The "Leabow" house is on Leabow Hollow Road. It is two streets to the left before you get to the railroad tracks in Lone Mountain. It is a two story white house on top of the hill on the right. On the other side of the road is the Leabow cemetery. There used to be a dairy farm behind the house. The farm and the house were sold in the early eighties but my grandparents still lived there until my grandfather passed away. There is a spring that runs down the hollow in front of the house. That must be Leabow Springs. I had never heard that story before. My great great great great grandfather John(Jack) Lebow bought land in 1811 in Lone Mtn. He paid $100 for 50 acres. Not a bad deal !!! You are very fortunate to have these great pictures of your family and of Lone Mtn. Most of the Leabows have moved off out west. I have located a few in California and they have been very helpful in my research of the family. If you do locate the two Leabows in the future please let me know. Scott Leabow
Leabow Genealogy
The Leabow Family, Lone Mountain, Tennessee.
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We are looking for more pictures and genealogy information on the Lebow/Leabow family. Should you have information please email Scott Leabow or me. Joe Payne