Joe, I would like to offer a bit of information on your communities section. Forge Ridge is listed as being named for a spur of a ridge.  I happen to know this is not totally correct. There was once an old forge for an iron works, located on Indian Creek a few hundred yards down the creek from the Ike Shoffner Memorial Bridge on Route 63 East. This ironworks forge was originally owned by Robert Crockett and his brother Andrew Crockett. When Forge Ridge was in the process of being named, William I. Bolton, the Principal of Greers Chapel School, suggested naming the community Forge Ridge, which it was, because of the proximity of the Forge at the base of the ridge.
This may not be important to everyone, but the community being named for the old iron Forge could be to historians. Very few people are still living who even know of the old forge and it is a sad thing to allow history to not be passed on.

Barbara Cline



"Bob Rush"
I am still researching the Crockett and Evans families of Tennessee and Virginia, and would like to exchange information with any who are interested.

My home address is:
Bob Rush
` 25 Lakeside Dr.
Augusta, KS 67010-2350

The Crockett Iron Works was located along Indian Creek in Claiborne County, TN. A sign designating “Crockett Road” where Highway 63 crosses Indian Creek is the area where the Crockett Forge was located. In July of 2000 when I visited the sight with my cousin, Alan Crockett, of the Rose Hill, VA area, the sign had been removed.

We walked over the sight which was overgrown with brush. No buildings were left, but we were able to pick up several pieces of slag. The actual site is to the west and north of where Highway 63 crosses Indian creek.

Robert Crockett Sr. was my great-great grandfather. He married Elizabeth Gibson the daughter of Maj. George Gibson. Gibson Station, VA. in Lee County was named for him. Their daughter, Elizabeth Jane, married my great-grandfather, Newton A. Evans.

The Crockett brothers (Robert & Andrew) partnership was dissolved around 1840 when Robert became the sole owner. In 1848 his son-in-law, Newton A. Evans, became a partner in the business. This partnership lasted until 1853 when Newton A. and Elizabeth moved to Missouri and later to Arkansas.

The forge was sold to Reuben Rose of Claiborne County, TN. He continued to operate the business for several years.
There were several forges along the area known as Forge Ridge. As new and more efficient extraction methods developed around the middle of the 1800’s, these went out of business.

The products of these forges were “cast iron”, “pig iron”, and wrought iron. Much of the ore came from the Big Springs Hollow area which is located about three miles north of the ridge.

A reconstructed iron furnace can be seen in the Cumberland Gap, TN City Park.

Proof positive of the lineage of the two brothers, Robert and Andrew who settled in the Forge Ridge area of Claiborne County and founded the first Ironworks of the area.   Two letters written 1813 and 1819 between the brothers and their parents, Andrew Crockett, Sr and Sarah Elliot of Williamson Co., TN. Taken from the Archives at the Tennessee State Library.

Help Deborah Crockett Scott from Middletown, Iowa Identify pictures of her relatives made in Rose Hill, Virginia

Deborah Crockett Scott I would like to ask a couple of questions about the DNA testing. I want to have my brother tested. Andrew, son of Samuel is my line also. I am very new to this so have patience! My father was Charles Henderson Crockett, his father was James Elliott Crockett, Then I think there was a Harrison Brewster Crockett, I don't have my papers in front of me but it continues back to Andrew etc. I have pictures of Crockett relatives going way back, some are marked, others are not. A few are being restored and all are being scanned onto CD's. I am hoping to find a place or way to post them so others can help identify the unknown Crocketts .It is costly so I am doing it in groups. About 35 or 38 years ago I traveled with my parents to Rose Hill Va looking for relatives.I was about 12, or so. I wasn't too interested in ancestry at the time so I didn't pay as much attention as I should have but here is what I remember. We found an old white! bearded man there, a Crockett. He wore suspenders and grew a bit of tobacco. He gave my father a crude 3 legged milk stool and 2 tobacco cutting knives and 2 sort of twisted leaf rolls of tobacco. My father in his later years passed these items to me as I was the only one of the siblings who was on the trip. I have these treasured items minus one tobacco roll that I chewed on the trip. ( me bad) I took pictures of this man with my father, his outhouse, and a few other buildings there that had significance to my dad, one was a building that says Rose Hill, a depot maybe?) I believe he said that the old man was some kind of Uncle to him and that his name was Charlie. We then went and saw more Crocketts, I think in Indiana (I could be wrong about where this was) I have pics of these folks also. If you or anyone else knows of a way to post the pics, let me know. Also if anyone knows about Rose Hill Va Crocketts, let me know.

