc Co., MS.
         19         iii    Mollie Mary YOUNG was born Mar 14, 1880.
         20          iv    Mary A. YOUNG was born Mar 14, 1880 at Pontotoc Co., MS.   Mary A. died on Jul 24, 1889 at                                         Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor, Pontotoc Co., Randolph, MS.
Killed by a stray bullet.  Her brother was playing with a gun and it accidently discharged.
 +       21           v    Martha Jane YOUNG was born on Jan 24, 1882.
          22          vi    Ezekiel (Zeke) William YOUNG was born Jan 4, 1884 at Chicasaw, Pontotoc Co., MS, and married                                     Rennie Mae MURPHY.  
 +       23         vii    Tempie YOUNG was born on Jan 25, 1886.
          24          viii    Almedia Hester YOUNG was born Dec 8, 1888, and married Webb COLLUMS.    Almedia Hester                                 died  at Chickasaw Co. and was buried at Old Houlka.   Webb was buried at Old Houlka.
 +       25          ix    Ada Josephine YOUNG was born on Aug 20, 1890.
          26           x    Dora Clementine YOUNG was born May 6, 1892, and married Chester Alvin FERGUSON.    Dora                                     Clementine died on May 13, 1962.
          27          xi    Nora Paradine YOUNG was born Jan 6, 1894, and married Clovis AUSTIN  who was born in 1893.                                  Nora Paradine died on Jun 26, 1970.  Clovis died in 1916.

She also married Jesse PATTERSON.  
         28         xii    Felix Edward YOUNG was born Jul 6, 1896, and married Lena Petty WESTMORELAND.    Felix                                     Edward died on Jan 28, 1945.

(21) Martha Jane4 YOUNG ,  (John3 YOUNG, Anderson2, Peter1) was born Jan 24, 1882, and on Dec 20, 1900 at Pittsboro, Calhoun County, MS, married  John Moody MASK,  son of  Silas Sylvester MASK and  Lucy America AUSTIN, who was born May 7, 1878 at Pontotoc County, MS.   Martha Jane died on Jun 1, 1959.   John Moody died on Mar 6, 1958 atDarling, Quitman County, MS.
In letter dated Aug. 25, 1997 Marjorie Ellen White Harrison writes: "There were only tow people there (Hartwell Tutor Cemetery) when we arrived. One left.  She was Peggy Youn ﷓﷓   377 Cooke Rd. Pontotoc.   She is into tracing relatives and can be reached at" "We alsofound the graves of Eliza Mitchell Young, John H. Young, and their daughterMary A. young, March 14, 1880 to July 24, 1889 who was killed by a straybullet, brother playing with a gun.   Ada Josephine Yount White---Warren Allen White and their daughter Edgie A. White 2-28, 1906---August 4, 1907."
Marjorie Ellen White Harrison 1701 EvangelineDrive Picayne, MS   39466﷓2815
         29           i    Selma Gladys5 MASK was born Nov 23, 1901 at Buckhorn, Pontotoc County, MS.   Selma Gladys died                             on Sep 20, 1903 at Calhoun County, MS and was buried at Tutor Hartwell C, Pontotoc County, MS.
         30          ii    William Leonis MASK was born Oct 1, 1903.  William Leonis died on Sep 21, 1904 at Calhoun County,                             MS and was buried at Tutor Hartwell C, Pontotoc County, MS.
         31         iii    Ethel Esma MASK was born Nov 18, 1906 at Buckhorn, Pontotoc County, MS, and in May 1928,                                     married James Edward YOUNG.   Ethel Esma died on Sep 15, 1973.

She also married Charles KEIFER.  

Retired from Navy at Fort Amador, Canal Zone, June 16, 1973    30 years Service
 +       32          iv    Odis LeRoy MASK was born on Feb 25, 1910.
         33           v    Edith Idell MASK was born Feb 2, 1912 at Buckhorn, Pontotoc County, MS, and married Hubert                                         HUMPHREY.  

She also married Robert FOSTER.  

Furnished most of John Moody Mask information.
         34          vi    Lois Avis MASK was born Nov 4, 1914 at Buckhorn, Pontotoc County, MS.   Lois Avis died on Mar 5,                             1918 and was buried at Tutor Hartwell C, Pontotoc County, MS.
         35         vii    Audis Hood MASK was born Dec 27, 1917 at Buckhorn, Pontotoc County, MS.   Audis Hood died on                             Jun 24, 1918 at Pontotoc County, MS and was buriedat Tutor Hartwell C, Pontotoc County, MS.
         36        viii    Lucy Gunelle MASK was born May 20, 1920 at Pontotoc County, MS, and married James JACKSON   
Aunt Gunell Jackson's 1﷓662﷓326﷓7562  (Mask Genealogy)
25 August 1997
Dear Janell, (Mama spells her name Gunelle.)
My husband and I did go to the Hartwell Tutor Cemetery Asso. meeting on the 3rd sunday.  They met at 2 PM.   We were late.  I had been there when my grandmother died in 33, in74 when Papa White was buried and ten years ago with Daddy.  I hadmade myself some directions so I could return someday.
Guess what?  The directions were somewhat and they had changed the name of the County Road 181 to Stewart loop.   You go south on Hwy. 9 just past Randolph. The road in on the left.   It is the third cemetery on the right.   It has the name over the arch.  It is fenced, very well dept.  The Fund has man to not only cut the grass but keep the graves looking nice.   Oh, yes we wnet back to Ponotoc to the Fire Station for help.   The fireman on Duty was very nice, looking thru several maps till we found what we needed.
A Confederate Memorial ANDERSON H. YOUNG, CO. E, 26th MS. Inf, 1823-1895 a few weeks ago and put up a new marker.  Could that be a distant relative?
I found baby markers: Leonis--J.M. & M.J. Mask--Oct 1, 1903 died Sept 1, 1904 One that was hard to read Lois orLous Avis Nov. 4, 1905 - March 5, 1918 -- J.M. & M.J. Mask (Hard toread -- I fell sure these names are incorrect)
One was near these that said Audis 12-27-17- 6-21-18
I am sorry I did not take more time.  There were only two people there when finally found it.   One left.  She was Peggy Young -- 377 Cooke Rd., Pontotoc. She is into tracing relatives and can be reached (wrong email format) Peggy Young@Juno.Com.   If that helps.  The other was the caretaker and he was going to take us to the man to take our donation to the Fund.
A group of ladies are putting together a book of all the cemeteries in Pontotoc County.  I would like to know where Papa Whites' parents are buried.
We also found the graves of Eliza mitchel Young, John H. Young, their daughter Mary A. young, March 14, 1880 - July 24, 1889 who was killed by a stray bullet, brother playing with a gun.  Ada Josephine Young White - Warren Allen White and their daughter Edgie A.White, 2-28-1906 - August 4, 1907.
All in all it was an interesting afternoon.   Hope this has not bored you.
Maybe our paths will cross again someday.   I have fond memories of you and your family and visits in your home when I was a child.
Love, Margie Harrison
Marjorie Ellen White Harrison 1701 Evangeline Dr. Picayune, MS   39466﷓2815
         37          ix    Lazelle Leona (Luna) MASK was born Apr 8, 1921, and in Jun 1938, married J. L. PUCKETT .  
 +       38           x    John Edward MASK was born on Sep 4, 1924.

(23) Tempie4 YOUNG ,  (John3 YOUNG, Anderson2, Peter1) was born Jan 25, 1886, and married  William Lidge LANTRIP.   Tempie was buried at Collums Cem, Calhoun Co., MS.   William Lidge was buried at Collums Cem, Calhoun Co., MS.
Subj:   Re: Mask Family Information
Date:  Tue, 21 Aug 2001
From:   <>
To:   <>
Hi Joe, Thanks for sending me the address to your website.   I also got most of my Mask info from J.D.Means.   I have wondered if Martha Jane Young, Moody's wifehad a sister named Tempie?  Tempie Young married William Lidge Lantrip. They are both buried in Collums Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS. William "Lidge"Lantrip was a brother to my great grandmother, Vester "Bess" Lantrip, whomarried Griffen Bryant Mask.  Tempie and Lidge Lantrip had a son namedArlis Lantrip who died young in 1904 and is buried in Tutor Hartwell Cemeteryin the same plot with Moody & Martha Jane's children that died young. My grandfather, Arlis, son of G.Bryant and Bess is undoubtedly named afterhim.   I know this is somewhat confusing, but this is why I thoughtMartha Jane and Tempie may have been sisters.  I did not see anythingon Tempie Young on your website, so I was wondering if you have tried tofind anything on her.   If you find out I'd love to know! Did J.D.tell you the story about the hanging of Slyvester's uncle, Pleasant MosesMask?
Information from Peggy Young has Tempiemarrying Henry Madison Lantrip.
         39           i    Arlis5 LANTRIP died in 1904 and was buried at Tutor Hartwell C, Pontotoc Co., MS.