From my trip to Rose Hill Va about 35 or 37 yrs ago. My dad is gentleman in
brown shirt, his name was Charles Henderson Crockett BD Sept 2 1907 in Carroll Co Missouri Died Mar 7 1982 whose dad was James Elliott Crockett, whose dad was Harrison Brewster Crockett, whose dad was Robert Elliot Crockett, whose dad was Andrew Crockett, whose dad was Samuel Crockett. I do not know the identity of the others except that they were Crocketts
My dad in brown shirt and I do not know the identity of the others except
that they were Crocketts

My mother, Eleanor Luceil ( Parks) Crockett in yellow and dad brown shirt My dad was Charles Henderson Crockett born 2 or 3 Sept, 1907 Bogard (Carrollton or Carroll County Mo) He died Mar.8 1982
Married my mother Eleanor Luceil Parks Dec 1940 she was born May 18, 1917 and died Mar 28 2001.

James Elliott Crockett (was father of Charles Henderson Crockett) born Oct 9 1865 Rose Hill Va Died Oct 8 1930 married Mertilda Jane Crigger Dec 29 1892 she was born April 29 1871 Lee Co., Va she died May 11, 1947
and other Crocketts
My dad and man with beard , my dad said was his Uncle Charles C Crockett brother to James Elliott Crockett my dad's father. Taken in Rose Hill Va
I found your Uncle Charles C. Crockett in the IGI Index at the Mormon Website. He was the son of Harrison Brewster and Letitia Ely your Great Grandfather's second wife.
That would have made your grandfather James Elliot and him half/brothers, actually a little closer since Harrison Brewster married Arnessa Catherine (your line) cousin Letitia Ely.
They list Charles C. Crockett's birth as 09 JUL 1888, Lee, Virginia and his death Apr 1978 Rose Hill, Lee, Virginia.
He had some brothers and sisters listed.
2.Mary E Crockett Female Birth: 29 SEP 1890 Lee, Virginia Death: 1903
3.Thomas P Crockett Male Birth: 08 MAR 1893 Lee, Virginia Death:Bef 1920
4.J Bryan Crockett Male Birth: 20 JAN 1897 Lee, Virginia
Joe Payne
This house in Rose Hill area had some significance to my dad.
Another view of house
This building also had significance to my dad in Rose Hill