(25) Ada Josephine4 YOUNG ,  (John3 YOUNG, Anderson2, Peter1) was born Aug 20, 1890, and married  Warren Allen WHITE  who wasborn Feb 22, 1885.  Ada Josephine died in Sep 1933 and was buried at Hartwell﷓Tutor.   Warren Allen died on May 16, 1974 and was buried at Hartwell-Tutor.
         40           i    Edgie A.5 WHITE was born Feb 28, 1906 at Randolph, Pontotoc Co., MS.   Edgie A. died on Aug 4,                                 1907 at Randolph, Pontotoc Co., MS and was buried at Hartwell Tutor, Randolph, Pontotoc Co., MS.

(32) Odis LeRoy5 MASK ,  (Martha4 YOUNG, John3, Anderson2, Peter 1) was born Feb 25, 1910 at Quitman Co., MS, and in May 1931 at Quitman Co., MS, married Mattie Lou ARD,  daughter of  Charlie Guy ARD and  Lillie Beth WALL , who was born Apr 16, 1910 at Quitman Co., MS.   Odis LeRoy died in Nov 1976 at TN.   Mattie Lou died on Dec 28, 1978.
Mattie and Odis grew up on large farms owned by each of their parents next door to each other in Quitman County.  The Mask's lost their farm during the depression after choosing to pay off the sharecroppers instead of the mortgage.   The Ard's later sold their farm in about 1956 or so.   The Masks were told during the depression that their children could get "help" from the government due to their Native American blood.   Supposedly the courthouse with the records burned down and help was never received.  According to a Mask relative, it was the Ard's or actually the Walls who had more Indian blood.
Hazel Winters 744-7040  (area code unknown)  (Ard Genealogy)
 +       41           i    Martha Wall6 MASK was born on Mar 5, 1936.

(38) John Edward5 MASK ,  (Martha4 YOUNG, John3, Anderson2, Peter 1) was born Sep 4, 1924, and on May 19, 1946, married Myrtle Emogene IVY  who was born Jan 21, 1925 at Marks, Quitman County, MS.
John Edward Mask 615-646-5438
         42           i    Edward Jeffrey 6 MASK was born Jan 22, 1956.
         43          ii    John Kevin MASK was born Apr 7, 1958.

(41) Martha Wall6 MASK ,  (Odis5 MASK, Martha4 YOUNG,John3, Anderson 2, Peter1) was born Mar 5, 1936 at Darling, Quitman Co.,MS, and on Sep 17, 1953 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN, married  Everett Ellis BASKIN  who was born Dec 15, 1934 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.
 +       44           i    Marsha7 BASKIN was born on Feb 27, 1959.

(44) Marsha7 BASKIN ,  (Martha6 MASK, Odis5, Martha4 YOUNG, John 3, Anderson2, Peter1) was born Feb 27, 1959 at Lawton, OK, and on Aug 31, 1984, married  John Robert ROMER  who was born Jun 25, 1957.
Marsha is the primary contributor to this genealogy and has been responsible for adding the information collected through census, letters and emails.
She was born in Lawton, Okladue to her father being stationed there while in the Army.  The family moved from Memphis, Tennessee, then moved back after honorary dischargefrom the Army.

         45           i    Melissa Romer 8 ROMER was born Sep 27, 1986.
         46          ii    Carmille Louise ROMER was born Jun 9, 1992.

Marsha Baskin Romer DefCom2 File

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