Dad in Rose Hill Depot.
Me as a young teen standing in front of my great uncle Charles C Crockett's outhouse about 38 years ago in Rose Hill Va
Me standing by some stream there about 38 years ago in Rose Hill
32050020_13.jpg  We have been able to trace this family back to Lancaster Co., PA in 1735.  Samuel, and a Joseph, moved from Lancaster to Harford Co., MD in 1738 to an area called Arabia Petra. (Proof can be found in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD.)  They lived there until 1748 at which time he moved to Reed Creek in what was then Augusta Co, VA and is now Wythe Co., VA.  The DNA project shows they are not related to the Cumberland Co.. PA Crocketts who later settled in Robertson Co., TN. Also, they do not appear to be related to the early Crockett line that settled in MD. Samuel wrote his will 11 Dec 1749 and it was probated on May 22, 1750. He left his property to his wife, Esther Thompson, daughter of John Thompson an early prominent Presbyterian Minister.   Samuel's son Andrew was born ca 1745 in MD.   He married Sarah Elliott, daughter of  Robert Elliott, in Prince Edward Co. VA.   They moved to Williamson Co., TN where Andrew died May 28 1821. His wife Sarah died June 28, 1821. Their children, all mentioned in his will (Will Bk. 1819-1830 Williamson Co., TN), were: James, Samuel, John, Nancy (Sayers) (Sally (Mallory), Polly (Crockett), wife of Joseph Crockett, Andrew and Robert  (This is Shawn's and Deborah's ancestor.) This is the best established early Crockett line because they left such an amazing paper trail in their wills and land records.
wrote: Debra and Shawn, The DNA project is so exciting because it enables us to separate the many early Crockett families into groups. William Crockett and Agnes Ritchie Crockett's children were bound out at the time of their death ca 1769 in Prince Edward co., VA.. The first one was Anthony (Col.) who was bound to a relative, Samuel Crockett of Wythe Co., VA.   The rest of their children were bound to Alexander and James Ritchie, brothers of Agnes. It is believed Agnes was the stepmother of Anthony because she married William about 3 years after Anthony's birth. Samuel, to whom Anthony was bound, was the father of Andrew Crockett.   Although Andrew lived in Wythe Co. he married Sarah Elliott, daughter of Robert Elliott, of Prince Edward Co. They became the parents of Robert Elliott Crockett who in turn became the parents of Robert Elliott Crockett Jr. Robert Jr. married S. (Susanna) McWilliams 4 Sep 1852 in Claiborne Co., TN.   One of their sons, John M., born is Lee Co. VA is probably the Shawn's ancestor.   John M. Crockett married Alice V. Littrell on 3 Sep 1877 in Claiborne Co., TN.   From the DNA results it looks like William of Pr. Edward and Samuel of Wythe were brothers or at least descendants of the same person several generations earlier.
From what I know at this time, There are 3 areas where my relatives were. They were in Rose Hill VA and that area, then Texas then to
Missouri. The oldest pics would be the Rose Hill and that area, and then moving to newer in the Missouri area. Thank you SO MUCH for
the insights about the ones that I have sent. I had no idea what the pulley was for by the cabin. Also I even blew the one of the
lad with the tool up on my computer but still could not tell what the tool was.
What do you think of the clothing that he is wearing? I have many pictures, a lot of family and groups of Crocketts groups of Crocketts.
I will try to send more today. The one of James Elliot Crockett with his pigs has written on the back in his hand" sold these pigs
last week .14(fourteen cents) for 20 head"
The ones I didn't send are ones that I am sure are MO Crocketts.

Deb (I have added information at the bottom of the pictures that may help identify some of the
pictures - Joe Payne)

This is Harrison Brewster Crockett my great grandpa BD 7-3-1831 Married Arnessa, Adeline Catherine Ely on 11-11-1856 who died on 2-5-1878- They had I believe 7 children and then he married Lettitia O. Ely and had another 7 children
This is a picture of my grandfather -
James Elliot Crockett born 10-9-1865 Died 10-8-1931. He was the son of Harrison Brewster Crockett BD 7-3 1831 Died in 1912 in Rose Hill Va
This is my grandpa James Elliot Crockett with his pigs, son of Harrison Brewster Crockett- says on the back in his own hand"we sold these last Thursday 20 head for 14 cents
This is my dad as a youth with his horse Closer Charles Henderson Crockett BD 9-2-1907 Died 3-7-1982



Hand auger for dry spring?
Near as I can tell the writing says Camera shop Dallas, Ciovtill?


Rope and pulley for water?








James Elliot Crockett, my grand pa - son of Harrison Brewster



Harrison Daniel Cricket brother to Charles Henderson Crockett who is my dad




Crockett farm in Virginia

Young man with hat and tie is my dad Charles Henderson Crockett little guy next to him is Edgar Crockett


Funeral of Mertilla Jane Crigger Crockett wife of James Elliott Crockett

John David Crockett in his Davy Crockett outfit. He is my brother son of Charles Henderson Crockett
Boy on porch is Charles Henderson Crockett Jr son of Charles Henderson Crockett Sr. Taken at Cricket family home in Fort Madison Iowa. At that time mother was still making homemade lye soap in cast iron pot outside over a fire and they raised rabbits for meat. They made mittens from the fur and made their own moccasins from leather.
Man with spoon and baby is Charles henderson Crockett Sr. and Charles Henderson Crockett Jr. lickin the pot.
View from Crockett home in the village of Lowell right on the banks of the Skunk River. It is a small village of 24 houses and the Crockett home is still owned by family and it used to be a mill. This is the view about 40 years ago.this is looking to the East down Agency Road the oldest road in Iowa.It has since been replaced with a freeway.

Robert Crockett Jr. married S. (Susanna) McWilliams 4 Sep 1852 in Claiborne Co., TN.. One of their sons, John M., born is Lee Co. VA.  John M. Crockett married Alice V. Littrell on 3 Sep 1877 in Claiborne Co., TN.

1830 Lee County, VA
Crockett, Andrew  0221311000000-1111001000000    510000-003000     000000-000000   00000  0000    298 21
Crockett, Robert  1100000100000-1100010000000    000000-000000     000000-000000   00000  0000    298 23

The Claiborne County, TN Census (adjoins Lee Co., VA)
has the following:

1840 Claiborne County
family 233, Crochet,Robert, 2m 5-10, 1m10-15, 1m15-20, 2m20-30, 2m60-70, 1f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f40-50,
slaves 3m-10, 4m10-24, 2m24-36, 4f-10, 3f10-24, 3f24-36, 1f36-55, 1f55-100

1850 Claiborne Co TN Subdivision 7

Family 1039-1039
Robert Crockett age 76 m Farmer 20,000 VA (Robert Elliot Crockett SR) (parents Andrew Crockett and Sarah Elliot I believe)
Elizabeth (Gibson) age 49 F Va
Robert E Crockett age 26 M VA (Robert Elliot JR)
Andrew J Crockett age 22 M VA
Sarah A Crockett age 20 F Va
Harrison B Crockett age 18 M Laborer b VA (Harrison Brewster/Brester) Deborah Crockett Scott's Line
James M Crockett age 15 M b TN (James Monroe)
Thomas Mon? age 29 M laborer b MA
Andrew Word age 17 M laborer b TN
John Pearmo/an age 67 Clerk VA
Looks like they moved back and forth from Lee co Va to Claiborne Co TN Debra LaMel
1860 Western Dist Lee Co VA Post office Jamesville 6-28-1860 Census page 36
Family 179-187
Robbert E Crockett age 37 M Farmer b Lee VA Value of Personal estate 165
Susanna (McWilliams) age 32 F Housekeeper b Claiborne TN
Martha J age 12 F b Claiborne Co TN
Mary E age 9 F b Claiborne Co TN
Sarah E age 7 F b Claiborne Co TN married Creed Kincaid?
Robert E age 4 M b Claiborne Co TN
John M age 2 M b Lee co Va (This could be Shawn's ancestor John M. who married Alice Littrell)age matches.

Here are the heads of household listed in Lee Co.,
VA in 1870 (For some reason these don't match)
Ephraim CROCKETT age 30, Male, Black, POB TN, Rose Hill Twp
Fanny CROCKETT, age 16, Female, White, POB VA, Rose Hill Twp
Lucy CROCKETT, age 16, Female, White, POB VA, Rose Hill Twp
M J CROCKETT, age 43, Male, White, POB VA, Rose Hill Twp
Maria CROCKETT, age 40, Female, Black, POB VA, Rose Hill Twp

1880 Lee County, VA Census

Name      Relation     Marital Status     Gender     Race     Age Birthplace     Occupation     Father's Birthplace    Mother's Birthplace

 Harrison CROCKET Self      W       Male       W       48       VA      Farmer                    VA       VA 
 Ada CROCKET       Dau       S       Female     W       22       VA      Keeping House       VA       VA 
 Robert CROCKET  Son       S       Male       W       19       VA      Works On Farm         VA       VA 
 William CROCKET Son       S       Male       W       17       VA      Works On Farm        VA       VA 
 James CROCKET   Son       S       Male       W       14       VA      Works On Farm        VA       VA 
 James CROCKET   Son       S       Male       W       14       VA      Works On Farm        VA       VA
 Margaret /CROCKET Dau      S     Female       W     10       VA                                     VA       VA 
 Franklin CROCKET  Son      S       Male       W       6          VA                                      VA       VA
 Jane CONNOR       Other      W    Female       W       23       VA                                 VA       VA 
 Martha CONNOR   Other      S      Female       W       4       MO                                       VA       VA
Census Place     District 45, Lee, Virginia
Family History Library Film      1255375
NA Film Number      T9-1375
Page Number      268C 

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